How to Earn Robux by Watching ads (Detailed Guide 2024)

Last updated on January 10th, 2024 at 10:26 am

Roblox is more than just a gaming platform; it’s a complete online community where users can play, create, and interact using avatars. Its in-game currency, Robux, is essential for accessing games, customizing avatars, and other features.

Earning Robux can be done in various ways, including watching ads.

This article explores if and how you can earn free Robux by viewing advertisements. Let’s dive in.

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Can you Earn Robux by watching ads?

Officially, no, you cannot earn Robux by watching ads within the Roblox platform itself. Roblox does not have a built-in system for rewarding players with Robux for watching ads.

However, there are some unofficial methods and platforms that claim to offer Robux for watching ads.Can you Earn Robux by watching ads

Unofficial Methods and Risks

Despite the official stance, there are unofficial channels claiming to offer Robux for watching ads:

  1. Third-party Websites and Apps: These platforms often ask users to watch ads, take surveys, or play games in exchange for Robux. Caution is advised as many of these are scams, potentially leading to loss of personal information or no actual Robux being awarded.
  2. Roblox Games Offering “Free Robux”: Some games within Roblox claim to provide free Robux for completing in-game tasks, including watching ads. Often, these are misleading and may risk your account’s security.

Legitimate Ways to Earn Robux

For a safer and more reliable experience, consider these official methods:

  1. Roblox Premium Membership: This subscription provides a monthly Robux allowance, exclusive features, and discounts.
  2. Create and Sell Your Own Game or Items: If you’re creative and skilled, design your own games or items to sell for Robux.
  3. Participate in Official Roblox Events: Occasionally, Roblox holds events and contests with Robux prizes.

Remember, always adhere to Roblox’s official methods to ensure your account’s safety.

How to Earn Robux by Watching ads

Roblox offers a feature known as User Ads, where players can promote their creations like games or apparel. These ads appear on Roblox’s website, and clicking them leads to the advertised item. By effectively using this feature, you can potentially earn Robux if other players buy or visit your advertised creations.

Note: However, In early Q1 2024, Roblox will be removing User Ads. This decision is aligned with the platform’s goal to ensure that ads are non-intrusive and seamlessly integrated into the user experience.

The Reality of “Free Robux” Ads

When searching for free Robux, you may encounter websites suggesting earning it by watching ads. One such platform is OPRewards, which connects players with companies seeking promotional assistance.

By watching ads or completing surveys, players can earn points redeemable for digital gaming rewards.

While OPRewards claims to be secure, like other similar sites, it’s crucial to approach with caution as there’s no guarantee of earning Robux or maintaining account security.

The Safest Route: Roblox Premium and Selling Items

  • Roblox Premium Membership: Offers a direct way to get Robux along with other benefits.
  • Selling Items: As a premium member, you can create and sell items on the Roblox marketplace.

Sponsored Experiences and Point Prizes

  • Sponsored Experiences: Paying for your experience to be featured on Roblox can increase visibility and potentially lead to Robux earnings.
  • Point Prizes: Another platform where watching ads might earn points redeemable for Robux, though reliability is uncertain.

RBXCash: Another Option

RBXCash is an additional site that claims to offer Robux for activities like watching ads, but as with others, its reliability and safety are not guaranteed.


While there are numerous claims of earning Robux by watching ads, the most secure and reliable way remains through official Roblox channels. Stay informed and cautious to ensure a safe and enjoyable Roblox experience. Stay tuned for more gaming updates and stay safe!

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