Classic Tombstone Perk to arrive in Black Ops Cold War Zombies in 2021

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has been one of the widely discussed titles across all gaming channels. Players from all over the globe are swarming in to get the game to check it out. Even, the truckload of content that the Season 1 Pass has to deliver, makes it almost difficult to avoid downloading the game.

Since its release, the game has undergone quite some stages and it is still under development. The Devs have always taken the feedback of the players quite seriously and have implemented features accordingly. Today we will be discussing one such addition to the game.

Classic Tombstone Perk

To embrace the new year, Treyarch has apparently revealed that the fan-favorite Tombstone perk will return to Call of Duty Zombies in Black Ops Cold War.

For all the players out there, who don’t have any idea about what this perk does, the Tombstone perk is simply a means to retain the weapons and perks you died with. But the advantages of that perk are fairly high because of which players often find a reason to die.

Tombstone perk black ops cold war
Source: Treyarch Studios

In a recent tweet by Treyarch Studios, it was confirmed that the Classic Tombstone perk is indeed coming back to Black Ops Cold War. However, along with that we also speculate, some other perks might also make their way into the game like the Double Tap, PHD Flopper, Mule Kick. We haven’t got any confirmation on the same.

Regardless, the Tombstone perk is sure to change the gameplay as we know it and might encourage more players to play COD Zombies in Black Ops Cold War.

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