COD Mobile: P90 SMG teased in new Comic Edition

Winter has arrived already. Call to Duty Mobile Season 13 has entered the party. Plays around the world sweat to access all of the incentives that Call of Duty Mobile in season 13 has to offer and get their hands on them.

The development of numerous new and unique features in the game is one of the reasons for the increased success of COD Mobile. As a result, since its launch back in October 2019, Call to Duty Mobile has been considered one of the most successful mobile FPS games.

COD Mobile: P90 SMG teased –

That being said, the comics have struck again. We have established that the comics in COD Mobile often hint at some of the content and new features in the upcoming updates. So, we have had some very exciting predictions in the Season 13 comics of Call of Duty Mobile.

The latest version of the Season 13 comics features Ghost with a new and different weapon equipped in his hands. On closer scrutiny, we were able to pinpoint that the new weapon in the comics is none other than the P90 SMG.

The P90 is one of the OG SMGs throughout most COD mainstream titles. So, the addition of the P90 to COD Mobile would appeal to a lot of COD fans. As of now, we haven’t received any confirmation from Activision regarding the actual release date of the P90 SMG in COD Mobile.

We can only wait in patience for this OG SMG to be released in COD Mobile and become the new meta. Well, players certainly will be having a lot of expectations. We sure hope Activision doesn’t disappoint.

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