Fix: HyperX NGENUITY not detecting keyboard

Last updated on February 26th, 2022 at 01:05 am

HyperX NGENUITY is a feature-rich and easy-to-use program for customizing your appropriate HyperX software.

Configure button bindings, script and save macros, and tweak lighting; HyperX NGENUITY offers you as much flexibility as you desire. The software additionally includes a collection of presets, so you can simply select one to install and hop right into the action.

You should really be able to change the lights on every one of your supported Hyperx items using your Hyperx Ngenuity software.

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If it’s not enabling you to make tweaks, store profiles, or there are other concerns, then what’s the sense in having a customized product in the first place.

When using Hyperx products, you really would like to get the most from them and be able to change amongst different lighting displays and patterns at any time.

Regrettably, in certain cases, the Hyperx Ngenuity software isn’t operating as intended or at all, therefore we’re going to go over how to fix that right now.

Why is HyperX NGENUITY not detecting keyboard

HyperX Ngenuity not detecting keyboard because the software isn’t optimized well and has yet to support all the available HyperX devices in the market.

Well, the HyperX ngenuity software is not the best-optimized software out there.

Time and again customers have become angry with the program not detecting their devices and frequently spoiling the entire experience of using a HyperX device.

Similarly, to no surprise, the ngenuity software is now not detecting the keyboard as hoards of people take to social media platform to share their problems and issues.

We realize how frustrating it may be. That is why this section will focus on how to fix the HyperX ngenuity not detecting keyboard problems.

Fix: HyperX ngenuity not detecting keyboard

Method 1: Troubleshooting

Occasionally users need to begin with the fundamentals of troubleshooting to ensure it’s not anything simple to repair when your hyperx keyboard software is not functioning or other Hyperx product:

  • Step 1: Different USB port

Try connecting the device to a different USB port and seeing whether it now appears. If feasible, utilize a USB 3.0 port.

  • Step 2: Check USB Hubs

Check to determine if any USB hubs or KVM switches are creating problems.

  • Step 3: Restart the system

Restart the system so it all begins afresh and everything that has crashed receives a reset.

Inspect whether other peripheral device programs are conflicting or detecting the device, it may have to be deactivated.

It is recommended that you use the Microsoft shop to get the most recent version of HyperX Ngenuity software.

Method 2: Check Product Compatibility

If you updated your Hyperx Ngenuity software or it auto-updated, then perhaps you’re utilizing equipment that is no longer covered by the latest software. See whether your device is supported by this list.

If your device isn’t listed, you’ll need to go back to a previous edition of the program and think about replacing your hardware in the near future.

Always download this older version if you can’t locate your product; if you are using this edition with the latest software, then you may lose out on updated bug patches or upgrades.

Method 3: Check for incompatible software

Make sure you don’t have any incompatible software packages installed that are interfering with Hyperx Ngenuity’s software.

Software that inhibits cheating in games may meddle in general.

Examine any additional program you had downloaded that handles your hardware devices. If you really need to run these apps, then you might have to deactivate them while not in use.

Method 4: Verify newly added Hardware and Software

Have you lately downloaded any fresh hardware or software? If you have anything new on your system, it could be conflicting with your HyperX Ngenuity software and leading it to stop working, therefore you should remove it to see if the problem is resolved.

Then you’ll have to study online and see if there are some patches or any new software/patches to remedy the problem with the mismatched software or hardware.

Method 5: Uninstall Hyperx Ngenuity software

Rather than updating your Hyperx Ngenuity software to get it functioning, users could indeed perform a complete uninstall and also get rid of any %AppData% that is being left behind.

By utilizing this method rather to upgrading, you can be sure that no old files or % AppData % are conflicting with your new installation and that no previous configuration is creating issues.

The easiest way to remove HyperX Ngenuity Software is to right-click on it, choose “uninstall,” and then proceed to follow the on-screen instructions.

Go over to your search box, enter %AppData%, then seek anything to do with Ngenuity or Hyperx and remove all the folders containing those names.

Any Hyperx Ngenuity registry items may be removed by typing regedit into the same search box, then going to the HKLMSoftware directory and deleting anything that says Hyperx and/or Ngenuity.

When completely removed, restart your pc and then install the newest version of the Hyperx Ngenuity application that matches your hardware.

Method 6: Reinstall Operating System

Hyperx Ngenuity software may not operate if you’ve made too many modifications or messed up the installation process by upgrading or removing software components or performing software upgrades.

It’s time to contemplate a full reset of your OS and reinstall all software.

If you’ve partitioned your hard drive and installed your operating system on a separate partition, a reinstall should be simple and not need the creation of any additional backups.

Many users have noticed that after too many alterations, notably hardware and software updates, the Hyperx Ngenuity software fails, which would be a lack in the software to manage modifications, but users have to get around it.

Method 7: Reach out to Customer Support

If your software is still not functioning, then we believe it is time to call in the backup;

The Hyperx Ngenuity software support staff may be reached through email or phone if all else fails. Information to contact the support staff may be found on their official website.

Further troubleshooting will be performed, and you’ll be guided through the process of getting your system and hardware back up and running properly.

If there is a problem or other issue, then they may record it with their research team to be distributed in a future software update.

Hyperx Ngenuity software may not operate, therefore you should return your hardware for a refund if they can’t. It’s wasteful to own anything that doesn’t work.


That is all there is to know the HyperX Ngenuity not detecting keyboard issues.

Be sure to follow the steps and methods mentioned above to resolve the issue temporarily while the developers work to make the software better and remove all bugs and glitches.

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