How to Increase Mechanoid skill in RimWorld fast

In RimWorld, development and survival depend on mastering the art of mechanoids. Gaining Mechanoid expertise rapidly is essential whether you want to protect your colony from mechanoid dangers or use their might for your own advantage. Your capacity to build, maintain, and control mechanical entities—from turrets to mechanoid colonists—is controlled by this talent.

You’ll have a thorough knowledge of mechanoid technology by the end of this manual, along with the know-how to use it to your advantage. Fast-tracking your Mechanoid talent will surely affect the game in RimWorld, whether you’re trying to become self-sufficient, improve the defense of your colony, or just want to experience the thrill of mechanoid manipulation.

Take a quick look at our guide on How to increase Mechanoid skill in RimWorld fast.

How to increase Mechanoid skill in RimWorld fast?

How to increase Mechanoid skill in RimWorld fast
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In the harsh and unpredictable environment of RimWorld, your ability to adapt and triumph over a variety of obstacles is essential to your survival. Mechanoids provide one of the most daunting obstacles in this harsh and unpredictable universe.

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Improving your mechanoid skill is absolutely necessary if you wish to either protect your colony from their unrelenting assault or channel their might for your own ends. This ability determines how well you are able to build, repair, and control mechanoid entities, such as turrets and mechanoid colonists.

This tutorial will take you step-by-step through an extensive approach for fast increasing your Mechanoid ability, guaranteeing that you have the knowledge necessary to succeed in RimWorld. We will discuss the most efficient training routines as well as the most effective ways to optimise your workstations as we investigate the most effective ways to increase your expertise in this important sector.

Method 1: Prioritize Learning and Skill Development

To get started, select one or two colonists who will be responsible for devoting their whole attention to the development of their mechanoid’s talent. Try to find colonists who have a strong interest in the skill, or even better, those who already have some level of expertise in it.

Because of their zeal, individuals are certain to learn and perfect their Mechanoid talent more quickly than other people.

Create a routine for your Mechanoid fanatics to follow each day while they train. Set aside certain times during the day to engage in activities that contribute to the development of one’s abilities, such as fixing Mechanoid constructions or working at Mechanoid workstations.

Your selected colonists should be actively encouraged to obtain hands-on experience by participating in mechanoids-related duties on a regular basis. This involves the maintenance of turrets, the operation of mechanoid workbenches, and the restoration of broken mechanoid buildings inside your colony.

Method 2: Construct a Mechanoid Workbench

Think of constructing a Mechanoid Workbench in order to speed up the process of developing your Mechanoid skills. Your colonists will be able to obtain vital experience by tinkering with mechanoid components using this specialized workstation, which you have provided for them. The configuration should look like this:

To put together the Mechanoid Workbench, you are going to require a number of different materials, such as steel, components, and plastel. Before moving on, check that you have enough of these materials in the necessary quantity.

Put the workbench in a location of your colony that has good lighting and ventilation, but also plenty of light. This assures that your colonists will be able to work well while without disrupting their comfort. Put the Mechanoid colonist on your team with the greatest experience to work at the Mechanoid Workbench.

Because of their competence, both the quality and the pace of the job will be substantially improved. Maintaining the workstation on a regular basis will ensure that it remains in pristine shape. A workstation that has been properly maintained functions more effectively and yields higher-quality products.

Method 3: Repair and Salvage Mechanoids

As a result of the regular attacks that Mechanoids launch on colonies, you will have many opportunities to restore and recover their ruins. When any of these occurrences come place, you should make the most of them to improve your Mechanoid skill:

Your colonists will be able to rebuild the damaged mechanoid bodies and structures if they have been victorious over the mechanoid assault. Not only does this assist to the development of skills, but it also supplies useful materials.

Consider the possibility of dismantling Mechanoid carcasses in order to get components and superior resources. The completion of this procedure not only raises your Mechanoid skill but also adds to the amount of resources you have available.

