New Man-o-War Buff Makes it the Best AR in COD Mobile

Season 13 of Call Of Duty Mobile is live and running. Players all across the world are really giving their all to unlock all the rewards which the Battle Pass and other events have to offer.

Season 13 carried along with it a lot of goodies and merchandise including new characters, weapons, maps, modes, and much more. However, if it superseded the standard set by Season 12 or not? Yeah, that’s entirely up to you guys to say.

However, it is time for us to embrace the refreshed Season 1 of COD Mobile now. Activision has certainly managed to increase the hype for the upcoming season. Talking about the upcoming season, we have got some news regarding a game-changing weapon buff.

COD Mobile: Man-O-War Mobile Buff

Man-O-war is one of the most overpowered assault rifles in the game. It inflicts serious damage, has good accuracy, and range. The gun has pretty well-balanced stats, and the players can equip specific attachments to further enhance its performance.

Even though this wasn’t considered as one of the meta weapons in the current and the previous season, it surely gave the meta weapons a run for their money. However, the only flaw which the Man-O-War had was a small magazine,

The Man-O-War’s small magazine was too less to survive in a heated match. So, players had to opt for other weapons with larger magazines. However, we have some good news for you guys.

In the upcoming balance update, the Man-O-War is going to get a significant buff. The Man-O-War  buff as seen in the Garena Patch Notes is as follows:

  • Significantly increased Man-O-War ammo amount.

Well, the smaller magazine size was probably the only flaw with the Man-O-War. Now, that flaw is going to get fixed. This buff of the Man-O-War is going to make the Best all-round AR in COD Mobile. It can even get the Man-O-War meta status in the upcoming update.

We can hardly wait for the new update to come to try out the newly buffed and nerfed weapons.

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