How to Disable Explosions in Minecraft

Minecraft is a video game in which users build and separate different types of blocks in 3D landscapes. The two primary modes of the game are survival and creativity. In Survival, players must gather resources and food for their own shelters.

They also engage with blocklike mobs, or shifting organisms. (Some of the hazards are creepers and zombies.) In Creative gamers are provided with resources and need not eat to live. They can also quickly break all sorts of blocks. The aim of the game is simple to construct and explore.

You may participate on your own or compete with others online. Multi-player possibilities are available via Wi-Fi networks in the smartphone and tablet edition.

Online games (servers), which include fighting against players, may be connected to thousands of Minecraft users. PCs, cell phones, tablets, Pi, Xbox, and Nintendo Wii are all great methods of playing Minecraft.

In Minecraft, you may explore, deal with and even modify a block map that measures one cubic meter dynamically. There are also plants, animals, and objects in the environment.

How to Disable Explosions in Minecraft

In this section, we will talk about how you can go about disabling explosions in Minecraft to make your gameplay hassle-free. Players can disable some of the explosions by using Plugins and certain commands.

Java Edition

For Java people can really use a Grief Prevention plugin that would halt any TNT or creeper explosion promptly. Moreover, it has a lot more incredible characteristics that protect your player’s homes secure and also goods or monsters within your property.

  • Step 1: Install Plugin

Pause your server before any plugin is installed and then you may install the grievance prevention plugin.

  • Step 2: Setup the plugin

Once set up users could indeed restart their server, users now are secure from creeper explosions, TNT, and much more.

Bedrock Edition

For Bedrock, we will use two TNT and creeper explosions in the game instructions. You need cheats that can access the commands.

  • /gamerule mobgriefing false
  • /gamerule tntexplodes false

The mob griefing would then halt the mobs griefing the land, for instance, creepers blowing up blocks or withers destroying blocks.

And when set to false, the tntexplodes command does not allow TNT to explode to harm blocks.

An explosion is a physical phenomenon that may be produced by many different conditions, usually destructive. It may demolish surrounding blocks, spur and harm nearby players, creatures, and their armor under proper conditions and create one or more flames. Explosions have a “shockwave” impact on the particles.

Multiple near explosions may further push items but have no cumulative impact on block destruction. This is because the damage of blocks from explosions is separately assessed (per explosion), and the explosion does not “weaken” the blocks’ blast resistance.

Now, these explosions are something that helps make the game even more realistic. However, sometimes these explosions cause a lot of frustration to players who simply want to explore and fall in the wrong place at the wrong time.

There are precisely 2 types of explosions that Minecraft players can encounter. They are TNT Explosions and Creeper explosions.


TNT is a craftable block that erupts 4 seconds after being triggered. TNT is excellent for digging several blocks at a time or for trapping Mobs and/or Players.

The explosion may easily demolish most of the nearby blocks and blow up about 70% of the susceptible blocks. Fragile blocks, such as dirt and sand, are the most impacted and resistant to it for stronger kinds such as stone.

Obsidian, Ancient Debris, Barriers, and Bedrock are fully explosion resistant and cannot usually be destroyed. If the TNT is in water, no blocks nearby will be destroyed, but every mob in the vicinity will still be damaged.


A creeper who has spotted a player inside of 16 blocks would then creep up on that player until the separation between them is only a few blocks. It should be observed that creepers prefer to go to a player’s right.

The creeper uses a suicide-bomb assault that includes a player (typically 2-3 blocks) nearby before it explodes.

A player’s only heads up to when the creeper is just about to blow up is a very distinguishable hiss, and also the bulging and white flashing of the creeper itself (comparable to the graphics by an illuminated TNT), which starts about 1-2 seconds just before to the blast.

How to Disable Creeper Explosions in Minecraft

Users would have to be a server operator (OP) to be allowed to employ the /gamerule and /region commands. The Game Rule is standard functionality that enables Minecraft to change gameplay even without modifications or plugins.

Below are the game rule instructions that allow and deactivate certain types of explosions:

Step 1: Without WorldGuard Plugin

/gamerule mobGriefing <true|false>

When set to true, blasts induced by mobs would be allowed. This really is the default value.
Blasts produced by mobs would be deactivated if adjusted to false.

Step 2: With WorldGuard Plugin

Users should also have WorldGuard and WorldEdit plugins set up on their computer for using this option.

  • WorldGuard plugin page:
  • WorldEdit plugin page:

If you do anything in the overworld, it will only have an impact on the overworld. You may need to execute it once more on Nether and End if you want it to work there too.

/region flag __global__ creeper-explosion <allow|deny>

If configured to allow, creepers eruptions would be permitted.
If placed to deny, blasts induced by creepers would be deactivated.

Minecraft Creepers are one of the most distinctive and famous hostile creatures in the game. The creeper’s large vertical structure (about the size of a player), pixelated body, coated in various greens, and four legs, may readily be identified.

It is one of the most deadly birds in the game because the sun, like zombies and skeletons, is not impacted. This is a continuous danger as it roams the battlefield quietly in search of an unknown player to detonate on.

Creepers may be fairly dangerous enemies when their secrecy provides them their advantage. Creepers are sluggish and, if a player escapes their range, they will also undo the explosion.

How to Disable TNT Explosions in Minecraft

Step 1: Without WorldGuard Plugin

/gamerule tntexplodes <true|false>

If it is true, TNT explosions in your Minecraft worlds are enabled.
If set to false, TNT explosions in your Minecraft worlds are disabled.

Step 2: With WorldGuard Plugin

You need WorldGuard and WorldEdit plugins to utilize this feature on your server.

If you do anything in the overworld, it will only have an impact on the overworld. You will have to do this again on Nether and End if you want it to work there too.

/region flag __global__ tnt <allow|deny>

If you allow permission for TNT explosions, then TNT Explosions will be enabled in Minecraft.
If denied, TNT explosions in your Minecraft worlds are blocked.

How to deactivate other additional explosives in Minecraft

/region flag __global__ other-explosion <allow|deny>

If set to permit, additional types of explosions will be activated.
If denied, additional types of explosions are deactivated.

These commands would only influence the worlds in which they are utilized.  Users would need to tether to the realms in their server and enter the commands to alter explosion configurations for each universe.


1. How to turn off Creeper Explosions

Players can turn off Creeper Explosions in Minecraft by using commands like /gamerule mobGriefing <true|false>. However, for those players who want to turn off Creeper explosions via an installed plugin, they could use the following command: /region flag __global__ creeper-explosion <allow|deny>

2. How to turn off TNT explosions

Players can turn off TNT explosions in Minecraft in a similar fashion as turning off Creeper explosions. Players can go about two ways in turning off TNT Explosions in Minecraft. They could either use the command /gamerule tntexplodes <true|false> without a Plugin, or they could use the command, /region flag __global__ tnt <allow|deny> via their installed WorldGuard plugin.

3. How to stop Creepers from Exploding

Creepers are sluggish, and if a player flees their reach, they would also invert their explosion period. This may be utilized to benefit a player in melee fighting.

A player may just strike the creeper with his sword and then go back fast before the creeper explodes so that a player gets at least two hits before he has to retreat. A creeper may be easily vanquished if this procedure is continued. All gamers, including those who have begun a fresh world, do this effortlessly.

Players could also make use of specific commands as mentioned above, to deactivate the creeper explosion feature entirely. Either way, you will be safe from the deadly blast of the creepers.

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