JackFrags explains how to avoid cheaters in Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone has been one of the most talked-about titles throughout all gaming platforms. Players around the world are swimming in to try out the video. Also, the massive influx of material that the seasonal pass has to offer, makes it practically impossible to prevent downloading the game.

However, that being said, COD Warzone has its own share of hackers ruining the gameplay experience. This really sucks the fun out of the game. Today, we will be discussing how to tackle this problem.

In a recent video posted by prominent YouTuber and COD Warzone player JackFrags, he has mentioned a way via which players can avoid coming across hackers and cheaters in their Warzone matches.

However, he mentions that after having tested this feature on Xbox and PlayStation platforms, he found that this method works only for the PlayStation platform. Even though it is unfortunate that this doesn’t work on the Xbox platforms, we believe something is better than nothing.

This method works for both the PS4 and the PS5. To do this follow the given steps.

  1. Launch COD Warzone
  2. Go to Options and then go to Account Settings
  3. Change Crossplay from Enabled to Disabled.
  4. After having disabled Crossplay. Start a match. Whilst in the lobby a message will pop up asking you to turn on Crossplay simply press NO.
  5. The game will start searching for a lobby anyway.
  6. This will ensure that you are put in a lobby that has PlayStation players exclusively.

This will allow PlayStation players to engage in combat with fellow PlayStation users. Thus, any cheaters and hackers will now be eradicated from your Warzone matches.

However, this is just a temporary fix. We still strongly request the Devs to come up with a permanent solution to tackle the situation of these blatant hackers across all platforms. That being said, PlayStation users can go ahead and try this method out and enjoy a Cheat and Hack-free game.

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