Top 15 best Minecraft Prison Server 2023

Last updated on January 2nd, 2023 at 05:39 pm

As a result of Minecraft‘s phenomenal popularity, income from web-based online multiplayer games has flown through the sky.

Given how cruel and violent the world has become, it’s tough to picture any other form of the game appealing to today’s players.

Since its commencement, this has evolved into a timeless masterpiece, with unique traits. As long as you’re in Creative mode, you’ll be able to build whatever you can think of.

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Visiting other planets is available in Survival mode. Building a fortress or accumulating armaments may survive an onslaught of monsters.

Delegating as often as feasible would help you to make the most of the time you do spend away from work.

When playing with mates, you may fight a single server or even your own planet as your lone opponent.

New content was constantly added as the game progressed. There are a myriad of game possibilities accessible to individuals who play Minecraft.

A broad number of platforms and devices are supported by this game. In addition to popular PCs and smartphones like the iPhone and Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy and iPad, you may be able to obtain support from the PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, and Raspberry Pi.

In Minecraft, you may explore and construct a world that is more than a terabyte huge. There are many more instances in nature, as you can see.

Those of you who enjoy sandbox games should be happy. For your convenience, we’ve developed a list of the greatest 15 excellent games like Minecraft for elementary school pupils.

Stick to the end of the article to know all about Prison servers in Minecraft and also find a compilation of some of the best prison servers out there which you guys should definitely try.

Prison servers Minecraft

Prison servers in Minecraft aren’t located in any of the game’s vast natural biomes.

Alternatively, they throw players into a territory intended as a brick-and-mortar prison, where he/she must mine, acquire resources, trade them for money, and level up to achieve freedom.

Players may even purchase land on certain prison servers to use as a base.

But essentially, prison servers comprise a subterranean adventure, with loads of adventure, crafting, and even PvP conflicts.

In this post, we review some of the top Minecraft servers that provide amazing prison game types for players.

For the most part, the finest prison servers in Minecraft provide players with a unique, lucrative mining environment, as well as rank-up pathways that keep things new.

It’s common knowledge that prison servers are tedious affairs, but this doesn’t have to be the case! In truth, the most effective prison servers available now aren’t very grindy.

Over the years, the greatest Minecraft prison servers have grown to stay new via an intriguing combination of custom plugins, server-related events, and plentiful content releases.

Top 15 greatest Minecraft Prison Server

There are dozens of Minecraft prison servers to select from, all of which would give you profitable and exciting adventures.

Many of these games contain more complex mechanics that provide a new dimension of challenge and intrigue to the experience.

Nevertheless, if you’re unclear which one to select, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

We have produced a list of some of the greatest prison servers out there that gamers would absolutely appreciate and should certainly check out.

  • 1. MineSuperior

IP Address:

Minecraft superirorMineSuperior has proved to be among the top renowned servers whenever it pertains to prison games.

Prison games are not the only ones available on this Minecraft server, which also has a wide variety of other game types including Factions and Skyblock as well as Survival and Towny.

This server has a large and active community. Regular improvements and weekly events and challenges keep things new in MineSuperior.

  • 2. Purple Prison

IP Address :

Purple PrisonIf you’re searching for a fantastic prison server, what’s greater than Purple Prison? Purple Prison is a game mode wherein individuals level up by accomplishing activities like digging, constructing, dealing with fellow gamers, and more.

It’s extremely simple to begin. Four times a day, the server hosts enormous automated PvP activity.

When it comes to Prison servers in Minecraft, there is just one to choose from Purple Prison.

One explanation why the Purple Prison Server is among the most prominent prison servers is its

extraordinarily well-kept community. A large number of well-known players have contributed to the success of this server throughout the years. You should surely give it a chance.

  • 3. DestinyMC

IP Address:

destinyIf you’re searching for a massively renowned server with more game types than you could ever enjoy, then DestinyMC should surely be among the servers you have to seek out.

Pixelmon, Survival, Skyblock, and other game modes such as Prison are also well-represented. This server also offers a ton of unique material and allows for amazing immersive gaming for all its players.

  • 4. JailsMC

IP Address:

jails mcIn respect to an invention, JailsMC has it all. From the ground up, the server has been custom-built to be one of a kind.

In other words, most people haven’t tried the server’s new features, therefore there will be something new and interesting. Minecraft prison server veterans will find this experience challenging, even if they are used to it.

The server also features totally bespoke item enchantments, that are not inherent to vanilla Minecraft, or any other server.

Pickaxes that create hostile mobs on foes are among the most prominent and fascinating enchantments, as are explosive pickaxes and lightning pickaxes.

