How to Start Beyond Light Campaign Destiny 2

Starting the Beyond Light campaign in Destiny 2 is a fascinating journey that explores the cosmos’ marvels and reveals Europa’s sinister secrets. Beyond Light, the most recent addition to the cherished Destiny 2 series, presents players with a plethora of exhilarating new material and challenges.

The main focus of the campaign is the appearance of the powerful new foe Eramis and her army of Fallen, who pose a danger to engulf the solar system in darkness. To resist this oncoming menace and pave their way to triumph, Guardians must use the might of Stasis, a new elemental ability.

The Beyond Light campaign immerses players in a compelling narrative that reveals the unseen history of Destiny’s world while revealing latent powers inside their own Guardian. In this article, we’ll go over How to start Beyond Light campaign Destiny 2.

How to start Beyond Light campaign Destiny 2

How to start Beyond Light campaign Destiny 2

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The Beyond Light addition for Destiny 2 is an action-packed journey that takes Guardians to the icy moon of Europa. There, they take on new foes, wield the power of Stasis, and learn the mysteries of the Deep Stone Crypt.

Beginning the Beyond Light campaign can be an engaging and thrilling experience for everyone, regardless of their level of expertise as Guardians or as players overall. In this in-depth book, we will take you by the hand and lead you through the stages of getting started on your adventure into the unknown, so equipping you to meet the obstacles that lie ahead.

Step 1: Purchase the Beyond Light Expansion

You will first need to guarantee that you have access to the Beyond Light expansion in its entirety before you can begin the Beyond Light story campaign. Because Beyond Light is such a significant addition to Destiny 2, it was not included in the original release of the game.

You have the option of purchasing it on its own as a stand-alone expansion or as part of a larger package that contains other materials.

Step 2: Check for Prerequisites

Once you have the expansion in your hands, check to see if you have satisfied any conditions that are necessary to begin the Beyond Light campaign. In most cases, the sole criterion is to have achieved the minimum suggested Power level, which is often somewhere around 1050. If you have been playing Destiny 2 on a consistent basis, you should have no trouble satisfying this criterion.

Step 3: Launch Destiny 2 and Select Your Character

Launch Destiny 2 after you have the Beyond Light expansion and have satisfied the requirements, and then choose which of your characters you would want to take on this voyage with. If you have more than one character available to you, choosing the one with the highest Power level will help the subsequent steps of the campaign go more smoothly.

Step 4: Meet Variks on Europa

You will receive a notification within the game prompting you to go to Europa and speak with Variks, the Loyal, as soon as you log in. Throughout the entirety of the Beyond Light campaign, Variks will act as your personal guide, supplying you with essential information and pointing you in the right direction.

Step 5: Accessing Europa

You must first get admission to Europa through the Director before you will be able to travel there. Launch the Director by hitting the button that corresponds to your gaming system (for example, “M” on a personal computer, “Options” on a PlayStation, or “Menu” on an Xbox), and then head over to the destinations tab.

You’ll find a new place accessible – Europa. Simply select it to determine where you will land on the chilly moon.

Step 6: Complete the Opening Mission – “A Guardian Rises”

When you initially arrive on Europa, you will immediately undertake the first task of the game, which is named “A Guardian Rises.” This mission not only provides as an introduction to the landscape of Europa, but also lays the groundwork for the Beyond Light campaign. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen, and put yourself completely into the story as it develops.

Step 7: Visit the Stranger

After you have finished the first objective in the game, you will run upon an old friend known as “The Exo Stranger.” She is an essential figure in the Beyond Light storyline, and she is the one who teaches you how to use the new Stasis powers. If you heed her advice and successfully accomplish the tasks she assigns, you will be able to access and control your newly acquired ability.

Step 8: Progress Through the Beyond Light Campaign

You will now be considered a participant in the Beyond Light campaign from this point forward. Follow the quest marks and finish the many story tasks to discover more about the Deep Stone Crypt, battle the fearsome Fallen army lead by Eramis, and unearth the secrets of Europa.

Step 9: Discovering Secrets and Collecting Exotics

As you make your way through the Beyond Light campaign, make sure to keep a look out for strong Exotics that are exclusive to this addition as well as hidden mysteries. Undertaking in-depth exploration of Europa may lead to the discovery of interesting new things and the acquisition of rewards that will assist you in your fight against the Darkness.

Step 10: Join Forces with Others

While it is possible to play through the Beyond Light campaign on one’s own, doing it with a group of other Guardians can make for a more enjoyable experience overall. You should think about joining existing fire teams or forming new ones if you want to complete difficult quests or take on the new raid, the Deep Stone Crypt, with a group of experienced players.


Beginning the Beyond Light campaign in Destiny 2 is the beginning of an experience unlike any other. Along with a gripping narrative, you will gain access to new powers, and you will face intriguing obstacles.

You will be able to start your adventure into the darkness of Europa well-equipped if you adhere to the stages indicated in this book and follow them in order. As you make your way further into the newest addition to the Destiny 2 universe, don’t forget to take your time, savor the story, and have fun while you’re at it.

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