COD Mobile Gunsmith 2.0 Release Date & Details

Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 12 has truly engaged the fans. Players from all over the world are grinding harder than ever to unlock the truckload of prizes and unlockable material that Season 12 Going Dark has to bring to the table.

Season 12’s Battle Pass is apparently a champion among other Battle Passes the game has ever observed. It’s true to say, that Season 12 filled the benchmark of the update to the COD Mobile’s 11th anniversary year.

Also, after the release of the Gunsmith feature, and the launch of new weapons every season, the players have always felt it difficult and repetitive to pick five of their best fittings to enhance their first gun display. That’s when our study party joins.

We have been actively researching on creating ‘purpose-oriented’ Gunsmith loadouts for a weapon. Earlier in this series, we have mentioned the loadouts like ‘High Mobility’ AGR 556, ‘No Recoil’ MSMC, ‘Fast ADS’ DR-H‘Fast ADS’ GKS, Best .50GS, and a lot more. Make sure to check all loadouts here

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COD Mobile Gunsmith 2.0 Release Date –

Call of Duty is known for the plethora of weapons, attachments, maps, and modes it has to offer to its players. The content which COD has in its store is simply overwhelming.

COD Mobile has always tried to implement features from mainstream COD titles like Modern Warfare and Black Ops. The players have thus, always found COD Mobile quite relatable, and often this has made true fans feel really nostalgic.

cod mobile season 13 new weapons

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Bit by bit, Activision is really making efforts to make COD Mobile a one-of-a-kind game. For instance, we now have an assortment of maps to choose from in COD Mobile. Also, the gunsmith update was one of the biggest updates we have ever seen in the game. Today we will be discussing the much-anticipated Gunsmith 2.0 Update.

Mainstream Call of Duty titles like Modern Warfare and Black Ops have a truckload of content which are yet to be added to COD Mobile. However, Activision sure does find innovative ways to implement them.

cod mobile gunsmith 2.0 update
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Our team came across some information wherein a Reddit user had asked when are thermal and hybrid scopes being introduced in CODM. It was probably asked because these attachments along with some others have featured in the mainstream titles of COD.

So, players think it is about time they were introduced in COD Mobile too. To this post, COD Mobile replied by saying that “Hopefully they’ll be a part of any kind of 2.0 upgrade we do for Gunsmith”


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That shows COD Mobile is hinting at a Gunsmith 2.0 update. However, as of now, no exact date of release has been confirmed. We can only sit back and hope for the Devs to implement the much-awaited Gunsmith 2.0 Update.

NOTE: This post will be updated with fresh news regularly. So, stay tuned.

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