MAC 10 Becomes Most Popular Weapon In Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone has seen an influx of new weapons since its integration with Black Ops Cold War. The Season One update sees no fewer than 31 new weapons- and one vehicle- drop into Verdansk, and some have flown straight to the top of the Warzone meta.

According to @WZRanked, the top most used weapon by the players in the new season has been the MAC 10 SMG. This SMG was added to the game post-launch and has been adopted by many players in their Call of Duty Warzone loadouts, thanks to how much it decimates in close quarters combat.

You unlock the SMG for free when you reach Level 15 of the Battle Pass. It fires rapid shots- as is expected of a submachine gun- but has decent range and good hip fire to complement the high rate of fire. Although the SMG received a nerf in recent weeks,  the MAC 10 still shreds.

There is also a Legendary version of MAC 10 which you unlock at Level 94 of the Battle Pass. However, even if you haven’t grabbed the blueprint yet, you can find this Legendary Gallantry variant as floor loot in your Warzone matches.

You can check the weapon stats of the base weapon at Level 1 with no attachments.

Base weapon Stats

The MAC 10 is best for close encounters or 1v1. We will further update you on what best attachments to use for MAC 10 SMG in Warzone to get optimum results in-game. Stay tuned for further updates.

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