How to get Past the Bouncer in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a famous agricultural simulation game about crop care and animal breeding. Apart from its peaceful aura, there is a casino, which provides a variety of intriguing activities such as blackjack and slot machines.

 Getting inside this casino, however, is nearly impossible, as the bouncer who guards the door is one of the most significant barriers to entry into the casino. Don’t worry, though.

In this article, we’ll show you how to sneak past the bouncer in Stardew Valley and eventually reach the fantasy casino. So, if you’re ready to step up your farming game and try something new, read on!

How to get past the bouncer in Stardew Valley

Step 1: Fix the bus

To get past the bouncer or even reach the casino area, you must first fix the bus at the bottom left corner of the map. This task requires you to collect specific items scattered throughout the game world.

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Gather ten hardwood, twenty fiber, and one battery pack to repair the bus. You can obtain hardwood by chopping down trees using an axe, while fiber can be gathered by cutting down grass and bushes

The battery pack is a rare item that you can find in locations such as abandoned buildings or treasure chests.

After collecting these items, simply interact with the bus to repair them, and boom! You have now unlocked a new area of Stardew Valley.

You can now access other previously inaccessible locations and, of course, meet the bouncer. It is a challenging but rewarding task that requires you to gather resources and exercise strategic thinking.

Step 2: Meet Mr. Qi

As you repair the bus and progress through the game, you will meet Mr. Qi, an enigmatic figure, and don’t worry, he’s not as mean as the bouncer. 

He is someone you must meet to get past the bouncer. You can find him in the newly unlocked area, and he will assign you to complete the Wild Goose Chase, a series of challenges.

The Wild Goose Chase is a series of trials that you must perform to earn Mr. Qi’s trust. These tasks may require you to acquire rare items, beat challenging foes, or complete various tasks.

As you complete the challenges, you will earn points that will be combined to determine your overall progress. After completing all of the trials, you will have established your worth to Mr. Qi and will be allowed entry to the casino.

We think that Mr. Qi is a strange figure that lends an aura of mystery to the game, and as you go through the Wild Goose Chase, we know that you will be anxious to understand more about him and his reasons.

Step 3: Obtain the Rainbow Shell

The Wild Goose Chase challenges you to find a Rainbow Shell and carry it to the train platform. This might be a little difficult, as rainbow shells are uncommon and are only found at the beach during the summer.

You may have to look for one for a few days, but we assure you that your determination will pay off.

Once you have the Rainbow Shell, you must carry it to the train station and insert it in the box on the right side. This step may appear very simple, but you must be mindful not to insert the shell in the wrong box, or you will fail.

This phase emphasizes the value of dedication and perseverance to achieve in the game, and we know you can do it.

Step 4: Obtain ten beets and place them in the mayor’s refrigerator

As part of the Wild Goose Chase, you must fulfill the second task, which requires you to collect ten beets and place them in the mayor’s refrigerator.

This task requires strategic thought and smart resource management from your side. You’ll first need to travel the desert to find Sandy, and then make sure you have everything you need to buy the rare seeds.

Then you’ll have to devote your energy to planting and nurturing the beets until they reach maturity. Finally, you must deliver the beets to the mayor’s residence to finish the task.

Step 5: Collect the Solar Essence and give the Sand Dragon his last meal

And finally, we are at the last challenge of the wild goose chase. To complete it, you must collect a unique item known as the Solar Essence and use it on the bones of the Sand Dragon in the desert.

This, our friend, is the final responsibility that Mr. Qi has assigned to you, and you have to accomplish it to get past the bouncer.

Finding the Solar Essence may take some time because it is rare. To get the Solar Essence, we suggest that you try mining for it in the deeper levels of the mines or fighting particular monsters.

Once you have the Solar Essence, go to the desert and use it on the bones of the Sand Dragon to complete the final challenge.

This task may appear daunting but don’t give up. The difficulties you will experience while finishing it will give you a greater sense of accomplishment.

Step 6: Obtain the Club Card and blast past the bouncer

After completing Mr. Qi’s Wild Goose Chase, you will get a last message from him with the highly anticipated Club Card, which you highly deserve.


This card is the key to pushing the bouncer and enjoying the fun that the casino has to offer. Ensure that you have the Club Card to avoid being bombed by the bouncer.

He is going to see your Club Card and will attentively examine 

it. If everything checks out, he will let you into the casino. 

Voila! You are now in the casino of Stardew Valley, where you can enjoy games such as blackjack and slot machines.

There are also numerous prizes and benefits available to hardworking gamers like you who play in the casino, making it a valuable investment of time and effort.

With this, we conclude our helpful guide and hope that you are able to get past the bouncer. We guarantee you that the rest of our articles are also worth reading. 

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