How to Disable Children in RimWorld

Managing your colony’s population in RimWorld, an engaging and challenging survival simulation game, is essential to long-term success. Dealing with the entrance of children in their communities is one of the major difficulties that players frequently encounter.

While the future advantages of these young colonists are possible, they might also add stress and new duties. Disabling children in RimWorld can be a workable solution, whether your goal is to maintain a more concentrated and effective colony or you simply want to customize your gaming experience.

We’ll look at a number of techniques and alternatives in this article that players may use to successfully disable or reduce the number of young colonists they encounter while playing RimWorld. Let’s take a look at our guide on How to disable children in RimWorld.

How to disable children in RimWorld?

How to disable children in RimWorld
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We will examine numerous methods and solutions for deactivating kids in RimWorld in this complete article. We’ll go over everything you need to know, whether your goal is to manage your colony more smoothly and effectively or you just want to do away with the difficulties that come with having child colonists.

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STEP 1: Understanding RimWorld’s Child Colonists

It’s crucial to comprehend the mechanics and ramifications of having young colonists in your colony before delving into the techniques for disabling children in RimWorld.

kid colonists are produced via in-game activities like childbearing and kid rescue. These young immigrants offer new difficulties and possibilities. On the plus side, they may ultimately develop into useful adults who will increase the population of your colony and add to its workforce. There are drawbacks to having kids in your colony, though:

Children in the colony must be educated and cared for, which requires hiring professionals to instruct them. This may take resources and labour away from more pressing duties. Just like adults, kids use resources, including food. This can put a load on your colony’s resources, particularly during difficult times.

Children can be a risk during raids or catastrophes since they are more susceptible to harm and death. Children can have an impact on your colonists’ mental health. If a youngster is hurt or they see horrific events, they could get upset.

STEP 2: Modding RimWorld

The vibrant modding scene in RimWorld is well-known, and numerous modifications are created to satisfy the individual tastes of gamers. One such choice is for disabled children, and there are modifications available to assist you in doing this. How to do it is as follows:

First, make sure the RimWorld modding framework is installed. This may be done by using a mod manager like Mod Organiser or Steam Workshop. Next, look for modifications that restrict or disable child colonists.

Find a mod that meets your wants by perusing the ones that are offered. Child colonists may be completely eliminated by certain modifications, while their frequency or traits may be controlled by others.

Install the mod you’ve selected using your modding framework. After installation, customize the mod’s parameters to suit your needs. This may entail defining the circumstances under which kid colonists can manifest themselves or just stopping their generation.

Now that the mod has been set up and installed properly, you may play RimWorld without encountering any young colonists. To maintain compatibility when new versions of RimWorld are published, be sure to keep the mod updated.

STEP 3: In-Game Settings and Dev Mode

If you’d want to decrease or get rid of kid colonists in your colony but don’t want to utilize modifications, RimWorld has certain in-game options and developer mode settings that can help you do so:

Start a new RimWorld game as usual, selecting your favorite colonists, storyteller, and storyline. Pay close attention to the “Population” area as the scenario is being built up. By modifying the minimum and maximum age parameters, you may change the initial colonists’ age range in this area.

A greater minimum age will lessen the possibility of beginning with young colonists.  This approach just lessens the likelihood of starting with young colonists; it won’t fully eradicate them.

You can activate RimWorld’s developer mode to exert more influence over the inhabitants of your colony. To achieve this, choose “Development Mode” from the main menu‘s “Options” menu, then turn it on. By selecting the “Dev” button in the bottom-right corner of the screen while playing, you may access developer tools.

You may manually alter the game by adding or deleting colonists as necessary while developer mode is activated. You now have exact control over the racial makeup of your colony.

STEP 4: Storyteller and Difficulty Adjustments

A different strategy for dealing with young colonists in RimWorld is to choose a storyteller or difficulty level that reduces their incidence. There are several ways that different storytellers like to present specific events, including childbirth and the entrance of new colonies. Here is how to apply this technique:

Choose your chosen storyteller and difficulty level before starting a new game. Others, like Randy Random, are more unexpected. Some storytellers, like Cassandra Classic, are renowned for their balanced event creation. Select a storyteller whose narrative patterns support your effort to reduce the number of young colonists.

The difficulty parameters may be changed as well to alter the frequency of events. Keep an eye on the happenings that your selected storyteller generates while you play. Some storytellers could be less inclined to include kid-related events, which would essentially lower the number of kids living in your colony.


The dynamic gameplay in RimWorld gives players a remarkable amount of customization options, including the ability to control or disable kid colonists. You have the option of achieving this with modifications, in-game options, or storyteller choosing.

Children’s disablement can simplify colony management and offer a distinctive gaming experience. Just keep in mind that each approach has its own repercussions and might affect the difficulties you encounter in the RimWorld world as you strive to survive and flourish.

The choice to disable children in RimWorld ultimately comes down to your own tastes and playing style, so try out several strategies to see which one suits you the best.

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