How to find villagers in Minecraft

Everything we thought we understood about MMOs has been flipped on its head by the arrival of Minecraft.

Unimaginable that in a society where murder and pain are commonplace, the desire to create and explore is strong.

Because of its wide range of applications, this fundamental idea has become a classic. Use as many materials as your heart desires in the creative mode.

When challenged by an invading monster, you have two options: construct a castle or equip yourself with a powerful weapon.

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There are various advantages to working together. For co-op, it’s possible to play alone on the same server.

The game’s content was constantly being updated.

Players may adjust the game’s code to change how it is played. Only Minecraft may therefore be used as a benchmark.

The game may be played on a variety of devices. You may utilise the following methods to help you achieve your goal.

There are a number of popular gaming consoles out there like the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Xbox One, and Raspberry Pi (a microcomputer on a board).

A cubic metre of bricks may be used to interact with your environment in Minecraft. There is a wide range of concerns that fall under the umbrella of ecology.

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Villagers in Minecraft

The simplest and most straightforward way of finding villagers in Minecraft is locating villages altogether.

You should be overjoyed whenever you discover a village in Minecraft, right? In return for valuables, the locals in the village are friendly and often exchange goods with you. When you find a Village, you’ll be able to reap a variety of benefits.

Minecraft villagers are pleasant mobs that are located in villages and have occupations inside them. The look of the villagers will change based upon their employment.

Players may barter with villagers utilizing emeralds and other commodities. Trading with villagers may provide the gamer with a variety of great items.

There are thirteen distinct sorts of villagers in Minecraft. Each villager has a separate profession, and players may interact with each of these villagers.

How to find villagers in Minecraft

A Village is a set of structures that you may find naturally in the overworld. They frequently have Villagers, Iron Golems, cats, animals, merchants, and more.

Affiliating with the Villagers would enable you to trade with them cheaper than normal, and you won’t be injured by the Iron Golems.

Whereas a Village is easy to notice from far away, you ought to travel a lot to find one, since they’re randomly formed.

Method 1: Exploring

The easiest approach to locate a Village if you’re playing in Survival Mode is to simply travel and explore. Villages are arbitrarily created in the overworld, so there’s no rhyme or reason as to where they emerge. This is supposing you’re competing without a global seed, of course.

When travelling and exploring, you would want to find a lofty position and gaze about.

High ground enables you to gaze over mountains, and you just may find a Village that way. The greater your draw distance, the farther away you can view.

If you don’t have a really good computer and can’t preset draw lengths too high, don’t panic. Utilizing high ground is still preferable to traversing mountains and hills by foot or bicycle.

Standing up aloft, you could observe some odd forms and buildings. If you notice them, verify the direction and travel over there – those forms and structures are probably Villages.

Method 2: Minecraft Seed

A seed is a code that instructs the game on what to build while producing a world. Whereas the precise specifics could differ, every seed frequently includes a distinct location or feature, such as Villages and Pyramids.

The kind of Village also varies with every single seed you utilise.

Finding seeds online is the first step in using them. Once you have a seed you like, create a fresh game in Minecraft and input the seed. Getting to the Village you imagined may travel some time and effort, but you’ll finally find it.

Certain seeds, like 8638613833825887773, contain two Villages on each side of the desert.

Forest villages near mountains may be found in places like 1777181425785. Every seed is distinct from the other, thus there will always be a fresh world to discover for you.

One of the two most easy methods to go to a Village is by using seedlings or plants. It also offers the advantage of having the Villages at set positions.

Method 3: Minecraft Village Finder

It’s understandable if you’re hesitant about the effectiveness of a third-party programme such as the Minecraft Village Finder in helping you locate a Village.

To learn how to utilise the Minecraft Village Finder, go to the following instructions.

  • Step 1: Explore the Minecraft Village Finder’s website.

  • Step 2: Find your current world’s seed.

Discover the seed of your present world by entering “/world seed.”

  • Step 3: Use the Minecraft Village Finder to locate the seed.

The chart should update and users may discover the coordinates of the nearest Village to them.

  • Step 4: Start heading to the Village.

Sounds very easy to accomplish. If you have a large enough region to search for, it will find up hundreds of Villages where you may sow your seed.

The website allows you to zoom in and out, and it provides you with the GPS coordinates for each of the Villages.

Coordinates in Minecraft may be enabled, so all you have to do is travel to the coordinates and the Village will be there to greet you when you arrive.

The Minecraft Village Finder operates with all editions of Minecraft. You merely need to alter the option on the page to make sure you’re utilising the appropriate seed.