Method 4: Hack Mechanoid Ship Parts

By hacking Mechanoid ship pieces, you may significantly improve your Mechanoid skill, which is one of the most effective methods to do so. This is a more complex method since it demands a high degree of expertise as well as a high-quality psychic amplifier; nonetheless, the benefits that may be gained from using it are significant:

A high-quality psychic amplifier can be given to a colonist, which will boost both their psychic sensitivity and their powers in this realm. The outcomes will be improved with the use of a psychic amplifier that has a higher quality rating.

Send one of your talented colonists who also has the psychic amplifier to the location where a Mechanoid ship has landed close to your colony. Gaining command of the ship’s mechanoid crew members may be accomplished through the use of the “Hacking” ability, which can be unlocked by reaching a high level in the Mechanoid skill.

If you are able to successfully reprogramme mechanoid troops, you will not only receive allies, but your Mechanoid skill will also receive a large boost.

Method 5: Skill Synergy and Passion

Utilize the interplay between different skills to your advantage in RimWorld. It is possible for some talents, such as Shooting, Mining, and Construction, to provide an indirect contribution to the growth of your Mechanoid skills:

Colonists that have high Shooting skills may eliminate mechanoid foes more quickly, which lessens the threat to your colony and makes it simpler to do repair and salvage operations.

Miners have the ability to uncover valuable materials like steel and plastel, which are required for the construction of mechanoid workbenches and other forms of sophisticated apparatus.

Constructors who are proficient in their craft are able to rapidly create walls, turrets, and other types of defensive structures, which strengthens your colony’s overall defense against mechanoid assaults.

In addition, you might want to think about utilizing the “Passion” mechanic in RimWorld. Colonists who have a strong interest in a certain skill tend to learn it and perfect it more quickly. The process of developing new skills may be sped up greatly by focusing on and giving priority to colonists who have a strong interest in mechanoids.

Method 6: Prioritize Research

Investing in research will allow you to increase your Mechanoid skill to a higher level and unlock more sophisticated Mechanoid technology. Certain research projects, such as “Mechanoid Integration” and “Advanced Mechanoid Warfare,” not only allow access to new technologies that are associated with mechanoids, but they also grant significant increases in the player’s existing skills.

Invest the time and resources of your colony’s research efforts into these projects so that you can acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to control mechanoids.

Method 7: Expand Your Mechanoid Arsenal

As your expertise in Mechanoid increases, you should think about growing your mechanoid arsenal. Acquire extra Mechanoid buddies, break into new Mechanoid ships, and construct a Mechanoids defence army.

Establishing cordial connections with members of opposing mechanoid groups can open the door to lucrative business deals and possible alliances, both of which will help your mechanoid troops.

It is in your best interest to provide your colonists with cutting-edge mechanoid technologies, such as power armor and bionic upgrades so that they can increase their efficacy in warfare and their overall capabilities.

Method 8: Expand Your Mechanoid Arsenal

Dedication and perseverance are required if you want to make rapid progress in your Mechanoid expertise. You should always strive to improve your talent by taking on increasingly difficult tasks and looking for new opportunities to put your knowledge to use.

Take part in difficult mechanoid raids to put your fighting and skill-using talents to the test. These fights not only provide participants with a sense of excitement but also provide them with invaluable experience.

When you have attained a high degree of expertise, you should begin experimenting with more complex mechanoid technologies such as mechanoid hybridization and AI integration. These trials could result in ground-breaking discoveries as well as further improvement of one’s skills.


Learning the Mechanoid skill is a game-changer in the RimWorld universe. Your capacity to protect your colony, control mechanoids to your advantage, and access cutting-edge technology is improved. You may quickly improve your Mechanoid skill and gain control of the mechanoid-dominated terrain by using the tactics described in this book.

Recall that being a real mechanoid specialist in RimWorld requires commitment, practise, and ongoing learning. Your colony will flourish as proof of your mechanoid expertise if you embrace the chances and challenges the mechanoid world offers.

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