How to Find buried Treasure Minecraft

Minecraft has long been regarded as one of the most popular video games in the world. The game’s popularity has steadily increased since its debut in 2009.

“Sandbox” games allow players to investigate and tinker with a wide range of possibilities.

Not simply a game to keep you amused or engaged, this is a serious endeavour.

In Minecraft, you may construct an infinite number of worlds with just the simplest of building blocks.

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In order to survive in a hazardous environment, you must utilise the tools at your disposal in the game Minecraft. The game’s predators and the surrounding environment must be taken into consideration by players.

With the “creative mode” option, players are given access to an infinite number of worlds and creative resources.

In Survivor mode, you’ll unleash your inner warrior by crafting weapons and armour to protect yourself.

Minecraft is great for kids and people of all ages since it’s so simple to get started.

Our collection of 15 amazing games like Minecraft for Android and iOS has something for everyone.

What is a Buried treasure in Minecraft?

Minecraft’s buried treasures are a kind of treasure box that can only be located via a treasure map. Once you’ve discovered a hidden treasure, you’ll get the gold Treasure Hunter and Me Achievements.

Loots may be obtained in these chests, which are located in particular Minecraft biomes.

In truth, hidden treasure chests are the sole origin of the heart of the sea. Cooked cod, iron and gold ingot, leather tunic, iron sword, TNT, prismarine crystals, and diamonds may also be found.

Treasure graphs are indeed the charts which aid to discover Buried treasure. Most of the treasure maps may be found on sunken ships.

A hidden treasure might be a fantastic reward for everybody that enjoys Minecraft. Although the game uses numerous semi-precious and valuable stones in its crafting menu, Minecraft has a habit of requiring you to travel far and wide in order to get the resources you need. However, with hidden treasures, you might locate those rare materials all in one place, ready to be discovered.

In the following segment, are the methods to obtaining one of those wonderful chests in Minecraft if you’re a new player.

How to Find buried Treasure Minecraft

Buried treasure in Minecraft is difficult to locate. Nevertheless, the idea that you can get to go out and seek treasure as in the films, makes it all the more interesting.

To uncover Minecraft’s hidden wealth, just follow the methods outlined below.

  • Step 1: Locate a shipwreck

A shipwreck is a very first item you need to locate if you want to get exceptional benefits. Storage chests on board shipwrecks and submerged ruins in Minecraft hold a wealth of useful materials.


You may get valuable stuff from these chests, but you can also use them to uncover a map of hidden wealth.

  • Step 2: Locate a treasure map

On a shipwreck, there are often three storage boxes, each carrying a unique kind of treasure, like food and armour, as well as more valuable objects like gold ingots or diamonds.

A treasure map, generally hidden within a shipwreck’s chests, is an essential component of any successful treasure hunt.

  • Step 3: Track the buried treasure on the map

It’s not uncommon in Minecraft to find a hidden treasure near the place wherever you obtained the map. As a result, the treasure is more than likely located near a beach biome if you discovered it on a shipwreck.

It’s time to examine your newly discovered hidden treasure map! If you’re not in close proximity to the treasure, you’ll notice landmasses highlighted and the ocean striped orange.

You may follow the chart and locate the site of the treasure. When you are there, you would have to discover the treasure by poking about a little.

Colours on the map fill up as you get closer to the hidden riches. Almost all of the time, you can locate these treasures on the beach or straight off the shore.

Although it’s unusual, you may locate a chest in the heart of the ocean. Having breathing and aqua affinity enchantments on your armour will ensure that you do not perish when exploring the ocean’s depths if this is the case.

  • Step 4: Continue digging

When you have a general location of the hidden treasure, all one needs to do is to dig about to uncover the real chest.

Digging around sand blocks is a must while looking for hidden riches near a beach. Once you discover the chest, all the valuable riches within is yours.

  • Step 5: Open the Chest

Upon uncovering the hidden treasure box, you will discover several precious goods that are extremely challenging to obtain from anyplace else; they may also be utilised for crafting reasons.

buried treasure Minecraft

Some precious items are usually found while digging for a hidden treasure. While iron ingots or an iron sword or some food might be ordinary objects you uncover, you can also expect to get your hands on gold, diamonds, emeralds, TNT, and even the Heart of the Sea.

Trick to Locating Treasures quickly

One strategy which we have found for discovering riches quicker is by employing Chunk Borders to locate these treasures.

Buried treasure would always emerge at the heart of the chunk.

The globe is split into pieces called chucks that aren’t visible while playing. Luckily, you can quickly switch on chunk boundaries by pressing F3 + G.

Doing so will reveal all chunks. Once you arrive close to the X on the map, switch on chunk boundaries and discover the middle blocks of the chunk.

Dig down till you discover the treasure box, then grab your prizes.

What is a Shipwreck Minecraft?

