Fix: Destiny 2 armor picker not working

A wide variety of armor options are available in Destiny 2, a well-liked first-person shooter game for online multiplayer that was created by Bungie. These options let players customize their characters to fit their chosen playing styles. However, if the Destiny 2 armor selector is broken, gamers could have annoying problems.

This bug may seriously detract from the game experience by making it difficult for players to quickly choose and equip the required armor parts. Concerns have been expressed by the Destiny 2 community due to this problem since players rely on the armor selector to customize their playstyle and complete difficult tasks in the game.

In this post, we’ll examine probable causes for the Destiny 2 armor picker bug as well as potential fixes in an effort to assist gamers get over this annoying problem and resume enjoying the game’s narrative.

Why is Destiny 2 armor picker not working?

Short Answer: The cause of the Destiny 2 armor picker not working could be attributed to a bug in the game’s code, server connectivity issues, or compatibility problems with the player’s device. These factors can disrupt the proper functioning of the armor picker and prevent players from accessing and equipping desired armor.

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Identifying the specific cause would require further investigation by the game developers to determine the root of the problem and implement a fix.

Armor selection may be slow or mistaken if the server’s responsiveness or stability is compromised. The inability to select the desired armor can annoy gamers due to high server traffic, network congestion, or device issues.

1. Software Bugs

Like any complicated program, Destiny 2 is susceptible to errors. It’s conceivable that an underlying software problem is what caused the armor picker to malfunction. The armor picker’s intended functioning can be interfered with by bugs in the game’s code, which prevent it from showing the proper options or responding to player inputs.

2. Data Synchronization Errors

When the information shown to players doesn’t match the true state of the game server, data synchronization issues can happen. This could seem as armor options in the Destiny 2 armor picker that are ostensibly available but are actually already selected or not available as a result of other players’ activities.

3. Network and latency issues

Armor picker issues can also be caused by latency or network lag. High latency might cause a player’s actions to not be accurately or instantly recorded by the game server. The armor picker may become unresponsive as a result of this delay or may provide out-of-date information, which makes it difficult for players to choose their ideal armor quickly.

4. Interference by a Third Party

Sometimes extraneous variables beyond the direct control of the game can cause problems with the Destiny 2 armor selector.

The network communications or access to necessary resources for the game can be hampered by specific third-party software, such as firewall settings or antivirus programs. These interventions may prevent the armor picker from operating correctly, which may result in errors or failures.

5. User Interface Design Flaws

Design faults in the user interface (UI) may also be a cause of the armor picker’s dysfunction. Players may become confused by poorly designed UI components, such as menus or navigation, and find it difficult to make an informed choice in armor. It may be challenging to choose armor due to response times being slowed down or visual glitches being caused by cluttered or overloaded interfaces.

Fix: Destiny 2 armor picker not working

A key component of the well-known online game Destiny 2 is the armor picker, which enables players to choose the best armor for their characters. However, gamers may become frustrated if they run into problems that prevent the armor selection from working properly.

In this article, we’ll look at several efficient fixes for the Destiny 2 armor selection when it stops functioning properly. Players can solve typical issues and resume enjoying a fluid gaming experience by adhering to these procedures.

Method 1: Check Server Status

It’s crucial to confirm that the issue is unrelated to server issues before starting to troubleshoot your specific setup. In order to manage game data and present realistic armor options, Destiny 2 depends on reliable servers.

To find out whether there are any server maintenance announcements or complaints of known issues, visit the game’s official website or community forums. If the issue is widespread, server-side issues are probably at blame, and you might need to wait until the developers fix them.

Method 2: Restart the Game

Simple fixes can sometimes be very effective. Start by quitting Destiny 2 entirely and starting it again. This fundamental step can assist in resolving any minor bugs or short-term problems that might be influencing the armor selector. The memory of the game is also cleared when it is restarted, which can assist in resolving any issues that could have come up while playing.

Method3: Update the Game

The operation of the armor selection may be hampered by compatibility problems and glitches introduced by out-of-date game versions. Check for any updates or patches to make sure your game is up to date. Updates are frequently released by developers to fix known problems, boost performance, and enhance gameplay in general.

The armor picker issue you’re having might be resolved by updating the game to the most recent version.

Method 4: Verify Network Connection

For a seamless gaming experience in Destiny 2, a steady and dependable internet connection is essential. The armor picker’s ability to function properly can be compromised by connectivity problems. Inconsistencies or disturbances in your network connection should be investigated.

To fix any temporary network issues, think about restarting your router or joining a different network.

Method 5: Clear Cache and Temporary Files

Over time, cached files and temporary data can build up and affect how well the game runs, including the armor selection. The game’s temporary files and cache can be cleared to aid with problems caused by corrupted or out-of-date data. You can typically find instructions on how to remove cache and temporary files in the game’s settings or support materials.

Method 6: Disable Third-Party Software

Antivirus software and firewall configurations are examples of third-party software that can interfere with game operations and break the armor selector. Disable such programs momentarily or make Destiny 2 an exception in their settings. Once you’ve made sure the armor selector is working properly, be sure to activate them again.

Method 7: Verify Game Files

It’s conceivable that certain game files have become corrupted or gone missing if the armor picker problem continues. The majority of gaming stores, like Steam or the Epic Games Store, offer ways to check the game files’ integrity. Use this feature to scan and fix any corrupt files, which can fix the armor picker issue.

Method 8: Reach Out to Support

It’s time to ask for help from the game’s support staff if none of the aforementioned measures succeed in fixing the armor picker problem. Check out the official Destiny 2 website to find contact details or support alternatives.

Give a thorough description of the issue you’re having and include any pertinent details, such as error messages or instructions for duplicating the issue. The support staff will be better able to identify the issue and offer unique remedies.


Players’ ability to enjoy themselves while playing can be hampered when the Destiny 2 armor selection isn’t functioning properly. Players can successfully resolve typical problems with the armor selector by adhering to the troubleshooting advice provided on this page.

Keep in mind to check the status of the servers, restart the game, update it to the most recent version, check the network connection, clear the cache and temporary files, turn off third-party software if required, check the game files, and contact support if necessary.

Players can overcome these obstacles and return to delighting in Destiny 2’s immersive universe by persevering and carrying out the necessary debugging.

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