12 Roblox Dance Games (Must Try These)

Roblox is a platform that’s well-known for its wide array of games, created by its community.

Among these, dance games have carved out their niche, offering a fun and interactive way for players to engage with music and rhythm.

Here are some Roblox dance games you can’t miss out on.

Roblox Dance Games

1. Royale High

This immersive fantasy RPG is set in a magical high school environment. Players can engage in various tasks, socialize with others, and enjoy role-playing elements.

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Royale High

The game’s unique blend of high school life simulation with fantasy elements has contributed to its widespread popularity.

2. Robloxaville

In this role-playing game, players are immersed in the city of Robloxaville.


The game revolves around family life, where players work various jobs, including dance-related activities, to support their family. Its unique approach to simulating life within a dynamic city setting makes it engaging.

3. Animations: MoCap

This game offers a variety of new dance animations for players. It’s a social hub where you can meet friends, roleplay, and enjoy music, all while experimenting with different dance styles and poses. The game’s focus on dance and social interaction makes it a hit.

Animations : Mocap

4. TTD 3 (TikTok Dance 3)

Inspired by the popular social media platform TikTok, this game allows players to dance to trendy music and interact with others.

Players can collect items and participate in dance-based challenges, making it a lively and contemporary game experience.


5. Head Destroyer 9000

This game combines action with dance, offering players a variety of moves and weapons to unlock.

It’s known for its daily quests and rewards, making it a great choice for players who enjoy a mix of combat and dance in a game setting.

Head destroyer 9000

6. Mocap Dancing

A stage-focused game where players can showcase a variety of creative dance moves.

It’s a social game ideal for parties, making new friends, and even role-playing, with the unique feature of synchronized dancing and free creative music on VIP servers.

Top 10 dancing games on Roblox

7. Ragdoll Engine

This game allows players to experiment with physics as a ragdoll, featuring constructions like spiral staircases and cannons.

It’s known for its humorous and unpredictable gameplay, where players often engage in playful trolling.

top 10 dancing games on Roblox

8. Throne Dance

Initially created as a joke and inspired by the “Coffin Dance” meme, this game offers fun and humor with various backgrounds and dance forms.

Players can change their appearance and create dance videos, making it a lighthearted and entertaining choice.

Top 10 dancing games on Roblox

9. Noob Train

A unique game that allows players to create and control a train of noobs with various configurable options.

This game stands out for its quirky concept, where players can use the train for creative dance sequences.

Top 10 dancing games on Roblox

10. Smug Dancing

Based on a meme from the game “A Hat in Time,” it features the character’s iconic smug dance.

The game captures the essence of the meme and brings a playful and nostalgic feel to Roblox players.

Top 10 dancing games on Roblox

11. Dance Off

This competitive dance game puts players in head-to-head battles to impress judges with their best moves.

It’s all about performance and style, with players able to customize their avatars with various clothing and accessories for the dance contest.

Roblox Dance Games

12. Dance Central

Based on the popular video game series, it offers a range of dance moves and musical genres.

Players can choose between different modes like solo, party, and battle, allowing for both individual skill development and social interactions with friends.

Roblox Dance Games

Bonus Dancing Games on Roblox

Ballroom Dance: This game is perfect for players who love classic ballroom dancing. You can learn different dances, dress up in your finest attire, and even compete in dance competitions.

Rhythm Royale: This game is a fast-paced rhythm game where you have to tap the buttons in time with the music. There are a variety of difficulty levels to choose from, so you can challenge yourself as you get better.

Work at a Pizza Place: This game is a bit different from the others, but it’s still a lot of fun. You work at a pizza place and have to take orders, make pizzas, and deliver them to customers. But the best part is that you can dance while you work!

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