How to Recruit Visitors in RimWorld

In the well-liked and difficult colony management simulation game RimWorld, attracting tourists is essential to surviving and expanding. You’ll frequently come across travellers travelling through your colony as you set out on your galactic journey; they might provide special possibilities and prospective new residents for your society.

In order to improve the personnel and resources of your colony, this article will dig into the art of enlisting these wandering spirits. Visitors to RimWorld can bring a variety of abilities, possessions, and information that can greatly influence the development of your colony.

Understanding the recruiting process is crucial if you want to strengthen your defences, increase your manufacturing capacity, or just make sure there is a constant flow of traders and allies. We’ll look at the methods, tools, and techniques you need to convince these wanderers to join your cause. Here is our guide on How to recruit visitors in RimWorld.

How to recruit guests in RimWorld

How to recruit visitors in RimWorld
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This exhaustive book will go into the methods, mechanics, and tactics you need to employ in order to convince these ephemeral souls to join your cause.

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We will provide you with the information and techniques necessary to succeed in the RimWorld wilderness, including how to manage the wants and desires of potential recruits, how to cultivate strong connections with the various factions, and more.

STEP 1: Build Strong Faction Relationships

In the game RimWorld, the globe is inhabited by a number of different factions, each of which has its own distinctive qualities, philosophies, and characters. The first step towards successfully recruiting visitors is to develop and maintain strong connections with these various groups.

When working with different groups of people, communication is essential. To earn their confidence, you must first engage in commerce, then satisfy requests, and finally rescue members who have been trapped.

You may get in touch with them using your communications console and try to win their favor by giving them presents or trading with you. The cultivation of amicable relationships has the potential to open doors to employment chances.

It’s fairly uncommon for factions to provide out missions that, once finished, might result in greater goodwill with the group. These missions might involve everything from delivering stuff to rescuing members who have been kidnapped.

If you are regularly helpful to factions, not only will your reputation improve, but you will also enhance the likelihood that members of those factions will visit your colony.

STEP 2: Identifying Potential Recruits

It is essential to discover prospective recruiters among the guests who come and depart as they rotate through the facility. Find people whose abilities, personality quirks, and other characteristics are a good fit for the requirements of your colony.

Recruits should be avoided if they have troublesome features such as “Psychopath” or “Chemical Interest.” Features such as “Kind” or “Hard Worker” might be very advantageous.

STEP 3: Establishing a Welcoming Colony

A colony that is both well-designed and pleasant has a greater chance of attracting visitors and perhaps new residents. Check to see that the following are available at your colony:

Maintain the cleanliness, openness, and visual appeal of your living areas at all times. This will not only lift the spirits of your present colonists but it will also leave a favorable impression on any guests that come to visit.

Your colonists and guests will appreciate the variety of high-quality meals that you provide for them. It is more probable that a visitor would depart with a favorable impression and think about joining your colony if they are adequately nourished.

To ensure that guests are amused throughout their stay, provide a variety of recreational amenities such as chess tables, horseshoe pins, or even a leisure room. Visitors who had a positive experience are more likely to stay and settle in the area.

It is really necessary to have a hospital that is highly staffed and well-equipped. Guests who sustain injuries during their visit will be grateful for the medical attention they get, which will encourage them to extend their stay.

STEP 4: Engaging Visitors in Social Activities

It is possible to boost visitors’ moods and make them more responsive to attempts at recruiting by getting them involved in social activities. The following are some techniques to foster constructive connections with others:

Create opportunities for your colonists and visitors to mingle at organized social events in order to lift their spirits and strengthen their bonds with one another. This might be anything as uncomplicated as a gathering around a campfire or something as elaborate as a party.

Assigning the role of warden, who is responsible for engaging with visitors, to a colonist who possesses a high level of social competence is recommended. This character has the ability to strengthen connections by engaging others in pleasant conversation, providing them with food, and attending to their many needs.

STEP 5: Fulfilling Needs and Desires

In order to convince potential recruits to join your colony, it is vital to understand their wants and desires and to provide for their needs and interests. Pay close attention to their state of mind, as well as their health and degree of comfort.

Make sure that there are pleasant locations for guests to sleep, especially in rooms that are both clean and secluded. Their disposition might benefit tremendously from getting a full night’s sleep.

Make the meals that your colony prepares available to guests who come to visit. It’s possible that eating high-quality meals can improve their mood and make them more receptive to being recruited.

If any guests come hurt, you should put getting them medical attention first. If you are able to successfully heal them, you will not only enhance their happiness, but you will also display the care and skill of your colony.

Pay close attention to the particular requirements that potential recruits have. Some people might need certain conveniences, such as a particular kind of bed or access to a particular medication. If you can satisfy these requirements, you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

STEP 6: Persuasion and Recruitment

It is time to make your pitch once you have established a productive relationship with your prospective employees and assured that they are healthy and happy. A person can be persuaded through a variety of channels, including the following:

Assign your designated warden the task of interacting with prospective members of your organization. Have polite conversations, look for people to recruit, and offer them presents if required.

Try to persuade prospective recruits that joining your colony would result in a significant improvement in their quality of life. Bring attention to the consistency, safety, and chances for individual development that your colony provides.

There are instances when an appropriately timed gift or bribe might impact the decision of a potential recruit. You may sweeten the bargain by offering precious stuff, apparel, or even technological items.

Get ready to face some opposition. There is a possibility that some guests may not participate, or that it will take numerous tries to convince them. The keys to one’s success may lie in exercising patience and perseverance.

STEP 7: Handling Rejections

There is no guarantee that every guest will want to become a member of your colony. It is essential to preserve healthy connections and respond gracefully to rejection when it occurs. Even if they choose not to, it is possible that they will reconsider in the future with a fresh outlook.

STEP 8: Managing Expectations

It is not always a sure thing that RimWorld will be successful when recruiting tourists. There is a possibility that some guests have no interest in participating, while others may have firm allegiances to particular factions. In order to be successful in your recruitment efforts, it is vital to have an open mind and properly manage your expectations.

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