Top 10 Brawlers in Knockout ‘Double Bluff’ in Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is one of Supercell’s most successful games including certain titles such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, etc. The game is already revving for the initiation of the upcoming season, Season 6, which is scheduled to start on April 12. The game is still launching new material for the current season and people across the world are teeming in to check out and enjoy the game.

Brawl Stars developed a new game mode in the latest patch updates that was launched on April 7, called Knockout. This is a very distinctive game mode and players are enjoying it as Knockout is demonstrating to be a severe battle mode that should keep you occupied.

With a new mode, players will often be looking forward to figuring out the best-suited brawlers for that particular game mode and map. Well, to help you with that process, we have brought for you a list of the top 10 brawlers for Knockout in Double Bluff.

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 Top 10 Brawlers in Knockout ‘Double Bluff’ in Brawl Stars

In the Knockout Event, there are two groups comprising of three players each. The goal is to take out the whole adversary group in a progression of best-of-3 matches. In contrast to other 3v3 Events, when a player is killed, they don’t respawn and their group needs to play without them for the rest of the round.

At the point when one group is totally killed, has fewer Brawlers remaining, or has dealt less damage than the other group, they lose that match and the following match in line starts. On the off chance that a group wins two matches, the group naturally wins.

  • 1. Bea


Bea’s Supercharged shot is indeed very hazardous to tank against because it deals a significant level of destruction that can rapidly destabilize opponents. Bea’s Super can be used to slow down the enemy to seriously injure or kill the enemy for her and her allies.

Even so, with her comparatively low health, she needs to be defended or she’ll be splatted down and destroyed by assassins.

  • 2. Bull

Image Source: Brawl Stars wiki

Bull could really take out low-health aggressor brawlers with his elevated damage close quarters. Since staying alive is essential in the game, his elevated health and T-Bone Injector Gadget are beneficial.

He could furthermore use his Super to flee. Both of Bull’s Star Powers thrive here, as Berserker could really enable him to finish off adversaries quicker when at low health, and Tough Guy provides safety when Bull needs to recover quickly and when trying to charge in. His second Gadget, the Stomper, allows for him and team members to catch up with the enemy and tends to slow the enemy down.

  • 3. Byron

ByronByron’s stacking chip destruction and his recovery end up making him pretty good support in Knockout. Byron can regenerate his allies with stacking heals, and his strikes can deal increased damage and can end up finishing off mushy Brawlers. His Super can be used to neutralize assassins or recover him and his allied forces by a significant number, immensely enhancing their sustainability.

Malaise can be used to reinforce some healing teams, and Injection could be used to penetrate a substantial number of opponents or benefit your allies and harm your enemies at the same time.

  • 4. Piper

piperPiper’s initial damage is already quite a considerable amount, and her Super enables an easy exit from assassins and heavy hitters. Piper’s Star Powers and Gadgets increase their damage and sustenance ability. Using her Ambush Star Power will boost your damage by up to 800, attempting to deal close to 3,000 damage, and her Snappy Sniping Star Power could also enable Piper to give four solid shots in short succession, dealing over 8,000 damage to opponents.

Her Auto Aimer Gadget could be used in an attempt to dodge assassins like Edgar, and Piper’s Homemade Recipe Gadget could be used to wrap up off an opponent with reduced health.

  • 5. Tick

tickTick’s increased damage and region influence are incredibly valuable in Knockout, being incredibly irritating to the opponent and exceedingly advantageous to your team. His Star Powers and his Gadgets help out anyway. Well Oiled would also enable Tick to heal from the damage he takes swiftly, and Automa-Tick Reload helps him to assault even quicker.

His Super enables him to finish off opponents at close to zero health and is a counter to assassins and heavy hitters. Mine Mania can deal far more damage, finishing off enemies that much rapidly, and the Last Hurrah facilitates him to endure assassins without even his Super and allows Tick to travel easily.

  • 6. Stu

Image Source: tech gaming report

Stu’s rapid burst strikes and his extremely quick Super charge permit him to become a highly lethal and tough-to-hit target in Knockout. His Gadget increases his and his allies’ speed perpetually as long as the turret is intact, and his Star Powers increase his survival and damage potential.

His first-star power, Zero Drag, raises his super distance by 71%, making it incredibly difficult to attack him. His second-star power, Gaso-Heal, will keep him alive when he strikes the enemy.

  • 7. Crow

best brawlers for super city rampageIrrespective of his reduced health, Crow can offer tremendous effectiveness for his squad owing to his poison mechanic. Not only would it inhibit the opponents from inevitably healing, but Crow can also use his Extra Toxic Star Power to decrease their damage that greatly enhances his team’s survival rate.

Furthermore, Crow’s second gadget, Slowing Toxin can increase the vulnerability of poisoned enemies by making it even more difficult to flee by their sluggish moves, enabling Crow and his teammates to defeat them until they get healed. The moving speed of Crow is also very fast, which allows him to quickly approach enemy brawlers or particularly escape with his Super.

  • 8. Sprout

sproutSprout’s springy missiles enable it to strike opponents while being in security, and easily knock opponents down that are assembled tight around each other. His super and gadgets are also quite beneficial. Sprout’s super could even generate a secure shield for Sprout to fight from and also to help in saving team members on the verge of death.

His gadget Plant Muncher is incredibly helpful because that can allow Sprout to keep taking a handful more knocks, to finish off the enemy and take a win. His other gadget enables him to immediately replenish his super if the plant wall is implemented in an unfavorable position, or is about to break.

  • 9. Dynamike

dynamikeConsidering the fact that Dynamike could even hit enemies over the walls, he could be used to block the routes of advancing opponent brawlers, handle a region of the map, or hit enemies from far away as well as deal huge damage with his Super Big Barrel O’ Boom.

With Demolition Star Power he can also apply additional damage a cluster of hidden brawlers, behind the bushes.

  • 10. Edgar

Image Source: Brawl Stars Wiki – Fandom

Edgar’s Super lets him leap over his opponents to kill instantly, and his Let’s Fly Gadget lets him power his Super swiftly without fighting. However, while he does not have his Super, Edgar is vulnerable to be killed by strong sharpshooters.

His Star Powers, Hard Landing, and Fisticuffs also operate well with this mode. Hard Landing will put an additional 1,000 damage to finish off opponents quicker and Fisticuffs can help him live longer when facing an enemy.

Well, this list is a compilation of some of the most efficient brawlers who are best suited for the brand-new Knockout mode in Brawl Stars. Be sure to try them out and we sure hope you are impressed by their abilities.

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