Must-Try 15 Roblox Superhero Games (2024)

Roblox is changing with every passing day. Presently, thousands of people are enjoying and generating material. Well, they should be, since no one else offers a community as Roblox does. Hundreds of engaged gamers across the globe access the application and compete on multiple devices such as PC, cellphones, tablets, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, and others on the Roblox Studio app, which enables users to both participate and develop their original games. Based on their choices, you may be either a creator or a player.

You may enjoy a range of computer games while evading all of the amazing dreams that you’d want to prevent in an online game thanks to Roblox’s wonderful scene builder. This opens up a world of options for anybody trying to enjoy themselves.

Roblox provides plenty for everybody, since everybody there seems to have various gameplay preferences. Superheroes have always thrilled us, irrespective of our age. So, in this article, we will be talking about some of the best Superhero games in Roblox for you guys to enjoy.

Best Roblox Superhero Games

1. Marvel and DC Dawn of Heroes

Immerse yourself in the ultimate crossover experience, where Marvel and DC heroes collide. Choose from an extensive roster of characters like Superman and Spider-Man, and engage in epic battles. This game boasts a massive player base, ensuring dynamic and thrilling gameplay sessions.

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marvel vs dc dawn

2. Marvel Infinity

Dive into the Avengers world with Marvel Infinity. This PvP-centric game lets you embody iconic Marvel superheroes, complete with stunning power animations and intense battles, making you feel like a true part of the Marvel universe.

marvel infinity

3. Iron Man Simulator 2

Fulfill your dream of being Tony Stark in Iron Man Simulator 2. With 20 unique Iron Man suits, each featuring distinct UIs and abilities, this game offers a detailed and immersive Iron Man experience.

iron man flight simulator

4. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Swing into the world of Spider-Man, where you can don the famous suit, use spider senses, and web-swing across a large city. This game captures the essence of Spider-Man’s adventures in a fun, interactive way.

5. Super Hero Life 2

A unique blend of combat and role-playing, Super Hero Life 2 allows you to create your superhero, complete quests, and engage in battles or roleplay with friends, offering a diverse gaming experience.

super hero life

6. Age of Heroes

Choose your path as a hero or villain in this immersive game. With a focus on character customization and development, Age of Heroes offers a detailed world where your choices shape your journey.

age of heroes

7. Super Hero Tycoon

Build and manage your superhero base in Super Hero Tycoon. As you progress, upgrade your base and gear to become the most formidable hero or compete against others in multiplayer mode.

8. My Hero Academia Online

Inspired by the popular anime, this game lets you explore a world where you can develop your unique powers (‘quirks’) and choose to be a hero or villain in an expansive, interactive environment.

my hero academia

9. Dragon Ball Online Generations

For Dragon Ball fans, this game offers an authentic experience where you can train your character, learn iconic moves, and battle through various sagas from the series.


10. Heroes of Robloxia

Embark on missions and battle villains in Heroes of Robloxia. With a selection of heroes each possessing unique abilities, teamwork and strategy are key to saving the city.

11. Avengers Testing Server

Although still in development, this game captures the essence of the Avengers universe. Team up with other players and immerse yourself in the Marvel world, experiencing the thrill of being part of the Avengers.

Best Superhero Games in Roblox

12. Heroes Online

Inspired by “My Hero Academia,” this game offers a choice between heroism and villainy. Engage in battles, develop your abilities, and choose your path in a world where every decision matters.

Heroes Online

13. Superhero Inc

In this tycoon-style game, you create and manage a team of superheroes to defend the city. Enhance your heroes, strategize their deployment, and earn resources to grow your superhero empire.

14. Marvel: New Journey

Featuring characters exclusively from the Marvel universe, engage in hero vs villain battles, complete missions, and unlock new characters as you traverse the Marvel landscape.

15. Hero and Villain Battlegrounds

A dynamic battleground where heroes and villains clash. Choose your side, harness your character’s unique powers, and engage in strategic battles against other players in this action-packed game.

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