Alternatively, one can find themselves in a lava hole rather than a Village.

Method 4: Locate Command

Command: “/locate Village” . This command applies on all Minecraft editions, like:

  • Console Edition
  • Java Edition
  • Bedrock Edition
  • Pocket Edition
  • Windows 10 Edition
  • Education Edition

All one must do to utilize this command is, enter “/locate Village” without quotation marks into the chatbox.

The command would tell you the coordinates to the closest Village. Now all users need to do is to get over there and start trading.


Below you can find a list of biomes in which the villages of Minecraft spawn.

  • Dessert
  • Plains
  • Sunflower plains
  • Savanna
  • Snowy taiga
  • Snowy taiga hills
  • Snowy tundra
  • Taiga
  • Taiga hills

Minecraft: How to generate villagers

If users wish to build a Village near their base, there are a few methods of doing so. The quickest one would be to generate a few Villagers utilizing instructions, however, if you want to do it the old-fashioned way, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Construct some dwellings for the Villagers.

  • Step 2: Ensure there are beds

Ensure there are beds within for the game to record it as a home.

There are three methods to generate a villager in Minecraft, involving creating villagers naturally, curing a zombie villager and conjuring a villager from scratch.

Depending on the version you are running, pick the best approach to generate a villager in the game.

Method 1: Natural Generation

Users may encounter organically produced villagers in NPC villages. Minecraft explorers ought to discover and find the way to these natural villages to catch a villager.

A natural community will contain all occupations and talented employees of these vocations. To grow the number of villagers, you may learn how to breed villagers in Minecraft.

Method 2: Curing Zombie Villager

Minecraft’s zombie villagers are a unique kind of the game’s regular villagers. These zombie villagers are the diseased counterparts of regular villagers who have been converted into zombies.

Nevertheless, you may still heal them to have a regular villager. The essential supplies to cure a zombie villager include a Golden Apple and a Potion of Weakness.

Method 3: Summoning Villagers

Gamers in Java Edition may fetch a villager in a vacant village quickly by utilizing the in-game command. What is the command to generate a village in Minecraft?

This is the /summon command. You simply need to write it while running the game by hitting T on PC, D-pad on the console, the chatbox button on Android.

Upon accessing the chat window, copy and paste the command inside. Ensure that you activate the cheat mode in the game setup.

How to find a Village in Minecraft Survival

In Survival Mode, there’s no specific technique to find the next Minecraft village: you simply need to begin wandering any of the aforementioned biomes that you come across

Just make sure that you have structures turned on in the world settings, as this will assist you in locating villages from higher grounds.

Big plain biomes are probably the locations where you are highly likely to find villages in Minecraft Survival.

However, as of now, there is no such way of pinpointing the nearest village in Minecraft Survival.

Method 1: Climbing and looking

The simplest approach to acquire extra height and search for a settlement in the distance is by mounting a high point and peering into the distance.

It helps if the user modifies the Draw Distance in the Display Settings of Minecraft. By expanding the draw distance, items further off the map can be seen to the player rather readily.

Method 2: Using Commands

Nevertheless, the quickest method to locate a settlement in Minecraft is by typing a line of code in the game’s console. The console may be brought up by hitting the ” ~ ” on the keyboard.

Type /locate village, this would reveal the town’s precise position and coordinates on the game screen so the player may get to it relatively quickly.


1. How to get villagers to spawn in Minecraft

To produce villagers in Minecraft, gamers would have to establish a mini-village and expand it first. After that, they’ll have to erect a makeshift shelter complete with a bed.

For the time being, gamers would have to wait for the village resident to fall asleep on the bed. Users should then proceed to expand the village by constructing more cottages with numerous sleeping areas.

More villagers would follow, and if the player acquires a bell, they may ring it to invite further villagers to the location. To build a single village home, you’ll need 59 planks, 3 glass blocks, 1 wooden door, 20 pieces of wood, and 1 bed.

2. Is There a Village throughout Each Minecraft World?

Yes, each Minecraft universe has a village. A Village is likely to be found around the spawn place in Java Edition, with a 50% probability. However, the odds are 66.67 percent for Bedrock Edition.

Although you may not locate one right away, there is a Village in every globe. In order to find the nearest village, utilise the Minecraft Village Finder.

3. How to discover villages in Minecraft

There are numerous villagers to be found when you arrive at a village according to the Minecraft tutorial on how to generate them.

You may use the /locate Village command or an online village locator like Chunkbase to rapidly locate a nearby village in Minecraft.

Entering the seed of your planet and selecting the “Village” app label is all it takes for players to utilise this app.

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