Top 10 Best Brawlers for Hot Zone ‘Quick Travel’ in Brawl Stars

Brawl Star has been generating a few waves in the smartphone gaming world since the day of its launch. Players have really found this game entertaining and enjoyable to enjoy. Due to its interactive and friendly atmosphere, Brawl Stars has drawn the interest of quite a number of players.

It is a competitive multiplayer and a third-person character shooter game that has many gameplay modes which gamers may compete in winning prizes that will allow them to gain access to more unique characters and their incredible skills

Today we have brought for you guys a compilation of some of the most efficient brawlers for Hot Zone in Quick Travel.  Let’s get right into it, shall we?

Top 10 Best Brawlers for Hot Zone ‘Quick Travel’:

The Quick Travel does have two zones divided up by sparsely lined rope fortifications. Linking the regions are 2 S-like bush structures expanding upward into launch sites. Including one that deploys Brawlers to the closest zone whereas the other launches them behind the walls in the opposite zone. The map has a diagonally symmetrical structure.

  • 1. EMZ


Her strike could really penetrate through the rope fencing as well as cover a substantial area. This helps make her strong as a backing Brawler and for the defensive strategy. Her Super could also reasonably inspect the bush clusters.

She has reasonable health and modest damage production and has a very long and wide range. Her Super could even slow down and damage adversaries in a specific circumference. Her Gadget, Friendzoner, forces aside all neighboring opponents in a circumference about herself while impacting them.

  • 2. JESSIE

jessieShe obliterates single and double-zoned maps alike, with her projectile ricocheting efficiently between the tightly clumped enemies standing inside of or approaching a zone.

Her turret could be placed between the two zones to aid either of them, and her Energize Star Power enables her to siphon extra rounds into one zone while inhabiting the other zone. On single-zone maps, her Shocky Star Power could add extra anarchy into the middle of assuming charge of a zone or shield it against entrance by opponents.

  • 3. AMBER


Amber is indeed a great brawler for Hot Zone because of her long range and her Super that can demolish bushes. With Amber’s Wild Flames Star Power and her Fire Starter Gadget, she could also start charging her Super by using her Gadget behind the cover of a wall and charge her Super with her Star Power. When Amber has her super activated, she can cast it behind the walls of the enemies to destroy the bushes.

  • 4. GALE


Gale has both a broad and rapid main attack and therefore can assist with preventing enemies from recovery whilst also invading a zone. His Super can push opponents away from the area, and in the case of his Star Power Blustery, Blow stuns them effectively preventing counter-attacks from targeting for half a second. His Gadget Spring Ejector could really enable him and his teammates to navigate to split zones rapidly and easily.

  • 5. POCO


Poco imposes constant limited destruction to multiple opponents at the very same moment, often curing his teammates in the procedure with his Da Capo! Star Power. His healing Super migrates an even wider area, enabling him to heal team members from a different zone or while approaching/fleeing a zone.

He provides a great deal of curing to his Gadget Tuning Fork and his first-star force, which will allow players to remain alive longer.

  • 6. SPROUT

sproutSprout is incredibly beneficial to handle multiple adversaries with its reasonable damage, very high range, and shockwave impacts of its attack. That being said, the greatest benefit one ends up getting from playing Sprout in Hot Zone is the tremendous area rejection one receives from its Super. The Super wall can obstruct an essential route to a zone, and compel the opponent to spend energy attempting to take diversions to the zones.

  • 7. Mr. P

Mr PMr. P’s fluttering main attack enables him to start charging his Super in modes with zone barriers. Which also forces opponents to lose their spot, which ensures that their squad gets a higher number of captures. Once Mr. P’s Super is actually charged, he can beautifully counter low-damage Brawlers utilizing a continuous flow of porters to pressure them to lose position.

  • 8. JACKY

Source: Brawl Stars Wiki

Jacky is a Super Rare Brawler. Jacky has increased health making her perfectly willing to sustain a massive amount of damage. She shatters her jackhammer to the floor and wrecks raised regions in a concentric field of effect as she attacks. Her super pulls Brawler the opponent into a wide circle and gives her a shield that mitigates all damage during her Super briefly.

Her Gadget, Pneumatic Booster, generally increases her mobility. Her first Star Power, Counter Crush, reflects a small aspect of any inbound damage obtained to surrounding opponents.


Top 5 Best Brawlers in Brawl Stars

His attack deals primarily significant damage that also has a fast-loading speed as well as a high unload pace. It blows two parallel lasers that bounce off walls and hurt adversaries severely. Through its Super, he attracts a supply drop from the sky, that hurts opponents tremendously and leaves a power-up in the ground behind him.

Upon selecting the power-up, allied forces will acquire a damage jolt and also exponentially higher health. His gadget, Take Cover, raises three sandbags that prevent return fire from penetrating. His first Star Power, Air Superiority, enables his Super to blow walls and deal more injury to opponents

  • 10. ROSA


Rosa is a Rare Brawler who deals severe damage to enemies in a barrage of three short-ranged punches with her gloves that can pierce through opponents. Rosa’s health is high and the damage is reasonable. Her Super grants her a shield that eliminates damage by 70 percent for 3 seconds. Her first gadget is Grow Light and makes bushes to shield every Brawler.

Her second gadget, Friendly trees, damages all adversaries who hide in the bushes and slows them down. Her first Star Power, Plant Life, cures her slowly over time if she’s in bushes. Her second Star Power, Thorny Gloves, brings additional annihilation to her main attack whilst her Super is active.

Well, that was our compilation of some of the most efficient brawlers for Hot Zone mode in Quick Travel. All the above-mentioned maps are quite competent for the Quick Travel map. Be sure to try them out.

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