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  1. err0r
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    Call of Duty Black ops Hacks

    Here is a tutorial on how to Mod Call of Duty Black ops Zombies for 3.55. For everyone who updated to 3.56 or higher im sorry but there hasent been anything released for you guys yet. So far all i know is u could possibly get banned for trying to jailbreak your PS3 if u have updated.

    HOW TO BYPASS 3.56 Update and stay at 3.55:
    Ok you dont need any jailbroken applications for this part:
    Settings/Internet Connection Settings/ Your going to be setting a new internet connection just changing your DNS so hit cord or wireless depending on your internet type. hit custom and keep on hitting X until you get to DNS and hit manual. You will be able to change the numbers manually by scrolling through them so enter in primary enter the same numbers into secondary DNS below. Then after ur done hit X then get out of that screen then keep on hitting X till u get to test internet connection and it should say succeeded for everything except your upload and download speed of course. Then u should be able to sign into playstation on a 3.55 firmware without updating while everyone else is on 3.56.

    Now Here's your chance to Mod Call of Duty Black ops Zombies:
    (in this video it says to message him to get the mods well in the part 2 video it has the link in description. I was getting tired of ppl asking me for the modding files so here it is.
    Tutorial Part 1:

    If u dont know your game version then look on your game case and on the bottom of the bending side of the case it will show a file name called BLUS30591 or something like that.

    Due to the 1.06 patch it may not work. But iv fooled around with some files on FileZilla and got it to work while on 1.06 so i dont know what i did but im sure it should still work if patched.

    ((((((HOW TO GET CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 15th Prestige)))))))))))
    (((((USE AT YOUR OWN RISK)))))))))))))
    This is after 1.06 patch
    (Tutorial Not Available)
    Jailbroken PS3 (Custom firmware) (3.55)
    FTP BlackBox v1.2 (iv tried using this but didnt work with this type of file)
    Comgenie's Awsome File Manager (recommended)
    USB Flash Drive

    Download Link:
    Windows 98: Use for 98 days and throw it away!

  2. Steve
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    This is a good tut. Good post.
    SG Co-Founder

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