Shipwrecks are undersea formations that mimic wrecked ships.

Many shipwrecks may have monsters like drowned spawning, thus it’s wise to be careful while investigating. Furthermore, shipwrecks may spawn in a number of various places.

Within each shipwreck, you may locate up to three chests with a variety of riches. To receive a treasure map, you need to find the map chest.

They are not identified; however, this chest will be placed in the lowest area of the ship.

If there is a map chest, then there will be a 100% chance that it will contain a hidden treasure map.

Comparable to shipwrecks, you may locate ocean ruins underwater. They are a little uncommon than shipwrecks and may be rather difficult to manoeuvre through.

These buildings are located in ocean biomes and seem to resemble an underwater community.

Inside the structures of an ocean ruin, there would be chests packed with riches. Players have a 43 percent chance to locate a hidden treasure map in these chests.

Chances of Finding Treasure

  • Heart of the Sea – 100%
  • Iron Ingot – 99%
  • Gold Ingot – 88%
  • Cooked Cod – 75%
  • Cooked Salmon – 75%
  • Leather Tunic – 75%
  • Iron Sword – 75%
  • TNT – 62%
  • Prismarine Crystals – 60%
  • Diamond – 60%

Luckily, each hidden treasure includes a Heart of the Sea. This signifies that if it is missing, somebody has previously plundered the chest.

What Loots Could One Discover Inside the Buried Treasure?

Many items may be found in each Buried treasure. For example, the Iron Sword, TNT, and Emerald are all found in each of the hidden treasure chests.

In the Bedrock Edition, each hidden treasure includes goods like Chainmail helmet, Lead, Potion of Regeneration, cake and many more.

Please remember that the odds of discovering the heart of the sea are 100 percent in any hidden treasure box.

It’s possible to stumble into emeralds, nautilus shells (a very uncommon item), a diamond sword, or even a golden apple while searching for treasure maps.

How deep to Dig to find Buried Treasure Minecraft

Typically, the Buried riches aren’t concealed far beneath the blocks. Therefore, you don’t need to dig longer than five blocks to locate Buried Treasures in Minecraft.

It turns out that the X on the map is not the precise location as first thought.

It’s just a broad indication, not anything specific. Dig around that X place to acquire the Buried treasure quickly and also dig 15-18 Blocks and you would receive the Buried Treasure.

Users typically dig deeper when attempting to discover the chests, however, that is not the method one should go about it.

Unfortunately, the map doesn’t really tell you the actual height at which you are above the treasure, resulting in this error.

In order to make use of this mechanism, you need just dig a few blocks further. This will assist you to discover the prize quickly.

If everything else goes badly, you may still simply locate your treasure trove using a different method.

Moreover, it’s the simplest method of discovering the chests. Placing a TNT brick near the chest will take care of everything.

Buried Treasure may appear on the same level as the stone, but not below. You may require a Potion of Water Breathing if you wish to seek underwater.

Heart Of the Sea Minecraft

Buried treasure chests are the only location where you may locate the Heart of the Sea.

At first, they may not appear very vital, but don’t get rid of them! A Heart of the Sea is exceedingly uncommon and may be utilised to create a conduit.

Conduits are built buildings that grant a range of underwater bonuses, comparable to beacons.

With a conduit accessible, one would have water breathing, night vision, and haste when underwater.


1. What is the simplest method to discover treasure in Minecraft?

Even though the procedure of discovering a map and pursuing it to the loot the map reveals isn’t all that difficult if you really want to bypass all of that there is also a quicker method to locate the wealth.

That might be a touch of a hack but if you just put in /locate buried treasure, the game would let you know where the closest chest is.

2. Can Minecraft hidden treasure be underwater?

Yes, people can locate hidden wealth underwater. Beach biomes are where buried riches are most likely to appear.

3. Can buried treasure lie beneath gravel?

Yes, you may locate hidden wealth beneath gravels or rocks. Since the Buried treasure is planned to be formed beneath the sand, clay, gravel, coral, etc. based on the biomes.

4. Do dolphins help uncover treasure in Minecraft?

Dolphins can assist you to discover the closest wreckage if you offer them raw cod or raw salmon. You may utilise a treasure map and look for the prize box.

5. Is there more than one treasure map in Minecraft?

There are three treasure maps in Minecraft. The ocean, woods, and hidden treasure maps.

The very first two maps may be acquired from a cartographer. Simultaneously, you have to seek the buried treasure map in a shipwreck and submerged ruins.

6. Can buried treasure not spawn?

The hidden riches initially hatched on their own. But if you switch off the “generate structures” choice in your setup you would not be allowed to uncover treasure boxes.

One issue that might make it look like the treasure boxes don’t really appear is if you have a map from one edition and attempt to discover the treasure in a separate edition.

Due to the landscape alterations, the treasure will really not be positioned where the map depicts

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