(2023) Top 15 best cracked Minecraft servers

Last updated on January 2nd, 2023 at 05:39 pm

Minecraft, a massively multiplayer online game, irrevocably changed the landscape of the genre with its arrival.

Who would have thought that creating and discovering would be so fascinating in the middle of all the destruction and death we see around us these days?

Because of its widespread usage, this fundamental principle has become a relic. In Creative mode, all the components are accessible, so you may create whatever you want.

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It is possible to conduct investigations in previously unexplored regions of other planets.

When confronted by creatures, you have two options: build a fortress or arm yourself with a formidable weapon.

It’s a lifesaver that you’re not dealing with this on your own. Playing alone is an option if you don’t want to share a server with anybody else

Throughout the game, new content was always being introduced.

Players may also modify the game’s programming to make their own tweaks to the way it’s played. You don’t want to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime chance.

A broad variety of devices are compatible with the game. You may use the following tactics to help you reach your goal: Stores currently only carry a handful of the most popular systems, including PlayStation 3, Wii, and Xbox One, as well as the Raspberry Pi.

Blocks that are precisely one cubic meter in size may be explored and manipulated in Minecraft. ‘Ecology’ is a broad word that encompasses a wide range of subject areas.

There is a high need for students in elementary and middle school. There’s something for everyone in our list of  15 amazing games like Minecraft for Android and iOS.

Minecraft Cracked Servers

Minecraft is an enormously popular internet game. The price will certainly stay high for some time due to a large number of participants.

Luckily, there are numerous ways you may participate in Minecraft fun sans fretting about the price tag.

In this tutorial, we are trying to go over all you could potentially have to understand about constructing, launching, and locating cracked Minecraft servers.

Cracked Minecraft servers and clients are deemed illegal, keep that in mind as we go ahead. This guide was written only for the aim of imparting knowledge.

What are cracked servers?

Cracked Minecraft is nothing more than a piracy clone. Acquiring such a version of Minecraft is normally illegal but is regrettably highly popular, with some figures claiming that several millions of Minecraft users have not purchased the game.

Players don’t have to own a license to play on these servers; all they require is a pirated client to participate in the enjoyment of one of the many millions of others across the world.

Unofficial servers of the game aren’t recommended, however, if you insist on using this cracked server nevertheless, you do so at your own risk.

This post is intended to educate and amuse our viewers, not to put you in harm’s way.

Top 15 best cracked Minecraft servers

  • 1. Herobrine.org

IP: mc.herobrine.org

Minecraft Cracked ServersDon’t let the name intimidate you, Herobrine.org is where guys would discover some of the finest mini-games in Minecraft

This site is entertaining and packed with unique mini-games and modes, it offers a fun and safe setting for players, thus all they have to think about is having a fantastic time.

Bedwars, skyblock, factions, surviving and planet survivals are among the new and interesting options that make Herobrine.org a fantastic server full of fun and amazing experiences to share.

  • 2. Blockdrop

IP: superepicgaming.club

Minecraft Cracked ServersThis server has a following that is progressively gaining in prominence, for that cause we put it on our second slot on our list. In addition to being fully compatible with all Minecraft editions, Blockdrop offers a unique range of fun game modes.

City life, factions, sky block, Prison, Survival and bedwars are the modes available which render this community a lot of fun.

This is the best and fastest community at the present. Actually, it’s functional with each and every version of Caves and Cliffs since 1.8.

For those who don’t know, it has good OP Prisons, OP factions servers, Bedwars, Skyblock, and Survival. Its latest up-to-date invention is a complete custom sims-themed game titled ‘City Life’.

  • 3. JartexNetwork

IP: mp.jartexnetwork.com

Minecraft Cracked ServersAnother outstanding MC server that offers diverse and well-known gameplay modes for gamers is Jartex Network. Prison, factions, and kitpvp are all popular game modes on this server.

A proof to its popularity is the large number of gamers that return everyday.

The fundamental feature of these modes, on the other hand, is what makes it stand apart from other servers.

All of the components have well-refined and extremely polished sensations.

This server is free – to – play and is filled with interesting gameplay modes like surviving or sky blocks, one nice feature about this server would be that it motivates the players to be active and in return, it awards them with medals that they could show in their profile.

  • 4. PikaNetwork

IP: mp.pika-network.net

pika networkPikaNetwork is also one of the greatest cracked Minecraft servers regarded by Indian gamers. It features practically each mode one could dream of for the game.

In addition, it has a great deal of originality in its mini-games. The network even promotes mini-games as one of its components along with hundreds of game modes users may play.

This community is particularly renowned for its prison mini-game, but then every mini-game is interesting and different, on this server you may discover hundreds of gamers and minigames to engage with and have a fantastic time.

  • 5. Mineland

IP: hd.join-ml.com

Minecraft Cracked Servers

Mineland offers users fantastic elements which render it one of the best servers out there, from missions and monthly tops to fun and innovative gameplay modes that would elevate your Minecraft experience to another level.

Mineland’s gameplay modes include build fight, prison, anarchy, skyblocks, bed warfare, and survival.

  • 6. MineMalia

IP: play.minemalia.com

Minecraft Cracked ServersMineMalia Network’s purpose is to deliver the greatest Minecraft experience for consumers.

As a result, they provide players with a unique range of modes for customizing their experience.

