How to Increase Item Limit in Dream Valley

Dreamlight Valley is a fascinating place with quests, treasures, and a tonne of things to find and gather. But as you explore its wonderful vistas more, you can run into the annoying problem of running out of inventory space. You may raise your item limit in Dreamlight Valley, allowing you to collect and bring more goods on your excursions.

You may accumulate precious resources by increasing your item limit, and you also have the flexibility to explore and gather without constantly managing your inventory. You can better prepare for tasks, gather uncommon things, and make the most of Dreamlight Valley’s rewards if you have a larger inventory.

This article will explore many ways to increase the number of items you can carry in Dreamlight Valley. Here is our guide on How to increase item limit in Dream Valley.

How to increase item limit in Dream Valley

In this piece, we will discuss a variety of approaches and ways that may be used to increase the number of items you are able to carry at one time. This will guarantee that you will never have to abandon precious treasures or vital resources again.

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1. Enable item limit increase in settings.

In most cases, you were unable to immediately raise the limit of your account. On the other hand, the most recent update to Dreamlight Valley includes a new feature. Developers recently added a setting to the Options menu for high-performance hardware (PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X).

This allows users to boost the Valley item limit, allowing for the placement of up to 1,200 unique objects and 6,000 total objects (including duplicates). This feature is only available on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series S/X.

Beginning the Disney Dreamlight Valley project. Launch the menu for Settings. Launch the Help tab in the menu. In that section, you’ll see an option for the Extra object limit.

Enable it. After that, the number of items you may use for decorating will be increased by 100%. Take extra precautions, as the increased item restriction might cause the game to become unresponsive or even crash.

2. Upgrade your Bag or Backpack

Upgrading your bag or backpack is the simplest and most direct approach to increasing the number of items you can carry at once. You begin your adventure in Dreamlight Valley with a simple bag that has a restricted storage capacity.

On the other hand, as you make your way through the game and unlock new regions, you will frequently come across or be able to acquire better bags that have increased carrying capabilities. If you want to locate these modifications, keep an eye out for people selling bags or go to stores that specialize in that kind of merchandise.

Making an early investment in a bag with more carrying capacity will considerably improve your ability to transport items.

3. Complete Achievements

A complex achievement system that recognizes and rewards players for a variety of in-game accomplishments is available in Dreamlight Valley. Obtaining certain milestones may result in the growth of one’s inventory.

Take the time to investigate the obtainable accomplishments, paying particular attention to those that must be completed in order to obtain inventory improvements. If you complete certain objectives or pass certain milestones, you will be able to acquire greater inventory space that will allow you to store more things.

Maintain a record of your progress and work towards achieving the maximum number of milestones you can in order to increase your item limit.

4. Utilize Storage Containers

Increasing the item limit of your inventory while still maintaining its order may be accomplished with the help of storage containers, which are a fantastic solution. You will frequently have access to many types of storage containers, such as chests and lockers, in Dreamlight Valley.

These containers enable you to store stuff for later use. You may free up space in your inventory by making smart use of these containers, and you won’t have to give up access to any useful things in the process. You might want to consider saving stuff that you don’t need right away as well as those that are only useful for particular missions or activities.

By doing things in this manner, you will be able to transport a more manageable quantity of materials while ensuring that the other things are safely stashed away for potential use at a later time.

5. Upgrade Your Home

The option to improve and make your own house uniquely yours is available to you in Dreamlight Valley. As you make progress in the game, you will unlock the ability to make upgrades to your house, like increasing the amount of space available for storage.

These enhancements may provide you with more chests or storage compartments within your house, giving you the ability to store stuff more efficiently and giving you more space to do so. Make use of these modifications to store products that are either more cumbersome or utilized on a less frequent basis.

This will ensure that your inventory is optimized for your immediate requirements while still enabling you to keep hold of important resources.

6. Invest in Specialized Bags

In addition to standard bag improvements, Dreamlight Valley may provide you with access to specialized bags or other equipment that further improves the capacity of your inventory. These specialized bags are frequently crafted to cater to the requirements of particular professions or activities inside the game.

If you often participate in fishing, for instance, you may come across a fishing bag that raises your item limit for fishing-related products especially and only if you use it more frequently. In a similar vein, if you are more interested in fighting or exploration, you can come across a backpack that is tailored specifically to those activities.

Be on the lookout for these specialized bags and make the purchase of them so that you may maximize the space in your inventory for certain activities.

7. Manage Your Inventory Efficiently

Even with increased item restrictions, it is still extremely important to effectively manage your inventory. You will be able to make the most of the space you have available to you if you use efficient practices for managing your inventory.

Consider arranging the things in your inventory according to their category, function, or importance to the mission. This will make it easier to find things fast and will help you avoid clutter. In addition, you should routinely conduct an inventory audit and get rid of or sell off any things that are obsolete or no longer required.

You can maximize your item limit and make room for new discoveries if you keep your inventory organized and have a clear plan for how to use it.

8. Prioritize Important Items

When there is just a limited amount of room available for inventory, it is crucial to choose which things are the most significant. Determine which objects are indispensable to the tasks or missions you are now engaged in and be sure to bring them along.

Don’t bother taking anything with you that can quickly be replaced or found elsewhere. You may make sure that you have everything you require to advance in the game by giving priority to the necessary things. This will allow you to keep the place in your inventory for valuable treasures or unexpected discoveries.

9. Use Item Upgrades

Certain objects in Dreamlight Valley have the potential to be improved in order to expand their capacity for holding goods. You could, for instance, come across a piece of equipment or an accessory that, if improved, bestows more inventory spaces upon the player.

Always be on the lookout for possibilities like this, and when you find them, be sure to invest in the required improvements to increase your item limit.

This can be especially helpful for things that you take with you on a regular basis or use regularly; it enables you to maximize the space in your inventory while still giving you access to essential instruments or resources.

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