How to get Austringer Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, getting strong weaponry is essential for developing your Guardian’s abilities and succeeding in various tasks. One such prized weapon with outstanding stats and benefits is the Austringer hand cannon, which is a popular among players for both PvE and PvP battles. Guardians must enter the difficult Menagerie realm to collect the Austringer, a unique task that offers enormous benefits.

On Emperor Calus’s enormous ship, the Leviathan, there is a six-player matchmade activity called The Menagerie. The goal of this exhilarating game is for players to impress the Emperor and win his favor by defeating waves of foes in difficult battles.

Players must get entrance to the Menagerie in order to begin the quest to obtain the Austringer. Visit Benedict 99-40 in the Tower or Werner 99-40 on Nessus to do this. The Guardians will acquire a Chalice of Opulence, a magical artefact that lets them personalize the riches they take from the Menagerie.

It’s crucial to remember that the Austringer’s rolls are unpredictable, so players might need to repeat the Menagerie and upgrade their Chalice several times to obtain the ideal set of benefits. Even so, the work is worthwhile because a well-rolled Austringer may be a powerful weapon in any Guardian’s toolbox.

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How to get Austringer Destiny 2

How to get Austringer Destiny 2

The widely-played first-person shooter Destiny 2 is renowned for its wide variety of weaponry, each of which has special features and benefits to accommodate various playstyles. The Austringer hand cannon stands out as a potent option for Guardians seeking accuracy and impact among the sought-after legendary weapons.

Many players esteem this flexible hand cannon since it performs well in both PvE and PvP situations. This detailed walkthrough will show you how to complete the Menagerie task and acquire the Austringer hand cannon.

1. Understanding the Menagerie

A cooperative PvE action called The Menagerie was unveiled during the Season of Opulence. It takes place on Emperor Calus’ enormous Cabal starship, the Leviathan. A Fireteam of up to six Guardians is required to complete the activity’s encounters and tasks in order to get prizes.

2. Unlocking the Menagerie

You need to finish a task named “The Invitation” that Benedict 99-40 in the Tower gives you in order to enter the Menagerie. In the Annex, close to where the Drifter is, you may find Benedict. You will get access to the Menagerie aboard the Leviathan once you have finished this task.

3. Understanding the Chalice of Opulence

Within the Menagerie, there is a special crafting system called the Chalice of Opulence. It enables you to choose the kinds of benefits you get from the activity. You must use your chalice to concentrate on the Hand Cannon rune combination in order to acquire the Austringer hand cannon.

4. Acquiring Runes

Runes must be obtained before you may begin using your Chalice to create goods. Each of the three rune types—Red, Green, and Blue—represents a distinct space in the Chalice. Here is how to acquire them:

Red Runes: Acquired by doing Werner 99-40’s or Benedict 99-40’s monthly quests on Nessus or in the Tower.

Green Runes: Acquired by finishing Werner 99-40 on Nessus or Benedict 99-40 in the Tower’s weekly quests.

Open the chests aboard the boat on Nessus to obtain the blue runes. Werner 99-40 sells a treasure map that will direct you to these chests.

5. Upgrading the Chalice

Your Chalice’s rune slots will initially be few in number. You can boost your chances of finding the desired weapon by improving the Chalice and opening up more slots. Imperials, a resource acquired by successfully completing Menagerie triumphs, bounties, and confrontations, are needed for the upgrading procedure. For the greatest odds, concentrate on fully upgrading your Chalice.

6. Unlocking the Hand Cannon Rune

You must successfully finish the “Masterwork the Chalice” quest in order to access the Hand Cannon rune slot in your Chalice. You can purchase this quest from the Werner 99-40 merchant on Nessus provided your Chalice has been improved at least once.

7. Selecting the Correct Rune Combination

You must utilize a certain rune combination in your Chalice in order to create the Austringer hand cannon. The proper mixture is:

Any crimson rune in Slot 1 (Top Slot), such as the Rune of Desire or the Rune of Ambition. Any green rune (such as the rune of joy or excess) should be placed in the second (left) slot. Slot 3 (Right Slot): Any blue rune, such as the Beast or Chalice runes.

8. Running the Menagerie

It’s time to enter the Menagerie to obtain the Austringer hand cannon now that your Chalice contains the proper rune combination. The Menagerie is made up of a number of encounters, each with its own special dynamics and difficulties. To advance through the exercise, work together as a Fireteam, communicate clearly, and successfully finish each encounter.

9. Defeating the Final Boss

The “Pagouri, Beloved by Calus,” the Menagerie’s last boss, will be your opponent if you’ve finished all of the confrontations there. Take out this fearsome adversary to finish the Menagerie and receive your prizes.

10. Collecting Your Reward

Return to the Chalice in the activity’s main chamber after finishing the Menagerie with the right rune combination. The Austringer hand cannon is yours once you kill the last monster, so be sure to open the treasure that emerges.

11. Mastering the Austringer

Once you have the Austringer, spend some time becoming acquainted with all of its features. The weapon may be equipped with a number of perks, each of which offers unique benefits. Outlaw, Rampage, Eye of the Storm, and Rangefinder are some of the most well-liked bonuses for the Austringer. Try out several perk combos to see which one best matches your playstyle.


In Destiny 2, the Austringer is a powerful hand cannon that can fire accurate, potent blasts in both PvE and PvP situations. You can successfully gain this sought weapon by comprehending the workings of the Menagerie, using the Chalice of Opulence, and completing particular rune combinations.

The Austringer hand cannon will unquestionably grow in importance in your Guardian’s arsenal, regardless of whether you love taking down swarms of opponents in difficult raids or dominating in intense Crucible fights. Wishing you luck as you attempt to control the Menagerie and get the Austringer, Guardian.

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