(2023) Fix: Sound Alerts not Working Twitch

Sound alerts are an essential component of the Twitch platform, which enables streamers to engage in conversation with their viewers and improves the overall quality of the viewing experience.

It is possible to employ sound alerts to introduce new followers, indicate the beginning of a game, and increase the level of excitement in the broadcast. Nonetheless, there are times when the sound alerts can not work well, which can be frustrating for both the streamers and the audience who is watching them.

In this piece, we will discuss the most prevalent factors that might lead to sound alerts on Twitch not functioning properly, as well as the troubleshooting techniques that can be used to resolve the issue. Here is our guide on Fix: Sound alerts not working Twitch.

Why are Sound alerts not working on Twitch

Short Answer: Sound alerts not working on Twitch due to common causes like browser issues, audio output issues, Twitch configuration issues, and third-party applications.

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1. Problems with Browsers

Problems with the user’s browser are one of the most often encountered reasons why sound alerts do not function on Twitch. Because of Twitch’s heavy reliance on browser technology, problems with the browser have the potential to disrupt the sound alerts’ normal performance.

Outdated browsers, browsers that are incompatible with one another, and browser extensions or plugins that interact with Twitch are some of the frequent browser-related difficulties that might cause sound alerts not to operate correctly.

2. Audio Output Problems

Problems with the audio output are another typical reason why sound warnings may not function on Twitch. There is a possibility that sound alerts will not play successfully if the audio output settings are not adjusted appropriately. This problem might have been caused by the user’s device having wrong audio output settings or by problems with the hardware.

3. Problems with the Twitch Configuration

Due to setting difficulties on the Twitch platform, there is a possibility that sound alerts will not function at all times. It’s possible that these problems are caused by the settings for things like the sound alert volume, sound alert kind, or sound alert length.

4. Apps Provided by Third Parties

Last but not least, sound notifications on Twitch could not operate properly if third-party programs are installed on your computer. There is a possibility that these programs will cause interference with the Twitch platform, leading to malfunctioning sound alarms.

Antivirus software, firewalls, and virtual private networks (VPNs) are just a few examples of the popular third-party apps that are known to be the source of problems with sound warnings on Twitch.

Fix: Sound alerts not working Twitch

Method 1: Purge the Cache in Your Browser

It’s possible that clearing the cache in your browser will assist repair sound alerts on Twitch that aren’t working.

To clear the cache in your browser, navigate to the settings menu of your browser and look for an option to erase browsing data. Make sure that the option to delete the cache is selected before continuing.

It is possible that after clearing the cache in your browser, you will need to re-login to Twitch and test your sound alerts in order to guarantee that they are functioning appropriately.

Method 2: Try Switching to a Different Web Browser

Users should attempt switching to a different web browser if none of the methods presented above are successful. Sometimes, the problem could be associated with the particular web browser that the user is employing at the moment.

Method 3: Verify Your Browser

Problems with the user’s browser are one of the most often encountered reasons why sound alerts do not function on Twitch.

Twitch is compatible with a large majority of today’s most popular web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. On the other hand, you can run into problems with sound alerts if you are utilizing an old browser or one that is not supported.

Users need to verify that they are utilizing the most recent version of their preferred browser in order to resolve difficulties that are connected to browsers. Users might also need to deactivate any browser add-ons or plugins that might be causing problems with Twitch.

To deactivate extensions, click the three vertical dots located in the upper-right corner of the browser, then pick “More tools” and “Extensions” from the drop-down menu that appears. Users are able to deactivate any add-ons that may be the source of problems with Twitch by accessing this page.

Method 4: Make Sure Your Audio Settings Are Correct

Problems with the audio output are another typical reason why sound warnings may not function on Twitch.

Users need to double-check that their audio output settings are properly set up in order to resolve any difficulties that may arise with the audio output. Users might also try restarting their audio devices or upgrading their audio drivers. Both of these options are available to them.

Right-clicking the volume icon in the taskbar and selecting “Open sound settings” will allow you to inspect the parameters that control the output of audio. Users are able to pick the audio output device of their choice and alter the volume settings from this screen.

Users should consider resetting their audio devices, such as their speakers or headphones, if the problem continues to occur on their end. If that does not work, it is possible that they need to upgrade the audio drivers on their computer.

Method 5: Verify that your Twitch configuration settings are correct

Due to setting difficulties on the Twitch platform, there is a possibility that sound alerts will not function at all times.

Users need to verify their sound alert settings and make sure they have adjusted appropriately in order to address any configuration difficulties that they may be experiencing on Twitch. They can also need to alter the settings for the level as well as the length of the sound alerts.

After logging into your account on Twitch, click on the dashboard of your account so that you may check your Twitch setup options. From this point forward, navigate to “Settings,” then “Channel and Videos,” and finally “Moderation.”

Under the heading “Sound Alerts,” check that the volume settings have been adjusted appropriately and that the duration has been set to an appropriate amount of time. It is also recommended that users test their sound alerts to confirm that they are functioning appropriately.

Method 6: Check for Applications Provided by Other Parties

It’s also possible for sound warnings on Twitch to malfunction while third-party programs are running in the background.

Users will need to disable or remove any programs that may be causing Twitch to malfunction in order to resolve problems that were brought on by third-party software. It is possible that they also need to whitelist Twitch in the security software or firewall settings that they use.

Users can disable or delete third-party programs by navigating to the “Apps & features” settings in the Windows 10 operating system. They may choose the program that they believe is creating problems with Twitch and then either deactivate it or remove it from this screen.

In the event that the problem continues, users may need to whitelist Twitch in the security settings of their antivirus programs or firewalls.

How to activate sound alerts on Twitch

  • STEP 1: Open a Twitch account

Creating a Twitch account is the first step in turning on sound notifications on the platform. By visiting the Twitch website and signing up with your email address or a social networks account like Facebook, Twitter, or Google, you may complete this simple procedure.

  • STEP 2: Set up your Twitch channel

Setting up your channel is the next step after creating your Twitch account. To accomplish this, select “Dashboard” by clicking on your profile image in the top-right corner of the screen. You may now add a profile photo, banner, and bio to personalize your channel. Also, you may modify your chat and broadcast options.

  •  STEP 3: Turn on sound alerts

You must first go to your channel settings on Twitch to activate sound notifications. Choose “Channel and Videos” from the left-hand option under “Settings” on your dashboard. From here, select “Sound Alerts” in the “Moderation” section by scrolling down.

  • STEP 4: Modify Sound Alerts

The next step is to personalize sound alerts on Twitch after you’ve enabled them. You may submit your own unique sound files or choose from a choice of available sounds. Also, you may modify the loudness settings and the alert’s length.

  • STEP 5: Test sound alerts

The last step is to test your sound alerts after you have created them. By selecting the “Test Follow,” “Test Subscription,” or “Test Bits” buttons in the Sound Alerts settings, you may do this action. This allows you to test the volume and duration settings by playing the specified sound alarm.

  • STEP 6: Start streaming

You may begin Twitch broadcasting once you have enabled and set your sound alerts. The sound notifications that you have set up will be activated as viewers follow, subscribe to, or give bits. For both you and your viewers, this will produce an interactive and captivating streaming experience.


In conclusion, the problem of sound alerts on Twitch not working may be a very annoying issue for streamers as well as spectators. In spite of this, it is feasible to resolve the issue and restore functionality to the sound alerts if the appropriate actions are taken.

Users will be able to get sound alerts working again on Twitch if they follow these instructions, which will also help them create a more interesting and participatory streaming experience.

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