In addition, it offers an amazing survival experience with personalized enchants, player stores, an MCMMO, quests, and jobs.

From survival to creative, this Server’s got you covered with a wide variety of game modes and some special bonuses that elevate them to awesomeness.

  • 7. Dripcraft

IP: dripcraft.bestgame.host:25598

Minecraft Cracked ServersThere are normally two to five gamers on this server at any one time. In the meantime, a total of 20 is usually a safe bet.

POC and LGBT+ members may join Dripcraft without fear of discrimination. So, please try to be yourself on Dripcraft.

  • 8. UltimisMC

IP: ultimismc.com

In UltimisMC, you may engage with friends or meet new ones on the server in any of the various gameplay modes available, from PvP to parkour to just about any of the many other things you can do on this server. The Server is regularly regulated and offers weekly rewards.

Sky Blocks, Survival, Redstone PVP and sky PVP are among some of the game modes which render this server fantastic!

  • 9. CosmicCraft

IP: MC.CosmicMC.net

Minecraft Cracked ServersIn addition to being one of the greatest cracked Minecraft servers, CosmicCraft is also a preferred server on Discord for many players and players alike. Undoubtedly, it has outstanding moderators and many of elements that make it more user-friendly.

Cracked gamers are welcome to join Cosmic Craft, a server full of fun and unique mini-games.

On top of that, it also provides daily prizes for premium Nitro memberships on Discord. This is a unique feature that you won’t find on many other Minecraft servers.

  • 10. ExtremeCraft

IP: extremecraft.net

Minecraft Cracked ServersExtremeCraft is another moniker to named among the finest cracked Minecraft servers. The excellent MC hub offers numerous gaming modes, consisting of a high-quality skyblock server.

Furthermore, it has created unique features and adjustments compared to the usual game mode. As a result, your whole experience will be enhanced significantly.

  • 11. Pikadex

IP: pikadex.sedexcraft.com

pikadexThis server provides players with one of the most unique gaming experiences available today.

As the server’s title implies, everything on it is themed around Pokémon, and each minigame has its own special feature that adds to the overall enjoyment.

Experience all the world of Pokémon has to offer coupled with the whole Minecraft experience, from entire Pokémon locations like Kanto to Gyms and Safaris.

Challenge gym bosses or battle on the Pokémon which appear on each and every world in the server.

  • 12. Holocraft

IP: mc.holocraft.club

holocraftThe main goal of this server is to give a fun and relaxing experience for the gamers and to build unique and mind-blowing mini-games and experiences.

HoloCraft KitPVP, Sky Blocks, Bed Warfare, Survival Multiplayer, and HoloCraft Multiplayer all add to the fun.

  • 13. MGU.One

IP address: mgu.one

mgu oneMGU One is a friendly server that attempts to give an alternative to the popular PvE server. As the title implies, it is neither what gamers would term PvP orientated nor hardcore.

One of the most well-known and popular Minecraft cracked servers., it places a high value on competitive gameplay and a wide range of in-game activities.

They want their server to be a place where people can relax and have fun.

  • 14. Blockstackers

IP: play.block stackers.xyz

blockstackerzThe fact that Blockstackers has been included in this list of the top ten is well-deserved.

The server is a community-based semi-vanilla one whose purpose is to deliver Minecraft experience to all throughout the world. Its goal is also to establish relationships and groups via fun.

  • 15. ASC Pixelmon

IP: play.asiacraft.web

ascWhy not try to immerse yourself in Asian culture via Minecraft since that social media has stoked so much interest in it?

This server is complete with Story Mode, Battle Tower, fights with boss raids with companions, natural Pokémon on safari, mythical Pokémon and a regulated eco system.

The brand-new award system of pokedex + playtime assures that the victors are genuinely deserved.

Advantages and Disadvantages Minecraft Cracked Server

Servers that have been cracked may potentially have a competitive edge. It’s not unusual for your server to be unavailable while Minecraft’s servers are.

This isn’t the case for server’s configured to operate in offline (cracked) mode. Regardless of the state of the official Minecraft servers, you and any other user would be allowed to access the server.

However, your options will be constrained. Cracked servers do not permit in your individual private account.

Once you’ve logged out, anybody else may log in using the identical username and have entry to your accounts.

The same may be done to others by you. This raises another rather major challenge – moderating.

Because everyone may log in to any account, it’s impossible to set up a system where certain users have access to certain resources.

Fortunately, this could be addressed via the usage of user-made plugins. Plugins like AuthMeReloaded may be used to make new users ‘register’ when visiting the cracked server.

Doing this should keep their login details independently from the official Minecraft login, enabling you to preserve your progress and avoid username poaching.


1. Are cracked Minecraft Servers safe?

This subject is controversial, but ideally, gamers should simply just elect to purchase a valid copy.

Users would then be eligible to join the top servers, customize their skin, and give back to the devs in the process.

Cracked servers often need users to generate their own passwords in order to log in. Its because cracked servers have no more method to verify and differentiate unique players.

Players should be mindful not to utilize a password utilized on other services while playing on these cracked Servers. The ideal strategy is simply to choose a random passcode which doesn’t matter if, by a certain accident, it is revealed.

2. How do I find Cracked Minecraft Servers?

The list above may offer you several of the most popular and greatest Cracked Minecraft Servers to play on – they are sponsored by our voting system, which allows for in-game prizes, which can include everything from cosmetic outfits to improvements!

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