How to download COD Mobile Test Server (Guide)

COD Mobile has grown into one of the best popular and most popular titles of the play store over the course of a year. The immersive graphical, fast-paced games have drawn the player worldwide.

Call of Duty Mobile has always been better able to incorporate mainstream COD content, such as the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series. Many of the additions have been linked to several players. Due to this, COD Mobile had a punch of nostalgia to reach players.

Regardless, COD Mobile has always been pretty consistent with their updates by the mandatory introduction of new characters, weapons, maps, modes, perks, and much more with every new season. All this makes COD Mobile a really joyful and fun game to play.

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How to download COD Mobile Test Server?

Well, Activision has come up with this innovative way to look for bugs and glitches in the game before the official release of the new season – By running Test Servers.

Test servers or test builds allow players to check out new and unreleased content, such as maps, modes, or BR updates, prior to being added to the game’s global servers.

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Players should report bugs and provide suggestions as well. The developers have included the survey and the bug report features in the game for this reason.

This feature is a really good move by Activision as with the help of the feedback from the masses, they might be able to move almost all bugs and glitches and make the official released version free from all bugs.

To download the COD Mobile Test Server players can follow the given steps:

  • An APK file will be released by COD Mobile which needs to be downloaded first.
  • The ‘Install from Unknown Source’ option has to be enabled in the phone’s settings; players can skip this step if they have already done so.
  • After the download and installation are complete, players can open the test server and try out the new features which are to be added in the upcoming seasons, before they are released globally.

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It should however be noted that only the first 20,000 players will be allowed access to the Test Builds. The progress of the selected players won’t be affected in any way in the official version. The data of the test servers will be wiped clean upon the conclusion of the test server duration.

(Update – December 13)

Attention soldiers! Call of Duty Mobile Season 13 Test Server has gone live now. Check out the link mentioned below to download the test server apk on your device.

Season 13 Test Server Link

Note: This post will be updated regularly. So, stay tuned.

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