What is Aiming Crosshair Drift in COD Mobile

Activision’s Call of Duty: Mobile provided a pumping rush and adrenaline-filled actual experience with the First-person and Third-person shooter viewpoint on smartphones.

Ever since its debut a couple of years back, the game has progressed to become one of the most renowned and downloaded games on the play store. The hyper-real graphics and fast-paced gameplay experience have really appealed to players worldwide.

The Gunsmith Feature of Call of Duty Mobile is what makes it unique. It offers players the ability to adjust, build, and display their weapons and also adjust the slightest of nuances involving their weapons and the gameplay experience.

In this article, we will be talking about one such feature of the weapons which is available in the Gunsmith of COD Mobile.

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What is aiming crosshair drift in COD Mobile:

Short Answer: Aiming crosshair drift in CODM is the slight shift in the actual position of the crosshair. Sometimes while scoping down in a sniper, there is a certain instability in the crosshair.

Well, most of you guys must be wondering that it is a new thing and what’s there to it. Fret not, our team of researchers will try to break it down for you in as simple of a way as possible.

We all believe that the crosshair isn’t supposed to be moving and is completely still at the center of the screen. However, that is not the case. Sometimes, the crosshair tends to drift from its original position even when you aren’t controlling it.

This drift in crosshairs occurs because it is adjusting the position of the crosshair based on the position of the colliders.

Well, that is a problem that is very negligible hence most players don’t spot it right away. While others think it’s a lag or a glitch. But we are here to tell you that it isn’t. Crosshair drifting is real, alright and all players experience that while playing COD Mobile.


In Season 2 of COD Mobile, Activision has yet again launched new weapons. One of them is the SPR 208 Marksman rifle. If we go to the Gunsmith of the SPR 208 Marksman Rifle and check out the YKM Combat stock Attachment, we can see that upon equipping this attachment, there is a decrease in Aiming Crosshair Drift, meaning the overall stability of the crosshair is getting reduced owing to the increased mobility.

Now that you know that a new factor is in play that might affect your shots, make sure to adjust it according to your gaming style and improve your gaming.

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