How to Command Colonists to Move

The success and survival of your expanding colony in RimWorld depended heavily on your ability to direct your colonists. Effectively controlling their movements, activities, and behaviors can make the difference between prosperity and pandemonium. To do this, it’s crucial to become an expert at giving orders and managing your colonists.

This article will examine the subtleties of efficiently ordering colonists to move and carry out different activities in RimWorld. Understanding how to command your colonists is a vital component of the game, from prioritizing important duties during crises to streamlining your colony’s operations during times of calm.

We’ll go through the fundamentals of choosing, managing, and organizing your colonists as well as more sophisticated strategies for dealing with certain circumstances. Check out our guide on How to command Colonists to move.

How to command Colonists to move

How to command Colonists to move

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We will explore the nuances of directing colonists to travel and carry out different chores in RimWorld in this thorough guide. We’ll go over everything you need to know to become an expert commander of your RimWorld colony, from the fundamentals of choosing and leading personnel to sophisticated methods for streamlining productivity.

STEP 1: Choosing Colonists

Giving a colonist orders begins with selecting the colonist. Simply click on the colonist you wish to command to get started. Holding down the left mouse button while dragging the cursor over the chosen colonists in RimWorld enables you to choose several colonists.

STEP 2: Giving Move Commands

The most basic and typical form of command in RimWorld is the move command. Select the colonists you wish to transport, then use the right mouse click to direct them to that spot. They will next use pathfinding to go to the destination while avoiding risks and obstacles.

STEP 3: Prioritizing Commands

Tasks and orders have a priority system in RimWorld. However, you may manually prioritize some jobs by right-clicking on them and choosing “Prioritise.” Colonists will normally prioritize chores depending on their designated priority levels. This might be helpful if you need to act quickly or when you want to make sure a specific activity is finished on time.

STEP 4: Work Assignments

In RimWorld, colonists can engage in a wide range of activities, such as cooking, building, researching, and more. By selecting the “Work” option from the “Architect” menu, you may designate particular work assignments for each colonist. Each colonist’s activities may be prioritized here, enabling you to assemble a skilled workforce specifically suited to your colony’s requirements.

For instance, you would desire a colonist with strong medical aptitude to concentrate on providing medical care while another with creative ability could focus on creating sculptures. You may make sure that your colonists are effectively filling their most important jobs by giving them stuff to do.

STEP 5: Zoning and Restricting Areas

The “Zone/Area” feature lets you restrict where your colonists can go. Using this tool, you may choose which locations are open to colonists and which are off-limits. You may, for instance, designate a “Home Area” where colonists will focus on upkeep and repair or bar them from particular locations to prevent danger or resource depletion.

Drag the “Zone/Area” tool from the “Architect” menu over the chosen area on the map to create a zone. After that, you can confine colonists to some zones or allocate them to others. When commanding colonists to concentrate on a particular activity or safeguarding your colony during emergencies, this tool is quite helpful.

STEP 6: Military Commands and Drafting

You will frequently encounter hostile forces and monsters in RimWorld. You may assemble a military army from colonists to protect your settlement. Select the colonist you want to draught, then click the “Draught” button. They enter battle mode as a result, and you may then direct them to fight foes or hide.

You may give orders to your colonists by right-clicking an opponent or target area when they have been selected. Additionally, you may utilize “Hold Fire” to stop them from firing, which is helpful if you want to place them tactically without instantly engaging in combat.

STEP 7: Taking Emergency Action

In RimWorld, emergencies frequently arise, and how you lead your colonists in these dire circumstances might be the difference between life and death. Here are some vital pointers for handling crises successfully:

Fire: In the case of a fire, designate a “Home Area” where firefighting will be prioritized. To prioritize firefighting, right-click on the fire while selecting colonists. Use “Force” when a circumstance calls for it.

Raids: Form your colonists into a fighting formation and place them in a tactical location. Coordinate the attacks of your colonists and make use of cover and barriers. Prioritize opposing snipers or melee threats as targets to hit first to reduce losses.

Medical Emergencies: Set aside a hospital room or bed where wounded colonists can receive care. Colonists with more medical expertise should be given priority to treat injured allies. Make sure your medical supply room is well-equipped with supplies and tools for treating patients.

Mental Breaks: Monitor colonists’ emotions and requirements to avoid mental breaks. Use the “Recreation” and “Joy” scheduling settings to schedule frequent rest and leisure periods. Assign colonists with strong social skills to help those who are having mental breakdowns by offering them assistance and comfort.

STEP 8: Optimizing Workflow and Efficiency

In RimWorld, you must maximize your colonists’ productivity while minimizing the wastage of time and resources. Here are some cutting-edge methods for streamlining operations in your colony:

To make unique labor schedules for your colonists, use the “Restrict” button in the “Assign” menu. To make sure your colonists are happy and don’t get too tired, schedule time for food, rest, and leisure.

Put like goods together to neatly organize your inventories. To select particular locations for various resources, like food, raw materials, and weaponry, use the “Storage” option in the “Architect” menu.

Keep an eye on your colony’s demands and periodically analyze and alter work priorities. When assigning chores, be mindful of colonists’ ability levels because more proficient colonists will do them more effectively.

Reduce colonists’ travel time by arranging work areas, sleeping quarters, and other amenities nearby. Lay design effective pathways and structures in your colony using the “Planning” tool.

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