Top 15 Friday Night Funkin crazy games (unblocked)

Friday Night Funkin’ (abbreviated FNF) is an open-source donationware rhythm game that debuted in 2020 as part of a game jam. Cameron “Ninjamuffin99” Taylor, David “PhantomArcade” Brown, Isaac “Kawai Sprite” Garcia, and evilsk8r worked together to create the game.

Some gameplay elements are shared with Dance Dance Revolution and PaRappa the Rapper, while the game’s look is influenced by Flash games. The game is credited with bringing players back to Newgrounds, a site that peaked in popularity in the early 2000s.

The roster of the game is mostly made up of characters from external media on the Newgrounds site.

The game centers around the player character, Boyfriend, who must compete in singing and rapping contests against a variety of characters in order to date his love interest, Girlfriend. The goal of the game is to imitate your opponent’s notes with timed inputs while avoiding running out of life throughout the remainder of the song.

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The game was originally built for the October 2020 Ludum Dare 47 game jam. A full version dubbed Friday Night Funkin’: The Full Ass Game, which was funded on Kickstarter is set to be released in early 2022.

Friday Night Funkin’ is a rhythm game in which the player controls Boyfriend, a character who must overcome a succession of opponents in order to continue dating his significant other, Girlfriend. Today we are going to discuss Top 15 Friday Night Funkin’ crazy games (unblocked). So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Top 15 Friday Night Funkin crazy games (unblocked)

  • 15. VS. Gumball

The Friday Night Funkin vs. Gumball Mod is an FNF Mod based on the popular Cartoon Network show The Amazing World of Gumball. As a result, this FNF Mod is also known as the FNF vs. Amazing World of Gumball Mod, and it includes three tracks.

  • 14. VS. Pac-Man

Friday Night Funkin vs. Pac-Man, as the name indicates, pits Funkin against Pac-Man. Pac-Man, a well-known video game character created by Japanese Bandai Namco Entertainment, is included in the mod.

In FNF vs. Pac-Man, the Boyfriend and Girlfriend are going on a date to an arcade. But Daddy Dearest will be there, and he intends to summon a black hole in the Pac-Man screen. After slipping into Daddy Dearest’s trap, BF and GF find themselves in front of a yellow ball. In this game, the only way to get out is to compete in a rap battle.

FNF vs. Pac-Man Mod is currently under production and will be available with five distinct tracks when it is launched. The FNF PacMan Demo is now available to play until the full game is published.

  • 13. VS. Nate Taco Bell Tuesday

Nate Taco Bell vs. Friday Night Funkin Tuesday Mod involves a jerk who can’t locate the restroom and a lot of foul language.

The Boyfriend will compete in a rap battle against a young man named Nate in the FNF Nate Mod. They meet in a Taco Bell fast-food restaurant and plan to have a rap war there.

Taco Bell on Friday Night Funkin’ Tuesday Mod includes six distinct tunes. Three tracks for the narrative mode and three songs for free play.

  • 12. vs. Powerpuff Girls

Friday Night Funkin vs. Powerpuff Girls Mod adds another Cartoon Network property to the FNF Universe. FNF Powerpuff Girls Mod is now available on, following FNF Gumball Mod.

Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup are unintentionally formed superpowered sisters in the Cartoon Network series Powerpuff Girls.

The BF and GF will compete in a rap battle against Buttercup in the Friday Night Funkin Powerpuff Girls Mod. It should be noted that this FNF Mod is still in progress and contains a demo that you may play online below.

Spice is a song included in the FNF Powerpuff Girls Demo Mod. When the full version of the Powerpuff Girls Mod is released, it will be available on

  • 11. vs. Lucky From Animal Crossing

Lucky vs. Friday Night Funkin Animal Crossing Mod adds a character from the well-known farming and life simulation video game Animal Crossing.

The BF and GF visit a town in someone else’s Animal Crossing game in the story FNF vs. Lucky From Animal Crossing. As they proceeded to explore this town, they discovered that it only had three stars. As a result, the BF and GF became bored, and The Boyfriend decided to dare one of the locals to make this town exciting.

Finally, BF and GF discovered a dog named Lucky who was dressed in bandages, and persuaded him to sing with them. Two fantastic tunes await you in the FNF Lucky Mod.

  • 10. FNF Tankman Round 2

Round 2 of FNF Tankman. This is the second round in the Friday Night Funkin vs. Tankman Mod, as the name suggests. Our young hero desires a rap fight with Tankman for the second time.

If you want to understand more about Friday Night Funkin vs. Tankman Mod, go to and read FNF vs. Tankman Mod.

In Tankman Mod’s second round, you’ll be playing with a tune called Tank Roll.

  • 9. Friday Night Slashing Jeff The Killer

Friday Night Slashing Jeff The Killer Mod, also known as Friday Night Trepidation, is a Friday Night Funkin Mod that includes ten original songs as well as three well-known creepypasta characters, including Jeff D. Woods, Slenderman, and Gold.

There will be a lot of blood and carnage with the FNF Jeff The Killer Mod. Daynaze and his buddies claim that there is still more to be added to this FNF Mod. So, don’t forget about Friday Night Trepidation, and visit on a regular basis to play new versions of the mod.

There are ten brand new tracks in four FNF Weeks in the Friday Night Trepidation, formerly known as FNF  Jeff The Killer Mod.

  • 8. FNF Sonic.exe Round 2

Round 2 of FNF Sonic.exe has been announced. The Second Week of FNF Sonic.exe, one of the most immersive Friday Night Funkin Mods, is on the way. You may even download the FNF Sonic.exe Round 2 to test it out.

