How to fix Nioh 2 Crash issue on PC

Nioh 2 is a wonderful remake that takes complicated battle, stat-allocating RPG aspects, and Armor character builds and frames everything within a Sengoku-era tale that befriends real historical events and Japanese mysticism.

The initial spirited technological action persists but introduces four different types of weapons, yokai capabilities which can lead you to supernatural strikes, and a counterattack mechanic which is extremely useful.

How to fix Nioh 2 Crash issue on PC

Demon-infused Souls-like Nioh 2 has demonstrated potency on PC, however, its Steam release has indeed been riddled with a rally of analytical problems.

Whilst developer Team Ninja has introduced missing keyboard and cursor triggers and DLSS tech to harpoon stagnant framerate drops, the earliest update does seem to have resulted in the addition of some unintended crashes and bugs.

There are some really game-breaking bugs that have been really frustrating for the Nioh 2 players. Today we will be talking about those crash issues and will also try to resolve them.

These are precisely the moments where the game is most likely to crash for you. If the above methods don’t work out for you, we have come up with some temporary but efficient solutions for the same.

  • Run the game as administrator – It is most probably due to the absence of administrator privileges that Nioh 2 crashing is induced. Running your game/ game launcher as admin is the very first technique you must attempt if your game crashes or fails to initiate.

  • Close Resource demanding software – Odds are that you have dozens of apps configured on your Computer. A few of these apps have really been continuously using resources that possibly trigger Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition crashing.

We strongly recommend shutting down the apps that you are not just using whilst playing Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition.

Many of the most important apps that consume lots of resources while being in the background are web browsers like Google Chrome, Media Players like VLC, and much more.

  • Reinstall the graphics card driver – In ensuring a seamless gameplay experience, the graphic card driver serves an essential part If the driver is old or corrupted, gaming problems like games not starting, game freezing, etc are very probable. In that case, the graphics driver would need to be updated/reinstalled.
verify files
Source: Drivereasy

  • Verify the game integrity –

– Launch Steam

– Right-click Nioh 2, and click on Properties

– Go to LOCAL FILES > Verify integrity of game files

This is a method to resolve any potential issues in case the drivers are up to date.

  • Temporarily Disable Antivirus – A further possible explanation why Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition tends to keep on collapsing on PC is your virus protection.

Antivirus programs including Bitdefender, Norton typically update their applications to improve safety. There’s a chance that Nioh 2 – The Complete Edition’s executable file (.exe) is now being labeled as a virus.

Though an official fix has not yet been launched, these fixes should do the work. Even though some of them might seem as if really cliched moves which all gamers might have performed at some point in their gaming lives, we can assure you that one of these methods is sure to work for you.

Go ahead and try them out and get playing the exciting Nioh 2.

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