New Warzone Season 2 New Bunker Locations (Warzone)

COD Warzone is perhaps the leading Battle Royale game across various platforms. The Gunsmith Feature, Graphics, a huge arsenal of weapons to choose from, which has intrigued the players to try out the game.

These exclusive and unique features have made the game very appealing to players across the globe. So, players seem to be swarming in almost every day to try this game out. At the same time, COD Warzone just seems to keep on improving and adding new content to the game.

Season 1 of Warzone has almost come to an end and it is time for all the players to warmly welcome Season 2 of Warzone to the game. The new update will be getting some exciting and hidden features which we will be discussing today. So, let’s get started.

Warzone Season 2 New Bunker Location:

Bunkers are perhaps one of the most intriguing features of the game. Every player in Warzone wants to land or come across a loot-filled bunker in the game to give themselves a much greater advantage over other players by equipping themselves with superior weapons.

What’s more interesting about the bunkers in Warzone is that these are not directly mentioned on the map. The locations are hidden and it almost feels like Lara Croft upon discovering a new bunker.

So, we have got some good news for all the bunker hunters out there. Season 2 of COD Warzone will be getting 2 new bunkers for players to discover and loot. We have mentioned the precise locations of the bunkers below for you to be ready to drop in.

Warzone Bunker Locations:

  • The first bunker is located in Travorsk Park, almost at the edge of the region. It might be difficult to spot it at first but be sure to have a look around and we are sure you will get the entrance to this hidden bunker. You will find a flight of stairs heading underground. That is what the entrance will look like.

  • The second bunker is located in Military Base. Unlike the other bunker, this won’t be as difficult to spot. As it is a circular opening for a rocket launch base. While dropping in you can easily spot the massive crater with a missile inside it. That is how you enter the bunker.

The Devs at Warzone have really taken into consideration the likes and dislikes of the players. They observed that people liked to discover hidden places and easter eggs in the game. Hence, to please the players across the world the Devs of COD Warzone came up with these really creative bunkers in Season 2.

Be sure to spot and land at these locations to get yourself access to these loot-filled bunkers. You can find a ton of cash and weapons in these bunkers which will help you obliterate other enemies on the battlefield.

Note: Stay tuned for further updates!

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