COD Mobile: 3v3 Gunfight Mode Arriving this Friday

Call of Duty: Mobile begins anew with a loaded Season of content, including a new original Multiplayer map and extensive Multiplayer game modes, new unlockable weapons, a new adrenaline-filled Battle Royale game mode, and a slew of new earnable rewards and Battle Pass content.

The future is here, and COD Mobile has refreshed its seasons with the launch of a brand-new Season One in 2021 to start with a clean slate. Today we will be discussing one such mode which the new Season has brought for us.

The gunfight mode is a mode which we are familiar with in COD Mobile. Earlier, the mode featured players of two teams, facing off in multiple rounds – the first to six points wins the game. Every two rounds a new set of random guns and equipment is chosen and all four players must use those weapons.

However, in Season 1 New Order, Activision has tweaked things a bit. The New season expands the fan-favorite multiplayer modes into more chaos with the addition of 3v3 Gunfight. In Gunfight, a third teammate creates all kinds of new possibilities for winning rounds.

The new 3v3 Gunfight mode will include two teams of three players each who will fight against each other in a Gunfight format, where each kill will provide players with a new weapon to attack.

Also, sometimes with just 2 players in a team, things were beginning to become boring. So, the addition of a third player in the Gunfight mode will surely make things interesting. The 3v3 Gunfight mode is all set to be released this Friday, i.e., on 5th February. We can hardly keep still to try out this new multiplayer mode.

Another mode which Seasons 1 New Order will be bringing for us this season, is the 20 player Attack of Undead. We can hardly keep still to try out these new multiplayer modes.

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