COD Mobile New Event Introduces Atlas Corporation

The Call of Duty Mobile Season One launched in late January and already it has been taking huge leaps towards reaching the top of the mobile gaming industry. The new season is loaded with content and just today, a new event has gone live!

The game, in a short span of time, has taken record-breaking strides towards success as the content of the game has always been unique and loved by the fans and Call of Duty community.

Call of Duty Mobile just went live today with the new event- ‘Fight For Humanity’, which was scheduled to release in early February. This event will continue for a week. In this event, the players have to choose a faction between Atlas Corporation and Cordis Die, and after entering the event, both the teams will have a chance to compete for the in-game prizes that are available throughout the event.COD Mobile New Event

In this event, players will have to win a certain territory in the due course of the event. The team with the most number of captured territories will win a special reward that will be exclusive to their faction only. For example, if you choose Atlas Corporation, you have the eligibility to win the Cordite- Atlas Corporation.COD Mobile New Event

Be sure to get cracking with the new event and destroy your opponents to win the new spectacular rewards the new event has to offer.

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