Brawl Stars Season 7 Release Date, Character Skins & more

Updated on – June 13 (Check out the updated content at the end of this post)

Brawl Stars is a freemium game that has been garnering the attention of people from all across the world. It is an action-packed, online multiplayer shooter game that tends to become quite intense. Hence the reason why it is loved by so many players.

Currently, the game is in the 6th Season and it is being called the Gold Arm Gang. The latest season in brawl stars got along with it a ton of goodies like new brawlers, skins, maps, modes, and much more. That being said, it’s time we addressed some speculations regarding Season 7 of Brawl Stars.

In this article, we will be talking and predicting some of the details about the upcoming Season 7 of Brawl Stars. So, let’s jump right in.

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Brawl Stars Season 7 Release Date, Character Skins & more

Our team has been keeping track of the rumors, leaks, and news related to the upcoming Season 7 of Brawl Stars. We know Season 6 has been active for only a couple of days, however, we feel it’s our duty to keep you guys well informed and submit to you the latest news.

That being said, in Season 6 of Brawl Stars, a morse code was discovered embedded in the game. Yes, you read that right. In season 6 of Brawl Stars, the Tara’s Bazaar environment was re-introduced. In that, people found a set of lights blinking in morse.

tara's bazaar morse code
Image Source: Rey – Brawl Stars

The code was translated to H20, which you know, translates to water. Well, this can be taken as an indication of a sneak peek for the upcoming Season 7 in Brawl Stars.

However, as of right now we don’t have anything solid to go off to prove that this might be something bigger than just an update or a major change in the game. By far the best theory we could come up with this code is a Water Park coming around the corner in the future season of Brawl Stars.

This is supported by the fact at the end of the STU update Brawl Talk, where frank ended up saying ‘Stay Hydrated’. 

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Apart from that, we have got unconfirmed reports about a new brawler. The new Brawler is going to be Kit. Kit very well could be the next brawler in Colonel Ruffs’ family. Most of the easter eggs about kit have been memes by Dani.

Season 7 is also going to establish the connection between Belle and Colt. We also will be getting a lot of new skins in the upcoming season including the Skin for Belle which has been a reason for the hype as it contains a strand of red hair similar to that of Colt.

As of now, we have no confirmation regarding the date of release of Season 7 of Brawl Stars. The above-mentioned predictions are just theories. However, we strongly believe these easter eggs and hidden messages left by Supercell surely do indicate something which we might see in the next season.

Until then, keep on brawling, and be sure to check the Knockout mode out!

(Update – May 22)

Our team of dedicated researchers works day and night to keep you in touch with the latest information. So, it would only make sense if we update you with some leaks, rumors, and predictions about Season 7 of brawl stars as soon as we come across them.

We recently stumbled upon a thing that will help shed more light on Frank’s ‘Stay Hydrated’ comment and the morse code message – H2O. Season 7 of Brawl Stars is most likely to be named Nita’s Summer Splash. 

That would explain all the water parks-related visuals and riddles which we saw and cracked respectively in the ongoing season.

That’s all for now, we will be researching tirelessly and be on the lookout for new content.

Stay safe!

(Update – 13th June)

Season 6 of Brawl Stars is nearing its end, and participants are preparing for Season 7. According to the latest Brawl Talk, the new season would be dubbed Jurassic Splash and would mostly concentrate on the summer concept. Season 7’s patch update will be one of the largest we’ve ever had, with a slew of new content coming to the game.

buzz brawl stars
Image Source: Brawl Stars

As part of the Season 7 patch, 2 additional Brawlers will be introduced to the game. Buzz (Chromatic Brawler) is among two new Brawlers that can be obtained with the Brawl Pass. Griff (Epic Brawler), on the contrary, will be given away as a prize for completing a yet-to-be-disclosed task.

griff brawl stars
Image Source: Brawl Stars

Players that are unable to accomplish the challenge will be able to buy Griff from the Brawl Shop or get him via Brawl Boxes.
Just like every season, Jurassic Splash will introduce a fresh Brawl Pass to the game. Eager gamers may purchase the Brawl Pass for 169 Gems, which includes the new brawler Buzz as a level-up reward. Additionally, gamers may purchase the deluxe edition of Brawl Pass for 249 Gems.

Although Buzz will be accessible through Brawl Pass, Griff would be unlocked via finishing a special task.  Supercell, on the other hand, has yet to announce the challenge.

However, those who lose out on Griff would be eligible to obtain him by buying or unlocking Brawl Boxes. Supercell is also bringing 30 new skins to the game, one of the highest ever in a single patch. Also, three new game modes will debut t in the Season 7 Brawl Stars patch. These game modes are:

  • Basket Brawl
  • Volley Brawl
  • Hold the trophy

Get ready for a huge update with Season 7 of Brawl Stars.

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