Meet Our Team

Nishant Singh
Co-Founder, Content Strategist

Nishant Singh is a Content Strategist for Stealthy Gaming. He holds a certification in Digital Marketing, with years of experience in the same. He likes Sci-Fi and Indie Cinema. And his love for techno genre music is cosmic!


Abhigyan identifies himself as tech geek, gaming cognoscenti and also a connoisseur of music. Unidentified and mysterious phenomena never fail to gather his undivided attention. When not reading about bizarre and perplexing entities across the Universe, he can often be found cheering for his favorite teams in Football.

Varun Kumar

A gaming aficionado. Sometimes he can be seen fabricating a poem or feeding on a good sci-fi novel.


Shardul considers himself as a fitness enthusiast and animal lover, with a passion for gaming and music, especially Metal Rock and Dark Synthwave. He's a crazy football fanatic and FC Barcelona's fan. In his free time, he usually binges on Criminal documentaries and Sci-fi movies.