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For long-term survival and success in RimWorld‘s complex network of social connections, keeping good ties with surrounding factions is frequently essential. When you try to rescue downed guests from other factions, a weird circumstance occurs: despite your act of kindness, it doesn’t always result in a boost in Goodwill.

Many RimWorld players who aim to build strong diplomatic connections have been perplexed by this mismatch. In this post, we go into the details of the situation and examine the reasons why saving downed guests doesn’t always result in Goodwill points. Here is our guide on Fix: Rescuing downed visitors doesn’t give Goodwill.

Fix: Rescuing downed visitors doesn’t give Goodwill

Rescuing downed visitors doesn't give Goodwill

The neighboring factions’ attitudes towards your colony are heavily influenced by the amount of goodwill (also known as “goodwill”) that your colony possesses in the RimWorld diplomatic scene. It is of paramount importance in terms of commerce, alliances, and overall engagement.

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The natural expectation is that rescuing a guest from another faction who has been incapacitated due to injury or disease would gain favor for your colony in the eyes of the other faction. This is the case when the visitor has become incapacitated due to injury or illness. However, this fundamental premise is not always reflected in the gameplay in a consistent manner.

Players have repeatedly observed occasions in which rescuing downed visitors does not result in the expected rise in goodwill for the players. The RimWorld community is currently experiencing dissatisfaction and misunderstanding as a result of this perplexing contradiction.

While there have been reports of successful Goodwill benefits from such deeds by certain players, other players have reported encountering situations in which their efforts have gone unrewarded. Players have evolved techniques to negotiate this oddity and guarantee that their goodwill efforts don’t go to waste, despite the fact that the specific logic underlying the anomalies remains obscure.

Method 1: Diversify Diplomatic Efforts

It’s possible that relying entirely on rescuing stranded travelers won’t be the most efficient approach to generating goodwill with people. Engaging in other diplomatic endeavors, such as trade deals, transferring resources, or fulfilling quests for neighboring factions, might give means to strengthen your relations that are more constant and manageable.

Method 2: Relationships should be given first priority.

It is possible to amplify the impact of activities that generate goodwill, such as rescues, by cultivating a favorable connection with a faction over a period of time. Establishing a foundation for more effective goodwill gains may be accomplished by consistently engaging in trade, completing quests, and maintaining amicable contact.

Method 3: Choose High-Impact Opportunities

If you decide to rescue stranded guests, you might want to give more priority to individuals who are suffering from more serious health concerns. This has the potential to contribute to an increase in the chance of effective goodwill gains being achieved.

Method 4: Monitor Visitor Factions

Maintain a keen awareness of the degrees of goodwill held by other groups as well as their perspectives on your colony. Because of this insight, you will have a better chance of estimating the possible impact of activities that generate goodwill, such as rescuing people.

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