  • 5. OP Blocks

IP Address:

op blocksOP Blocks is a Minecraft prison composed exclusively of candy, which may seem unusual at first.

However, believe us when we say it’s very cool. As you level up, you’ll release a new and bright candy-themed mine.

Every mine has special candy-related bricks that provide power which could only be accessed in that mine.

It’s a fun idea. OP Blocks takes the cake when it comes to thinking outside the box.

Nothing is strange since everything works out quite neatly. This is the server for you if you’re seeking something different and fascinating. It’s been a hit with many people, so maybe you’ll like it too.

  • 6. Pluteria

IP Address:

pluteriaPluteria is another wonderful prison server we had in waiting for you, and users must give it a whirl.

If you’re looking for something to do for hours on end, go no further than this amazing server.

In Pluteria, you’ll find a unique take on the standard Minecraft prison experience.

Players may travel through 10 various stages in this game set in space, uncovering planets along the way.

Players will dedicate most of their actions to planets, mining commodities to exchange for cash.

  • 7. MineVille

IP Address:

minevilleMineVille is one Minecraft server that has more than sufficient material to hold you occupied for days, if not months! Survival, Skyblock, and Prison are the only three game types available to the player in this version.

This server offers a variety of custom material, like custom enchantments, player levels, jobs, crates and boxes, races, and even weddings!

With frequent updates and a very active group of fans, MineVille is one of the greatest Minecraft servers ever produced.

  • 8. MC Prison

IP Address:

mc prisonWithout including one of the early prison servers, this collection would’ve been meaningless. ‘MC Prison’ is among the most renowned and well-known prison servers. On this versatile server, you can accomplish nearly everything you’d have to do in prison.

Security, jail cells, gangs, and more may well be discovered in the area. As an added bonus, it’s the oldest prison in the country.

  • 9. PikaNetwork

IP Address:

pika networkNew players should start here to get a taste of some of the greatest prison servers around.

You would rarely be bored on PikaNetwork since fresh material and things are uploaded on a regular basis. On this server, you may also play mini-games and events.

  • 10. Minecraft Central

IP Address:

minecraft centralIn order to keep their material fresh, Minecraft Central performs periodic resets and introduces new seasons of the various game modes available.

Gameplay modes like Prison, Survival, and Creative have made this server immensely famous within its engaged fan base. This server is certainly worth checking out due to the voting incentives and the special stuff it offers.

  • 11. TritonPVP

IP Address:

TritonPVP delivers you the greatest Skyblock experience imaginable. In addition to customizable islands and quests as well as visual boundaries and a GUI shop, this server is really unique.

  • 12. MineJunkie Prison

IP Address:

MinejunkieIntense PvP combat and many game types have rendered this server quite famous among Minecraft players.

  • 13. HexicPrison

IP Address:

hexic This server has been launched in 2014 and is fairly popular. Gameplay features heated combat against the other gamers and money events throughout the game.

  • 14. MoxMC

IP Address:

Mox McThis server is really nice to play on. It promotes several modes like Survival, PvE, PvP, and Factions that make it intriguing even for the seasoned gamers.

  • 15. AkumaMC

IP Address:

If you are seeking variety and enjoyment, this server is for you. It provides excellent daily events and tons of contests.

What is the best way to play Minecraft prison servers?

Connecting to a Minecraft Prison server is one of the most popular methods of getting the most out of the game.

In the list above, you’ll find several excellent Minecraft jail servers to join in the year 2021.

In order to properly participate in jail games, players need to hunt for prison mine as soon as they join a server.

Mining on jail servers is often a reliable source of money, and it is well suited to newcomers to the game.

When players have mined and collected enough money, they will discover that they may enhance their rank, which will allow them to access other jail mines that will bring in even more money.

The top Minecraft Prison servers also provide a plethora of other features that are not limited to only mining for money.

Many other types of events and activities are available, including PvP, gangs, black market player-shops, auto mining robot slaves, and more.

Overt PvP behavior on Minecraft jail servers is something that new players should be on the lookout for.

Jail guards, who are other players that are assigned the responsibility of maintaining order in prison, may be found on several servers. In the event that a fight breaks out on the premises, this security personnel will interfere.

What do you do in Minecraft prison adventure maps?

An alternative great approach to play the game mode is to explore the prisons of Minecraft. Each prison adventure map is unique, but the basic goal is always the same: to escape from the jail and complete the map before time runs out.

An escape from jail may be accomplished in a variety of methods, most of which are dependent on the prison map being played.

Most maps, however, demand players to come up with creative solutions to difficulties that arise over the course of the voyage in order to achieve freedom.

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