How to make Sunken ship in Minecraft

You may build your own world in Minecraft, a Lego-based role-playing game. Initially, you had to construct bricks to protect yourself against vermin, but the game has since expanded to include a number of additional chores.

Minecraft, Mojang’s creative sandbox game, has been in development for more than a decade, and dedicated artists and architects have created an astounding assortment of unique buildings for you to enjoy while playing.

Making the best Minecraft massive structures is like going on an all-inclusive vacation to not just this planet, but many others as well — without the food and lodging costs.

This list will take you to Middle-earth, Tamriel, and Azeroth, to name a few places, while still allowing you to return home in time for tea.

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If you want to spend some time on Earth, you may see the RMS Titanic and Europe’s Imperial Summer Palace, which haven’t yet been drowned by the sea.

Players of the popular sandbox game can rejoice. You may entertain yourself by checking out this list of 15 amazing games like Minecraft that are popular among elementary school youngsters.

In the same way that our selection of the top Minecraft seeds and Minecraft skins has something for everyone, our collection of buildings has something for everyone.

Here is our guide on How to make Sunken ship in Minecraft.

How to make Sunken ship in Minecraft

How to make Sunken ship in Minecraft

Shipwrecks are procedurally created buildings that resemble sailing ships and may be found across the Overworld’s watery regions. Shipwrecks occur seldom in all marine biomes.

They may also appear beached above sea level, within an ocean monument, icebergs, underwater ruins, or ravines in rare instances.

Shipwrecks resemble antique ships or caravels that have sunk to the bottom of the sea. They can produce in three different positions: upright keeled sideways, or upside-down.

They are often lacking their bow (front) or stern (back), mast, and several other pieces, giving them a battered look; nevertheless, they can sometimes be found totally intact, though this is unusual.

They are entirely made of wood, and include logs [JE only]/stripped logs [BE only], planks, fences, slabs, stairs, trapdoors, a door (if the ship is upright), and up to three chests, depending on the ship’s rotation and undamaged portions.

Regardless of the ship’s rotation or state, the bow should create one chest, the stern should generate two, and the entire ship should yield a maximum of three chests.

However, there are times when chests that normally appear in a shipwreck portion do not appear. The shipwreck’s build uses all sorts of overworld wood (excluding acacia [JE only]).

However, only two wood types are utilized per ship. Because warped and crimson wood is only found in the underworld, they are not employed in shipwrecks.

Generated Structures

Wooden planks, doors, fences, and staircases are used to construct shipwrecks. They’ll look like a sunken or beached ship from antiquity.

If they produce fully intact, they have the mast, stern, and bow, as well as a superb hull. However, in the vast majority of cases, they will be severely damaged, with large chunks missing. Because they are entirely made of wood, they are readily smashed with an axe.

A shipwreck is a construction that spawns spontaneously in the game of Minecraft. It may be found in the Ocean, River, and Beach biomes and resembles the remnants of a sunken ship.

Shipwrecks normally spawn underwater, although you can occasionally locate one on land in the Beach biome. Wooden materials such as oak planks, oak fences, spruce planks, spruce fences, spruce logs, and spruce doors make up the shipwreck.

Every Shipwreck has the potential to generate three chests in three distinct spots within the ship. The following are the chests and their locations:

  • In the Bow, there are Supply Chests.
  • In the Stern, there is a Treasure Chest.
  • There is a bottom chest.

However, if a section of the shipwreck is badly damaged, the chests may be missing.


Depending on the pieces that are still intact, shipwrecks can hold up to three treasure boxes. Supply chests appear in the ships’ bows, treasure chests appear in the upper stern portion, and map chests appear in the lower stern area.

The chests that would typically be present in the relevant part of certain shipwrecks, especially those that overlap other buildings, may be missing, resulting in some shipwrecks having no chests at all.

Map chests from shipwreck sterns may create upside-down bows even if the stern is absent, despite the fact that chests don’t generally generate missing portions. In addition, every shipwreck with at least two chests has a map chest.

In a shipwreck, there are little chambers where you may locate various boxes. Depending on the scale of the wreckage, up to three chests can be found.

A little shipwreck will contain only one chest, but a huge shipwreck will have all three chests. You may look for these boxes to add incredible riches to your collection.

Natural structures may be found in all of Minecraft’s dimensions, including the Overworld, End Dimensions, and Nether biomes. The Overworld features the most buildings, which appear in practically every biome on the planet, even under oceans and on beaches.

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