How to kill Warden with Strength II potion (Minecraft)

Minecraft, a Lego-based role-playing game, allows you to create your own universe. Originally, you had to build bricks to protect yourself from vermin, but the game has since been expanded to cover a variety of other tasks.

Minecraft, Mojang’s creative sandbox game, has been in development for over a decade, and committed artists and architects have developed an incredible collection of unique structures for you to enjoy while playing.

Minecraft’s Wild Update will add an impossibly scary mob. Deep black caverns are an unsettling cave habitat that may be found in the Overworld’s lowest and darkest depths.

When visiting a deep dark cave, players will notice the lack of hostile mobs. Deep dark caverns, unlike other caves, do not spontaneously generate mobs. The warden is the only mob that may spawn here. Deep dark caverns will not contain any hostile mobs, save from those from distinct cave biomes.

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Your worst fears have come true! Minecraft now includes the terrifying Warden. To meet this mob boss, use our linked instructions to achieve the deep black biome in your game.

Are you, however, prepared? Even if you have the greatest armor in the game, the Warden can kill you with only two hits, if you don’t already know. It also restricts your eyesight to a small region, so you may not see it approaching.

Here is our guide on How to kill Warden with a Strength II potion (Minecraft). So, let’s get started.

How to kill Warden with a Strength II potion

How to kill Warden with a Strength II potion

Assuming you’ve prepared everything, let’s enter the deep black and destroy the Warden using the instructions below:

To begin, you must begin sneaking as soon as you approach the old city. Then locate an open space that is connected to the city structure and construct a small subterranean base there. For further security, a trapdoor with a lever and a pressure plate can be used.

1. Close the base entrance

To summon the Warden, make some noise. Then, close to your subterranean base entrance, swiftly construct a 6-block tower. Cobwebs on top of the tower, on its side, and at the bottom of the aperture would be a clever trick. Warden’s sonic shriek’s knockback will be canceled by the top one.

The battle assault is Warden’s preferred method of combat. So it won’t utilize sonic scream until it’s attempted to attack you by hand several times.

2. Try to waste Warden’s abilities

When it’s poised to strike you with a sonic scream, you may either stay on top of the tower and swiftly heal, or you can jump down and heal. You may also leap into your base opening, heal yourself, and then create a new opening to exit.

It makes no difference how powerful an opponent is as long as the player has the necessary abilities. Although many believe the warden is unstoppable, players may use potions and PvP abilities to vanquish the terror of the dark caverns in a 1v1 encounter.

3. Repeatedly injure the Warden with potions

PvP fight participants are already proficient with weaponry. Players can easily flee the warden after repeatedly injuring it with potions that grant speed and strength.

Players must also have the greatest enchantments available. The Smite enchantment is highly recommended because the warden is an undead mob. Despite the advantages of potions and superior armor, fighting the warden remains a unique task in Minecraft.

4. Use Strength II potion

If you have battle experience, you can defeat the Warden by repeating the procedures above. You may even utilize these methods without netherite armor if you have the right skills. However, if regular fighting appears to be too taxing to eliminate the Warden, we have additional possibilities.

A Redditor is known as ‘u/Kanksteli’ recently shared a video on the Minecraft Reddit page demonstrating how they beat the mob with a Strength 2 enchanted diamond blade, a strength splash potion, and a single golden apple.

This demonstrated how the fearsome and ultra-powerful mob could still be defeated if the attack was properly prepared.

5. Build a small block tower

The player in the video built a little block tower so that the Warden couldn’t physically assault him and instead utilize his ranged attack. He infused himself with strength and attacked the beast with an enchanted sword.

The player only received five hearts of damage when the Warden started launching sonic waves, which were readily repaired. The golden apple was not even used to slay the Warden.

6. One Reddit user used the same trick

There has been a lot of chatter in recent months about the terrifying beast that was going to enter the game. Players were talking about how powerful the mob was and how they might overcome it.

As a result, the piece became viral almost immediately after it was published. It gained over 7,000 upvotes in less than a day, as well as other comments regarding how the original poster fought the beast and other parts of the update and game.

Many people remarked on how the original poster remained attached to the block pillar after multiple sonic boom hits. They discussed how the player must have employed the crouching method to decrease the attack’s knockback impact.

7. Can also be defeated without armor

Others noted that the player was not wearing any armor, possibly reducing the knockback impact. They praised the gamer for destroying the beast without using any armor.

Several people mentioned that Mojang will notice how players are still killing the beast and will buff the mob in the next snapshot if they continue to do so. This cycle of players being able to kill the mob and Mojang making it even stronger has been going on for the past month or so.

8. Use end crystals

Players can also use end crystals for this. End crystals are discovered in the furthest reaches of the universe, where they aid in the healing of the Ender Dragon. When they are shattered, however, they unleash a massive destructive blast.

When compounded, this explosion has the potential to kill the Warden.

That’s all for today’s article on How to kill Warden with a Strength II potion. Do check out all the sections and know you should know which one is the best for you. Till then, stay safe and follow us for more upcoming gaming coverage.

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