Can you Play Pixelmon on XBOX (Not Directly, Workarounds)

Minecraft is a Lego-inspired role-playing video game where you may design and construct your universe from scratch.

Players of the popular sandbox game, rejoice! With the help of primary school students, we’ve compiled this list of 15 Amazing Games like Minecraft for you.

A wide range of platforms and devices may be used to play this game simultaneously. Some popular gaming consoles are the PlayStation, Wii, Xbox, PC, smartphone, iPad, and Raspberry Pi.

In this article, we will discuss how to get Pixelmon on Xbox. You can just stick to the article’s end to learn more about running Pixelmon on Xbox.

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Can you play Pixelmon on Xbox

Unfortunately, you cannot directly play Pixelmon on Xbox due to a few limitations:

Mods are not officially supported on Xbox: Minecraft Bedrock Edition on Xbox currently doesn’t allow installing mods like Pixelmon directly within the game.

Pixelmon requires the Java version of Minecraft: Pixelmon is designed for the Java edition of Minecraft, which is not compatible with Xbox. Xbox runs Bedrock Edition, a different version of the game.

Well, don’t worry, there are ways for Xbox players to enjoy a Pixelmon-like experience:

How to get Pixelmon on Xbox

Disclaimer: While the methods/ steps below outline installing Pixelmon-like features on Xbox, it’s important to note:

Pixelmon is not officially supported on Xbox and using these methods may be against the Terms of Service.

Downloading third-party files carries potential risks like malware or viruses.

The experience may not be perfect and could have bugs or limitations.

Step 1: Install Necessary Applications

  • Install MC Addon Manager: Use your Xbox remote, press ‘Y’ to open the search bar, type in “MC Addon Manager,” and install the app.
  • Ensure Minecraft is Installed: You should already have Microsoft Edge and Minecraft on your Xbox.

Step 2: Download Pixelmon Mod Files

  • Visit Open Microsoft Edge on your Xbox and go to “”.
  • Find Project Pixelmon: On the website, look for “Project Pixelmon” and scroll to find the download links.
  • Download Resource and Behavior Packs: Click on the provided links for the Resource MCpack and the Behavior MCpack. You’ll be redirected to complete a simple step for free access and then to Mediafire for downloading.

Step 3: Import the Packs into Minecraft

  • Open MC Addon Manager: After downloading, open MC Addon Manager on your Xbox.
  • Import Packs: Click on ‘Import’ and locate the Project Pixelmon files (RES and BEH MCpacks) to install them into Minecraft.

Step 4: Set Up Minecraft for Pixelmon

  • Restart Minecraft: Ensure Minecraft is closed before opening it again for a fresh start.
  • Create a New World: In Minecraft, click on ‘Play’ and create a new world. Make sure to enable ‘Experimental Gameplay’.
  • Activate the Mods: In the world creation menu, go to ‘Resource Packs’ and ‘Behavior Packs’, find ‘My Packs’, and activate the Project Pixelmon packs.
  • Finish World Creation: Complete the setup and start your world with the mods enabled.

How to get Pixelmon on PS4

Step 5: Enjoy Pixelmon

  • Choose Your Starter Pokémon: Upon entering the world, you’ll be prompted to choose a starter Pokémon.
  • Explore New Features: Enjoy over 40 different Pokémon, new mechanics, custom auras, and various other features recreated for the Bedrock Edition

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