How to change Farm type Stardew Valley Expanded

Popular mod Stardew Valley Expanded gives the acclaimed agricultural simulation game Stardew Valley fresh life. This addition, which was created by a committed modding community, offers a tonne of new stuff, such as new settings, people, crops, and even an entirely redesigned farm layout.

The option to switch your farm type in Stardew Valley Expanded is a unique feature that lets players personalize their farming experience to fit their interests.

In Stardew Valley Expanded, altering the farm type provides a novel and dynamic gaming experience. This mod can help you explore the wonders of a secret forest hideaway, switch the tranquil countryside for a busy city farm, or even go to the desert.

Every farm type presents its own distinct chances and difficulties, prompting players to modify their approaches and look for new methods to maximize the potential of their farms. Here is our guide on How to change farm type Stardew Valley Expanded.

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How to change farm type Stardew Valley Expanded

In this post, we will walk you through the process of changing the sort of farm you own in Stardew Valley Expanded, therefore enabling you to go on an exciting new farming journey.

Before we get into the mechanics of modifying the sort of farm you have, it is vital to point out that installing Stardew Valley Expanded calls for some level of technical expertise.

You will need to have a good understanding of how to utilize the Stardew Valley Mod Manager as well as be able to successfully install modules. It is strongly suggested that, if you are not familiar with these operations, you look for tutorials or other resources that may walk you through the process of installing software.

Once you get Stardew Valley Expanded installed without any problems, switching the sort of farm you own will become an exciting prospect. This is how you can go about doing it:

STEP 1: Backup your saved file

It is imperative that you generate a backup of your saved file before you make any modifications to your farm. This guarantees that you may return to the sort of farm you had before if it is something you choose to do. You can usually find your Stardew Valley save folder in the “AppData” or “Documents” folder on your computer.

Once you’ve located it, make a duplicate of the whole Stardew Valley save folder. If something goes wrong while you are changing the farm type, you will be able to effortlessly recover your previous work using this method.

STEP 2: Choosing the Kind of Farm You Want to Own

There are a number of different sorts of farms available to play with in Stardew Valley Expanded. Every variety of farm has its own distinctive atmosphere, in addition to its own special set of problems and possibilities.

You have the option of choosing a place that is either a bucolic farm in the country, a bustling metropolitan farm, or even a secluded refuge in the woods. Take some time to think about the kind of farming experience you’d like to have and choose the style of the farm that best fits your interests after giving it some thought.

STEP  3: Depending on the type of farm, download the right file.

After settling on the sort of farm that you want, the next step is to download the file that corresponds to that type of farm. These files can often be located in the modding community forums or on the official page for the Stardew Valley Expanded mod if you are looking for them.

Be sure to download the appropriate file for the Stardew Valley version you’re using and the type of farm you’ve selected to play.

STEP 4: Replace the current farm file with the new one

Find the folder containing the Stardew Valley game on your PC, and then head into the “Content” folder inside of it. You’ll notice another folder inside this one that’s labeled “Maps.”

Launch the game, navigate to the “Maps” folder, and seek the file that corresponds to the type of farm you are now operating (for example, “Farm.tbin” for a regular farm). It is imperative that a backup of the current farm file be created before moving further. This may be done by creating a duplicate of the file and putting it away in a secure spot.

After you have made a copy of the original file, you should next replace it with the farm-type file that you downloaded.

STEP 5: Launch Stardew Valley

Launch Stardew Valley and load your most recent save game now that the farm type file has been successfully changed. You should now be in the new farm type that you selected now that the transition has been made.

Spend some time investigating and becoming accustomed to the alterations and additions that Stardew Valley Expanded has made to your farm in order to get the most out of this expansion. Have fun with the new experience, and look forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie in store for you.

STEP 6: Adjusting to the new farm type

Within Stardew Valley Expanded, each variety of farm comes with its own individual set of distinguishing qualities. For instance, a city farm may give prospects for new markets and specialized crops, but a woodland retreat may provide access to rare resources and hidden locations.

Both of these types of farms are examples of urban agriculture. Spend some time gathering information on the unique difficulties and advantages presented by the sort of farm you intend to run, then adapt your farming tactics to reflect that information.

To get the most out of your new farm type, you should try growing a variety of crops, using a variety of farming techniques, and interacting with a variety of NPCs.

STEP 7: Travel throughout the enlarged globe

Altering the sort of farm you have in Stardew Valley Expanded not only alters the environment immediately around you, but it also contributes to the overall expansion of the Stardew Valley globe. Take advantage of the opportunity to investigate and participate in the extended world, as it contains new people, places, and happenings to find and discover.

Stardew Valley Expanded gives players the opportunity to participate in new adventures, develop connections with new characters, and unearth the mysteries that lie buried inside the game’s environment.

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