How to get Belle in Brawl Stars (Belle)

Brawl Stars is a fast-paced 3v3 multiplayer and battle royale made for mobile gaming where you can play with friends or solo across a variety of game modes in under three minutes.

Season 6 of Brawl Stars managed to bring along with it a ton of extra goodies like fresh mythic and chromatic brawlers, skins, maps, modes, and so much more. This PvP game fascinates gamers all over the planet.

Brawl Stars has attempted to fulfill the needs of the action/adventure-seeking smartphone gamers out there. The unparalleled gaming and several brawlers with a broad range of skills have truly attracted the interest of the smartphone gaming world.

How to get Belle in Brawl Stars:

Belle is a Chromatic Brawler who can be unlocked as a Brawl Pass reward at Tier 30 in Season 6: The Goldarm Gang, or can be obtained from boxes after reaching Tier 30 in the Season 6 Brawl Pass.


belle brawl boxes season 6
Image Source: Morty the legendary

The likelihood to just get Chromatic Brawler tends to increase after each Brawl Pass Season. Odds start at LEGENDARY, then significantly increase to MYTHIC, and eventually become EPIC. In Season 6, the chance to unlock Lou is Chromatic

Gamers can retrieve the Brawl Boxes something that you can obtain from the Brawl Pass. These Brawl Boxes can be acquired by accruing more and more trophies in the game. You can receive trophies by playing the game modes and having won against all other teams.

Belle’s Specialty and Powers –

  1. Attack: Shocker

Belle blasts a long-ranged strike which would ricochet from multiple opponents that are within 3 tiles of one another until the targets are far enough away from others or one is annihilated. Opponents could only ricochet one attack from others at a time irrespective if they do get hit numerous times from multiple attacks or not.

The bolts have a one-second delay of adhering to the attacker before they bounce, with consequent shots inflicting half the injury of the original attack and no Super charge. There is an assault cooldown of 0.5 seconds.

  1. Super: Spotter

Belle blasts a ranged strike which inflicts damage in addition to enhancing all damage the opponent hit by Belle’s Super requires by 35% indefinitely till the labeled opponent is annihilated or Belle marks some other adversary.

Only one enemy could have this status impact from each Belle. The Super’s impact would not function on unmoving victims like Heist safes or Siege IKEs. It can stack on top of several other damage strengthening implications but behaves as a reverse armor, applying multiplicatively.

  1. Gadget: Nest Egg

Belle positions a snare on the floor which will blow up when stimulated by an adversary. The trap inflicts500 damage and slows down every one within its blast circumference for 3 seconds.

Belle’s Star Power:

  1. Star Power: Positive Feedback

Every other time Belle strikes an opponent with her primary attack, she would also end up receiving an armor that lessens all damage she endures by 25%. Once activated it lasts for 3 seconds. This would not pertain to its ricochet shots and the duration doesn’t really stack.

So, that is how you go about unlocking Belle. Be sure to start grinding for Belle right from now.

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