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Birth of Stealthy Gaming

It started back in 2020. I was probing through the internet for a Call of Duty Mobile guide. But, the lack of comprehensive coverage of the topic left me disappointed. I was unable to find any source related to updated and thorough guide content. And that was the moment that hit me and I thought of coming up with a new platform. My best friendr, Varun, who is an expert in Digital Marketing, aided in creating StealthyGaming.com

And that’s how Stealthy Gaming became a reality.

Nishant Singh aka “DragonFLY”

In Stealthy Gaming, we cover the latest News, Leaks, and In-Depth Guides. Our research team works really hard to test in-game features thoroughly before posting them on the internet for the ROBLOX and COD Mobile community out there. We can proudly say, we are among the few sources in the gaming industries to put research-based guides for titles like Roblox and COD Mobile. We are best in helping the gaming community, which is seeking assistance, through our high-quality articles and creative videos on YouTube.

Stealthy Gaming has a lot of potentials, and we aim to widen our team of content creators in 2021. We will be covering breaking news and guides for upcoming gaming titles. And if you are interested in joining hands with us, you are most welcome on board. Mail us your details and let’s make it better.

Stealthy Gaming 1st Year

1st Anniversary of StealthyGaming

It’s July 26, 2021. And we are celebrating the 1st anniversary of our brainchild – StealthyGaming.com. We are very grateful to all the readers who considered our blog over other choices available on the internet.

We, at StealthyGaming, also assure our very incredible and loyal audience that we will always deliver – original, unique and relevant content for the years to follow.

Well, it is a very emotional moment for all of us, but we are getting back to publishing content for you while keeping our celebration low-key this year.

The Team says,

Team StealthyGaming

Let’s hear, what our incredible team members say about us –

1. Abhigyan Mishra (Editor ♦♦)

Working for StealthyGaming.com has been quite a pleasant experience for me. The team is very self-motivated, disciplined, and focused.

I’m quite grateful to the team for helping me learn quite a lot of new skills as well as hone my existing abilities.
Team StealthyGaming has always believed in and promoted a proper balance between work and life. So, all in all, the work atmosphere is very lively and enjoyable.

The First Anniversary of StealthyGaming.com not only marks how far it has come but is also a milestone and an indicator of how far it will go.

2. Jatin Gupta (Editor )

First and foremost, congrats on finishing a year. As a freshie, I’m always wondering what the atmosphere will be like and how I’ll manage my work and studies. But, on the contrary, it’s been a fantastic experience so far, and I’m grateful that I’ve been able to balance my education and work. Many things have been taught to me, but the most important is time management.

Working at Stealthy Gaming has also taught me a lot about – how to work and interact professionally with others. It’s great to have had such an awesome yet educational experience thus far. I’m happy to be a member of this group and look forward to working and learning here

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Meet Our Team

Nishant Singh

Nishant Singh has been a fan of the COD franchise and Roblox since forever. Perfection is his forte, and the same can be seen in his work. He loves to invest his time in creating awesome content on YouTube and discovering the latest games.

Varun Kumar
Co-Founder & Content strategist

Varun Kumar is a Researcher & Content Strategist for Stealthy Gaming and has had a keen interest in gaming since he first got his hands on PlayStation 3. On StealthyGaming, sometimes he also covers breaking stories on COD Mobile and other popular games. In the evening, he hits the gym and feeds on protein.

Abhigyan Mishra

Abhigyan identifies himself as tech geek, gaming cognoscenti and also a connoisseur of music. Unidentified and mysterious phenomena never fail to gather his undivided attention. When not reading about bizarre and perplexing entities across the Universe, he can often be found cheering for his favorite teams in Football.

Jatin Gupta

Jatin is an aspiring dentist with a keen interest in video games who likes to spend his time playing an array of different games. Other than that, he is a die-hard basketball fan who often embraces R&B music.

Shardul Mehta
Former Contributor

Shardul considers himself as a fitness enthusiast and animal lover, with a passion for gaming and music, especially Metal Rock and Dark Synthwave. He's a crazy football fanatic and FC Barcelona's fan. In his free time, he usually binges on Criminal documentaries and Sci-fi movies.