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Last updated on December 15th, 2020 at 05:18 pm

Call of Duty Mobile is no doubt the best mobile game of the year. Activision partnered with the Chinese mobile game developer – Tencent Studios to bring the mobile version of the popular first-person shooter franchise in reality. The mobile version not only features the popular weapon inventory, operators, scorestreaks from older COD titles but continuously bringing new content from COD Modern Warfare 2019.

Well, talking about the content inspired by the Modern Warfare. The developers have already announced the Gunsmith Weapon Customisation feature, which is making its way to COD Mobile with Season 9 update. And in our recent post, we covered Modern Warfare’s popular Hardcore Mode, which is supposedly launching with COD Mobile Season 9.

In Season 9, other than the new Gunsmith feature and a new mode, the icing on the cake would be the new free-to-play weapons. The developers have been dropping new weapons in two recent significant updates, and undoubtedly, players have been enjoying them.

Source: Activision

The developers have changed the approach to introduce a new weapon in the game. In recent updates, new weapons like MP5 (which was introduced as QQ9 for unknown reason) and Scar-H (or as you call it DR-H), were introduced as a free-to-play weapon with a rare skin included in the paid battle pass. Unlike the earlier season updates, where the developers would introduce a pay-to-weapon, equipable from the paid crates.

Well, a new weapon which appeared in earlier season update, equipable with the paid crates, is in talks again. And it’s evident, it will be available as a free-to-play weapon. If this doesn’t ring any bell, let us tell you that Razorback (PDW’s cousin ^0^), is launching soon in COD Mobile.

Talking about the new Razorback, it’s a Sub-Machine Gun (or SMG) with the same gun-stats as the PDW-57 SMG, that’s why we mentioned it to be PDW’s cousin. Well, the stats are almost identical, but using Razorback will be a new and fresh experience. The firing sound, iron-sight, and weapon-skins are some of the features we are looking forward to.

Many users are asking about the current status of the Razorback. Well, earlier, we speculated that the new weapon would be available with the pre-season event, on July 31. The Vietnam version of Call of Duty Mobile received the pre-season event notification today, and as you can see, Razorback can be equipped by completing specified missions.

Source: CODM Vietnam

The global version of CODM hasn’t received any Razorback yet. The pre-season event does introduce the new Katane Operator Skill, but it looks Razorback event was exclusive to the CODM Vietnamese version.

Well, if you have been waiting for the new weapon to try your hands-on, we suggest you look forward to the upcoming updates. Many CODM leakers mentioned that the new Razorback might drop in early season 9 with an event. Nonetheless, we are keeping an eye on the related leaks and news. Stay tuned for the latest news and developments.



Razorback SMG is now available for free across all CODM version. To equip the weapon, simply head to the SMG tab and search for Razorback.

You need to unlock all the weapon-attachments to equip them in Gunsmith. Play MP and BR modes to earn more weapon XP.