How to Unlock more Fragment slots Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, gaining access to additional fragment slots may greatly increase the strength and adaptability of your Guardian. Fragments, which were first introduced in the Beyond Light expansion, are special modifiers that improve Stasis powers. Your character only has two slots, to begin with, but as you advance and invest in your Stasis subclass, you may unlock more spaces for more personalization.

Focus on leveling up your Stasis subclass by gaining experience points through various pursuits including Strikes, Crucible contests, and Gambit encounters if you want to open up additional fragment slots. You will unlock additional aspects and fragment slots as you level up by completing aspect missions. By completing these tasks, you’ll be able to equip more pieces and give your Guardian new skills.

You may increase your battle potency by carefully selecting fragments that go with your playstyle and subclass skills. Find the ideal synergy by experimenting with various pairings so that you can defeat Destiny 2’s most difficult obstacles. Here is our guide on How to unlock more Fragment slots Destiny 2.

How to unlock more fragment slots Destiny 2?

How to unlock more Fragment slots Destiny 2
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With the addition of the potent Stasis subclass in Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion, Guardians now have access to the terrifying powers of Darkness. The utilization of fragments—unique modifications that strengthen Stasis abilities, offering players greater customization choices and improving their combat prowess—is one of this subclass’s most fascinating features.

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With only two fragment slots initially available, expanding your Guardian’s capabilities requires unlocked additional slots. This thorough article examines how to open up more fragment slots and offers insightful advice for successful fragment customization.

STEP 1: Leveling Up Your Stasis Subclass

Leveling up your Stasis subtype in Destiny 2 is the first step to obtaining extra fragment slots. Your Stasis subclass experience bar will fill up as you accumulate experience points from performing various in-game tasks including Strikes, Crucible games, and Gambit encounters.

Your rewards for achieving particular experience milestones will include new aspects and, as a result, more fragment slots.

STEP 2: Acquiring Aspect Quests

Aspect missions, which act as a doorway to new aspects and fragment slots, are given to you as you advance in the Stasis subclass. You must complete these objectives in order to develop your stasis talents to their fullest extent. They frequently entail performing specific assignments, tests, or missions pertaining to the subclass.

STEP 3: Completing Aspect Quests

Prioritize completing the aspect missions for your Stasis subclass to acquire extra fragment slots. You will learn new skills and facets from completing these tasks, and each one will reward you with a new fragment slot.

These missions might have a variety of goals, such as overcoming tough opponents or visiting particular locations in the game’s universe. Be ready for new gameplay dynamics and mechanics when you finish each aspect quest, which will further enhance your Destiny 2 experience.

STEP 4: Prioritizing Aspects

Prioritizing the features that interest you the most or go well with your desired playstyle is crucial while pursuing aspect missions. Each component offers special skills that have a big influence on how you play. To identify the ones that best suit your Guardian’s strengths and the difficulties you face, try out various elements and combinations.

STEP 5: Selecting Fragments Wisely

Choosing the proper pieces becomes more crucial as your number of fragment slots increases. Fragments offer unique advantages that change the way your Stasis abilities work or give passive advantages. Make sure the fragments you choose go well with the playstyle and attributes you have picked.

While certain fragments may be designed to increase damage output, others may improve survivability or provide crowd-controlling benefits. The proper fragments can be combined to create a potent synergy that will increase your effectiveness in various battle situations.

STEP 6: Modifying Your Loadout

You may fine-tune your loadout for various scenarios by having additional fragments equipped thanks to unlocked fragment slots. Consider exchanging pieces to overcome obstacles based on the activity or type of adversary you confront. When playing tough PvP battles or difficult end-game content, having a diverse loadout might change the game.

STEP 7: Participating in Seasonal Activities

Seasonal events and activities are often introduced in Destiny 2, and some of these may provide chances to get extra aspect missions or fragment slots. To increase your chances of developing your Stasis subclass’s powers, keep an eye on the game’s seasonal content.

STEP 8: Joining a Fireteam

Your ability to complete difficult tasks and objectives efficiently can be improved by working with a Fireteam. In difficult fights, teammates can help one another, making it simpler to finish aspect missions and open additional fragment slots. The most difficult problems in Destiny 2 can only be overcome with cooperation and communication.

STEP 9: Experimenting and Adapting

Don’t be hesitant to try out various combinations as you open up additional fragment slots to see what works best for you. The usefulness of specific elements and pieces may alter due to Destiny 2’s constantly changing meta and balance adjustments. For the most recent updates and loadout improvements for your Guardian, keep up with patch notes and community discussions.


In Destiny 2, expanding your fragment slots is a rewarding quest that gives your Guardian additional skills and customization possibilities. Your fighting efficiency and adaptability will increase when your Stasis subclass levels up, aspect missions are finished, and the appropriate pieces are chosen.

You may build an impressive loadout that is prepared to take on the most challenging enemies in the Destiny 2 universe by carefully considering your playstyle and the difficulties you encounter. May your Guardian rise to the challenge and utilize Stasis’ full potential to establish themselves as a formidable opponent.

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