How to make an Anvil in Pixelmon: Minecraft

Minecraft is a Lego-style role-playing video game that enables you to create and explore your own world.

As the game grew beyond its basic concentration on constructing block-based fortresses against monsters, a number of new elements were added.

This has grown into another classic over time, thanks to a varied assortment of unique traits. While in Creative mode, there are no constraints on the quantity of materials available to you.

To find new life forms and colonize new planets, you may use the game’s Survival mode to scour the universe.

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As an alternative option, sometimes you may create a stronghold and stockpile weapons to stave against an approaching monster invasion

With time as the game progressed, more features and capabilities were introduced. There are several methods to personalize Minecraft.

It’s possible to play this game on a broad range of different platforms and devices. PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and PC are just a handful of the most popular gaming systems.

This is a terrific development for the Minecraft community. If you’re seeking for more games that elementary school students like, take a look at our collection of 15 amazing games like Minecraft

Even though it seems to be a basic notion at first glance, it might be the foundation for a game with almost endless variants.

This blocky cosmos has developed and extended throughout the past decade to reach its present condition. This game’s look, feel, and usefulness may all be altered in a variety of ways.

Pixelmon Minecraft

Pixelmon is an enormously successful mod for Minecraft. You may carry out your Pokémon escapades in a randomly created world that features creatures from all the different generations.

Create your personal ideal squad and take on NPC trainers from across the world.

You can truly let your creative juices flow into exquisite crafts with the extra intricacy and ingenuity of Minecraft.

Use this method to gain one of the primary tools to creating Pokéballs, the anvil in Pixelmon.

Minecraft Pixelmon Anvil

When repairing objects in Minecraft, an anvil comes in handy since it doesn’t damage the enchantment in any way.  An anvil can also mix enchantments and rename goods.

As with many of the things an anvil fixes, such as tools, weapons and armor, an anvil wears out after a few uses and is only good for around twenty-four.

Poké Balls and metal plates are both made using an anvil, which is a block. Despite apparently being fashioned out of iron ingots, an anvil may be smashed by hand and recovered.

Pixelmon is a Minecraft mod that combines the primary game with a first-person open-world Pokémon experience.

The Anvil is a key item essential in Pixelmon, but it’s made in a different method from the conventional Minecraft anvil! We have discovered the recipe and discussed it below.

How to make an Anvil in Pixelmon: Minecraft

Making the Anvil is basic and far from challenging. It’s even more resource-efficient than the Anvil, which is still in the base game. You may use it to manufacture Poke Balls and Aluminum Plates

Follow the steps mentioned below to craft an anvil in Minecraft Pixelmon:

  • Step 1: Gather the required materials

Acquire 8 Iron ingots from your surroundings. That is the only material that users require to create an anvil in Pixelmon Minecraft

  • Step 2: Access the crafting table

Enter the crafting table to arrange the iron ingots in the appropriate boxes to generate an anvil.

  • Step 3: Arrange the iron ingots

anvilOnce you have entered the crafting table, place the eight iron ingots in all the crafting slots available except for one slot on the right in the middle row.

When you are finished with the steps mentioned above, you will notice that you have now generated an anvil in Pixelmon Minecraft.

After you have obtained the anvil make sure to place it in your inventory. This way you can use it later for crafting Poke balls to help you on our journey of capturing Pokémon.

Uses of Anvil

Whenever a Poké Ball disc, iron disc, aluminum disc, or aluminum ingot has been manufactured, utilizing an anvil whilst carrying the object will set it on the anvil.

The ingots of aluminum will become flat and rounder when they are pounded on the anvil with a hammer.

Every item would change look 3 times before being complete. After they’ve been impacted three times, utilizing the anvil or proceeding to hammer the object would force the final product to revert to the player’s possession.


1. How many uses does an anvil have?

With each usage, an anvil has a 12 percent chance to get damaged. Furthermore, deteriorating one step at a time, first being chipped, then damaged, then finally destroyed.

An anvil’s lifespan is normally 25 uses, or one use for every 1.24 iron ingots used in the anvil’s construction.

2. How do mechanical anvils function in Pixelmon?

The Pokeball Lid, Iron Base, and Aluminum Base can all be made without a hammer using a Mechanical Anvil. Its interface may be accessed by clicking the mouse right button on it.

Can be manufactured with Iron Bars, Sticky Piston, and Furnace. Coal is one kind of fuel required for operation.

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