Black Ops Cold War: Flak Jacket Nerf may arrive this Thursday

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has become one of the most talked-about games across all gaming platforms. Players from all across the world are swarming in to get the game and try it out. Also, the truckload of content that the Season 1 Pass has to offer, makes it almost impossible to resist downloading the game.

However, that being said the game has surely become frustrating because of certain meta setups and overpowered perks and attachments. Today we will be addressing the issues related to one such overpowered item in Black Ops Cold War.

Flak Jacket Nerf may arrive this Thursday

The perk which we will be talking about today is the Flak Jacket. You might be wondering why are we discussing it even though it received a nerf some 3 weeks ago. However, it hardly changed anything. The perk is still quite overpowered and users are complaining about it.

In a recent video tweeted by Call of Duty News @charlieINTEL we can see a player using an RPG in an attempt to eliminate an enemy. However, the player had to fire 4 RPGs back-to-back right at the enemy to kill him. That’s how ridiculously overpowered the Flak Jacket still is.

The physics simply isn’t right. For a game that is known to strive to make itself as realistic as possible, this isn’t probably the right direction. So, a serious nerf needed to be made. The Devs, fortunately, listened to the issue and we are quite sure that a nerf update will be coming soon for the Flak Jacket this Thursday.

Until then, we wish you luck against any enemy who has equipped a flak jacket. Godspeed soldiers!

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