Two weeks after its original release, the Friday Night Funkin vs. Sonic.exe Mod has managed to ascend to the throne. Sonic.exe Mod, created by RightBurstUltra, includes three creepypasta characters: Sonic.exe, Majin Sonic, and Lord X. You may now play FNF Sonic.exe Mod on if you haven’t already.

But now we’re on the second week of this insane FNF Mod. FNF Sonic.exe Round 2 preview is available on GameBanana, despite the fact that it is still in production. By the way, the game’s creator cautions that children should not play it. Because it’s terrifying as hell.

  • 7. FNF Huggy Wuggy Test

The FNF Huggy Wuggy Test lets you see how Huggy Wuggy is behaving while you’re enjoying the Friday Night Funkin. now allows you to test the characters, and Poppy Playtime’s iconic character Huggy Wuggy is waiting for you to show him your movements.

We can watch the motions of the characters from Friday Night Funkin Universe thanks to FNF Test Mods. Because the quick tunes may cause us to miss how they are acting. Or we’re just attempting to beat them by focusing on the directions of the arrows. This fact may prohibit us from viewing the game’s art. This is why FNF Tests are so popular.

Below is the FNF Huggy Wuggy Test Mod, which allows you to view what you couldn’t see in the Friday Night Funkin vs. Huggy Wuggy Mod. Click on the game once before you begin playing this FNF Test Mod.

  • 6. FNF Entity Mod

FNF Entity Mod, also known as Entity Origins Breakout, is a Friday Night Funkin Mod created by BrightFyre and Tenshubushi that serves as a predecessor to FNF AGOTI Mod.

In the plot of Entity Mod, we observe that an experiment is taking place somewhere beneath the surface. This experiment is part of a larger endeavor to develop the ultimate rapping machine.

Nineteen years before the circumstances in which BF and AGOTI engage a rap war, there was a scientist who was experimenting with forces he didn’t comprehend. In addition, he builds an “ideal rapper” by combining digidevil samples with lover DNA.

The experiment escapes, and the scientist, having concluded the stability of his experiments, decides to put his labors to the test in a rap war.

FNF Entity Mod comes with a whole FNF Week and two songs, as well as a terrific plot. In the future, we expect to see an expansion for this FNF Mod.

  • 5. VS. Starving Artist 2

Friday Night Funkin vs. Starving Artist 2 Mod expands on the popular FNF Starving Artist Mod by adding a new FNF Week and songs.

Friday Night Funkin vs. Starving Artist Mod is a well-known FNF Mod that stars 24-year-old cartoonist Rebecca. If you haven’t tried out the FNF Starving Artist Mod yet, you may do so at

Rebecca is continuing her adventure where you left off, and she is going to have a rap war with several characters such as Gamma, Rebecca’s friends Giz and Seberster, Rebecca’s old janitor Ben, Rebecca’s best buddy Axel, and Chips.

FNF Starving Artist 2 Mod includes seven tracks divided between two FNF Weeks: Retaken Sanity and Parasocial. Rebecca, by the way, appears much better and more alive than in the previous Starving Artist Mod.

  • 4. VS. Flippy Mod

Friday Night Funkin vs. Flippy Mod features Flippy, a well-known character from the American animated online series Happy Tree Friends. This entire FNF Mod includes his five fresh new songs, cutscenes, and more.

Mono Media created the FNF Flippy Mod, commonly known as Friday Night Funkin vs. Flippy Flipped Out Mod. Based on the American animated web series Happy Tree Friends, this FNF Mod was created. This online series may appear to be a children’s animation, but it is not.

Flippy is one of the show’s primary characters, and he has now entered the Friday Night Funkin Universe. Friday Night Funkin vs. Flippy Flipped Out Mod includes five new songs, cutscenes, and other features.

  • 3. VS. Beepie

Beepie vs. Friday Night Funkin Mod includes a fan-created character named Beepie as well as two tunes. FNF Beepie Mod, created by Valengarfy, is currently under development and has an online demo.

Beepie is the protagonist of her Friday Night Funkin Mod. She wishes to spend time with her Boyfriend. As a result, she embarks on a quest to steal BF away from GF and marry him.

In the Beepie FNF Mod, you’ll notice that the BF and GF are dressed differently. The costume for BF was created using Hatsune Miku Mod, while the outfit for GF was created using Nyan Cat. FNF vs. Beepie Mod includes two demo tracks.

  • 2. VS. Hypno Lullaby

Hypno vs. Friday Night Funkin Hypno, a well-known human-like Pokemon, is included in the Lullaby Mod. In a rap fight, Hypno with the natural talents Forewarn and Insomnia will attempt to mesmerize your GF.

Hypno, the hero of FNF Lullaby Mod, is a human-like Pokemon. So far, we haven’t seen any Pokemon characters in the Friday Night Funkin Universe, and Hypno may be the first.

You are missing in the plot of FNF vs. Hypno Lullaby Mod, and the Girlfriend is seeking for you. Hypo will assist her with his four distinct tracks. But will it actually help?

  • 1. VS. Shaggy

Have you ever seen the show Scooby-Doo? Even if you only watch it once, you will remember Scooby’s best pal Shaggy. In this mod, our BF and GF will compete in a rap battle against Shaggy.

The Friday Night Funkin VS. Shaggy mod features one of the Scooby-Doo series’ key characters, Norville “Shaggy” Rogers. Shaggy opens the narrative by sweetly asking if BF and GF ever see Scooby. BF, on the other hand, wants to compete in a rap battle with Shaggy.

Shaggy accepts it after some consideration. If you want to know what happens next, you may play Shaggy Mod online. There are seven different songs to choose from in this mod. And this is really insane.

That’s all for today’s article on the Top 15 Friday Night Funkin crazy games (unblocked). Do check out all the sections and let us know how this guide was helpful for you while playing the game. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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