Fix: Dark Oak Sapling not Growing in Minecraft

We know you’re a Minecraft enjoyer struggling to turn a dark oak sapling into a tree, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. Dark oak saplings have unique growth requirements that can be difficult to meet.

However, with our inventive and practical advice, you can resolve the problem and watch your sapling grow into a mighty, dark oak tree. Our article today will help you tackle this dilemma once and for all, so keep reading!

Why is Dark Oak sapling not growing 

Short answer: Dark Oak sapling may not be growing in Minecraft due to a lack of space, inadequate lighting, or obstruction by surrounding blocks. It may also be due to being in the wrong biome or simply needing more time to grow.

Fix: Dark Oak sapling not growing 

We’re here to assist you in tackling this problem with our expert guidance! Just follow the simple yet effective steps we have prepared for you, and you’ll be well on your way to resolving the issue in no time.

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Method 1: Examine the surrounding blocks

Obstruction of space is one of the most common causes of dark oak sapling growth problems. Dark oak saplings, unlike other saplings, require a 2×2 area to grow.

Hence, there should be no blocks within two spaces of your sapling in all four directions. Check if any blocks are impeding your sapling’s growth.

You can break them or move your sapling to a more open area.

Method 2: Ensure Adequate Lighting

Lighting is another important aspect of the development of Dark Oak seedlings. They require at least a light intensity of 9 to grow. This means that the space around your sapling should be well-lit, especially if it is underground.

To check the light level, press F3 to bring up the debug screen and look for the light level value in the bottom right corner.

If the light level is less than 9, consider installing torches or other light sources around your sapling.

Dark oak sapling not growing in mc

Method 3: Allow Enough Space

Because dark oak trees grow tall, you must allow adequate vertical space for your sapling to develop into a full-grown tree.

If the sapling is planted in a confined space or underground, it will not be able to reach its full potential.

Consider transferring your sapling to a more open spot where it can grow freely.

Method 4: Check Soil Quality

The soil must be suitable for the sapling to grow. The ideal soil for Dark Oak saplings is coarse dirt or dirt blocks, so ensure that your sapling is planted in the right type of soil.

Method 5: Give it some time

Your sapling can take up to four Minecraft days to mature into a tree, which is quite common. If you don’t see any growth after a few days, make sure your sapling has enough space and light.

If everything is in order, the sapling should continue to grow.

Method 6: Eliminate Obstacles

Make sure no barriers are preventing the growth of your sapling. Blocks, high grass, and other potential growth-inhibiting objects are included in this.

Check the surroundings of your saplings very carefully.

Method 7: Make use of the Bone Meal

If you want to accelerate the growth of your Dark Oak tree, you can use bone meal. Bone meal is an item that helps plants grow quickly, including saplings.

To use bone meal on your sapling, right-click on it while holding the bone meal.

This will transform your sapling into a full-grown tree. Remember that bone meal is not always effective and should be used sparingly.

Method 8: Examine the Biome

Dark Oak trees only grow in specific biomes, including roofed forests, dark forests, and their variants. A Dark Oak sapling planted outside of these biomes will not grow.

To determine your biome, press F3 to bring up the debug screen and look for the “Biome” value.

If you are not in a Dark Oak-friendly biome, you can move your sapling to a suitable biome or change your biome using creative mode.

Method 9: Examine the server’s growth options

If you’re on a multiplayer server, the server’s growth parameters may prohibit the Dark Oak seedling from developing. Some servers feature plugins or mods that change the game’s growth mechanisms.

Check with the server administrator to see whether these plugins or mods are enabled.

Method 10: Evaluate the Redstone Mechanisms 

Redstone processes can occasionally obstruct your sapling’s development. Disable any Redstone devices near your sapling to see if this resolves the problem.

Alternatively, you might relocate it far away from any Redstone systems.

Method 11: Construct an artificial canopy over your sapling

An unconventional solution to this problem is to use an axe to construct an artificial canopy over your sapling. By building it above your sapling, you may shield it from the sun and provide it with the shade it requires to flourish.

To make a canopy, use logs or boards to build a roof over the sapling.

Method 12: Collecting a sapling using the silk touch tool

By collecting a sapling from a naturally produced Dark Oak tree with a silk touch tool, you may ensure that the sapling you are planting has a greater chance of developing into a healthy and full-sized tree.

Final Words

In conclusion, growing a Dark Oak sapling in Minecraft requires a bit of patience and attention to detail. By making sure the sapling has enough space and lighting, waiting for it to grow naturally, and using bone meal in moderation, you can successfully grow a Dark Oak tree.

Remember to check the biome and give the sapling enough time to grow before giving up. With a little effort and creativity, you’ll have a towering Dark Oak tree in no time.

With this, we conclude our helpful guide and hope that some of the strategies we discussed today got your issue fixed. We guarantee you that the rest of our articles are also worth reading.

Follow us for more fascinating gaming news and guides, and until next time, stay safe and keep gaming.

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