(2023) How to power Xbox One without brick

A powerful gaming system, the Xbox One provides excellent gaming opportunities. However, it cannot be accessed to power the console if the power brick is broken. How to power an Xbox One without a brick is demonstrated in this article.

An Xbox’s Brick or Power Brick is a transformer that provides current to the game system. The Xbox gaming accessories and documentation are included. However, even though it is crucial in powering Xbox, it may survive up to 10 years without a break.

The fact that a power brick is essential for delivering power causes problems for many customers who have a tendency to misplace the brick.

If all you want to do is visit the Microsoft Store to get a power brick, you won’t be let down. Although Microsoft sells one, it is more difficult to use and more expensive. Here is our guide on How to power Xbox One without brick. So, let’s get started.

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How to power Xbox One without brick

Short Answer: You can use your Xbox One without a power brick, yes. You don’t need the brick because the console has a built-in power source. But you’ll need the power brick if you want to utilize an Xbox One controller with a computer.

According to sources, the Xbox One can function for ten years without having to be turned on. The PS4 is compact and stylish, but it has a lot of power. On the other hand, compared to its smaller predecessors, it is considerably bigger and more functional.

Perhaps Xbox Power Brick will become orange. The machine is in standby mode, as shown by this. You won’t be able to switch on the machine since it isn’t getting enough electricity. Unplugging the power source and waiting 10 minutes will solve this issue. The power supply will be reset as a result.

As an Xbox power cord, a few different items can be utilized. Utilizing the Xbox’s included power cable is one method. Utilizing an Xbox-compatible power cable is an additional choice.

  • Method 1: System Reset Xbox One

The brick might not function if your Xbox has been corrupted. In this situation, you will have to restart your system. First, pick the “settings” option by clicking the Xbox icon. Then choose “Console Info” and “Reset Console.” After that, simply select “Reset and erase everything” to finish.

It turns out that if your Xbox One won’t switch on, you should first try performing a power supply reset. It may be extremely helpful to reset the power supply so that it can empty its capacitors. Although it could appear challenging to accomplish so, this is actually the most straightforward method that can be applied to help you solve the problem.

To reset the power supply, just disconnect your Xbox from the socket and unhook the console’s cords. After completely disconnecting your power source, you should leave it in place for a while. The orange light on your power supply ought to go.

  • Method 2: Try unplugging the cable

Simple steps may be taken to power the Xbox One without a brick. It is crucial to understand that using your smartphone without a brick is difficult. The brick must first be fixed or replaced.

If you can’t find one right away, you can unhook the cord that connects to the game console or brick. Once it stops making noise, partially insert the cord into the adapter. Then, while checking to see if the orange light on the power supply goes on, lightly jiggle the plug. In that case, you can restart the console.

  • Method 3: Try YCCSKY power brick

Even if it’s obvious why you shouldn’t visit Microsoft to get a new brick, you might be unsure of the benefits of picking YCCSKY’s version in particular.

The primary incentive to purchase from YCCSKY is the fact that it runs noticeably quieter than any other power brick available, both official and third party, in addition to having the top user reviews of all the third-party bricks.

The fact that YCCSKY has been able to solve this issue is a major thing because the original’s loudness may have been its worst design defect.

The manufacturer was also able to enhance the cooling fan’s design and effectiveness, which means that the gadget will overheat less frequently and live longer as a consequence, making this version your best option.

If possible, you should try to avoid often replacing the Xbox One’s power brick, therefore purchasing from YCCSKY gives you the best opportunity for a lengthy power supply life cycle.

  • Method 4: Enhance the ventilation system

The temperature of your Xbox One brick may cause it to operate strangely at times. To fix this problem, you must first power off your Xbox and maintain your console in a cool location with good air circulation. Turn on your Xbox after waiting for around an hour.

  • Method 5: Examine any power variations

The power brick was made expressly to protect your expensive console from power fluctuations in your main supply, thus it won’t let power through if your main supply is having issues. Contact your utility company as soon as possible if you think you’re having power fluctuations as only they can bring your electricity back to normal.

You may also unplug power-hungry devices from your main power supply. Check the lights in your house to see if there are any power fluctuations. Bulb flickering and shut-off are possible during severe power outages.

That’s it with our today’s article on (2022) How to power Xbox One without brick. Do try all the sections and tell us your favorite. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming coverage.

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